My 6-year-old’s Christmas Plan

I’m more than slightly in awe of my youngest. She is so organised – definitely more than I am and she makes lists and always has a plan!

I not a ‘list’ person. I don’t (normally) plan. I like to wing it. I rely on my superior brain to remember things which is failing me frequently now.

My little one on the other hand is a ‘list’ child. She has a plan for almost everything.

Like this recent plan for Christmas. It’s even pictorial!

She’s 6. She knows what she wants and is making sure she gets it. And yes, there are subtle clues to what we need to buy to make Christmas a success…in her eyes.


Let me explain her plan. –

  1. Buy red signs aka Christmas decorations and lights.
  2. Get a big Lindor ball – a not so subtle reference not to forget chocolate. It’s a kind of tradition for the last two year to get a huge Lindor ball from Costco. I guess it’s going to carry on.
  3. Get the tree out… ‘out’ being the operative word. They want it up first week of December.
  4. Extra presents under the tree? A new one. Does she not believe in Santa? Is she just humouring me and ensuring she’s on the nice list? Nope. She told me these are apart from the one’s Santa brings. (more spending)
  5. Eat chocolate – I guess that means they will be allowed to stuff their faces with chocolate in the run up to Christmas? The picture is self-revealing.
  6. Open presents and eat more chocolate – and if stuffing faces in the run up isn’t enough, on Christmas Day they’ll be opening presents and stuffing their faces some more. I’m going to have them climbing the walls on Christmas morning.

I love the pictures she’s added making sure there’s no room for mistakes.

Her list is a mixture of things she’ll be doing (eating chocolate and opening presents) the fun things and what we need to do – spend money on presents and chocolates.

I like the way she thinks and will definitely need to keep a close eye on this one. I’m a bit afraid to look at her letter to Santa!

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