5 Ways to Preserve Your Family’s Memories

Preserving your family’s memories is not just an enjoyable way to pass your time, it can also create a rich social history for your whole family to enjoy for decades to come.

For generations, families have kept hold of keepsakes, photographs and documents to help pass their unique history down to younger members, and now there are more ways than ever to create something that will stay with your family for years, giving future generations a link to their shared past.

Here is a quick guide to six of the most popular ways for families to preserve their past and present to enjoy in their future.

Research Your Family Tree and Display Your Heritage

Researching your family’s genealogy and history can be fascinating and full of surprises, and is a great way to get smaller children and teenagers to appreciate the human journey your family has taken through the generations to get them to where they are today.

There are dozens of reputable services that can help you research your family history, and some can even use samples of your DNA to find distant relatives and lost family members. Many families now use this information to create a display of their family history in their home, often using a tree as a motif to show how their family fits together with photos of aunts, uncles and cousins branching off from pictures of grandparents.

Create a Photo Book for All the Family to Enjoy

Professionally made photobooks are a great way to make a document that will last your family for generations, giving you a link to the future and offering future generations a link to their past.

Photobooks can include all kinds of information and anecdotes that show people not just what your family looks like, but also gives a glimpse of your family’s character and values. The site photobookdeals.co.uk is the perfect place to go to get the best deals on professionally made, high quality photo books made from all your favourite family memories and photographs, and you can get multiple copies made, making them a great gift for your parents and your siblings.

Use Shadow Boxes and Photos to Create a Collage in a Hallway

It is a great idea to dedicate an area or wall in your home to celebrating your family and their achievements, and creating a collage of framed photos and shadow boxes is a great way to do this.

You can use photos to create a gallery of images from family vacations, your children’s graduations and special snaps from parties and gatherings you’ve attended through the years. Shadow boxes are glass fronted frames with a deep enclosure, that allows you to display items as well as a photograph or two.

A great example of this is creating a shadow box of baby memories for your children. Here you can position a couple of their baby toys, photos of them as a baby, and perhaps the wristband from the hospital when they were delivered.

Make a Family Movie that tells Your Story

Many people have made home movies in the past, but these have fallen out of favour in recent years – we think it is time they came back.

Most people have a smartphone in their pocket or close by that is capable of quickly and easily taking high-definition video and sound, anywhere and at any time. Why not use the smartphones your family have to make a small home movie to document your next family vacation or trip?

You can even take things a step further and write and direct a home movie that tells a story about your family, or recreates an event from your family history. This is a great way to get teenagers involved in preserving family memories, as they have the technical know-how and can often be quite dramatic.

Write Your Own Family Recipe Book with all the Family Favourites

Food is one of the most important parts of family life, with many special events and accomplishments being celebrated with a meal at home or at a restaurant.

Creating your own family recipe book that can be copied and gifted to family members is a great way to celebrate your family as well as pass on your family’s culinary favourites. You can add photos and commentaries to help give the book some depth so it is more than just a recipe book.

Add pictures of your children baking or peeling vegetables to pages with fun anecdotes about the time the pictures where taken. Recipe books like these are a great gift for your children and your parents alike!

Family memories are treasures that the whole family can enjoy together, and our children grow so fast that it is important to make sure we have the pictures and documents we need to remember the times we all share, for them as well as for us.

Hopefully this quick list has given you some of the information and inspiration you need to start collecting and preserving your family’s precious memories.

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