5 ways you can avoid being involved in a car accident


No one likes the idea of being involved in a car accident. Sadly, even the most diligent and careful of drivers are at risk of being injured, having their car written off or even losing their lives to the reckless driving of someone else.

We’re all familiar with the actions we need to take after a car accident has taken place, for example pulling over, turning off your engine, swapping details with the other driver and then getting in touch with your attorney – get in touch with this Indianapolis car accident lawyer if you’ve been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault – but what about taking steps to prevent a crash? As it’s our duty as drivers to be responsible for the safety of our passengers and other road users, we must take the steps necessary to avoid traffic collisions as much as possible.

Read on for 5 ways you can avoid being involved in a car accident.

Turn down the distractions

A harrowing amount of accidents occur simply because the driver was distracted. Even if it’s just for a second, if you’re not paying full attention to the road ahead the consequences could be devastating. By limiting the distractions in your vehicle, you’ll be able to concentrate fully on what is happening around you and even spot dangers you otherwise would have been oblivious to. So, turn down the loud music, ask your passengers to keep their smart devices on silent and if the kids are arguing in the backseat, pull over as soon as it is safe and ask them to calm down.

Be wary of red-light runners

So you’re at the lights and they’ve just turned green before you move forward – take extra precautions and make sure you’re not going to come into contact with anyone running the red light on the other side. People take risks when they’re in a hurry and being impatient, so take your time and be extra vigilant.

Avoid tailgating

We’ve all experienced the frustration of being stuck behind a slow driver, especially when we’re late for work. However, you should always leave a three-second gap between yourself and the car in front, no matter how slowly they might be driving. If they stall or suddenly stop you’re less likely to go straight into the back of them.

Put your phone away

Using your phone whilst behind the wheel is both illegal and inherently dangerous. Again, you’re distracting yourself from the road and you could potentially find yourself drifting into other lanes or failing to notice traffic measures in time. Keep your phone on silent so you’re not tempted to see who that message was from, alternatively, keep it locked away in your glove box!

Look after your car

If your car is well maintained it will perform better. When you hit the brakes you want them to be in good working order and your tyres to be able to grip the road properly. Keep your engine filled with oil and windscreen fluid!



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