5 things to consider when choosing care homes



Searching for the right care home isn’t something we do every day. It’s a big decision to make so it’s important that you understand the type of care you need and what is right for you. Below we’ve found guidance that will help explain how to choose the right care home for the elderly.

1. The different types of care homes There is a wide range of care homes out there, ranging from homes with specialist nurses and dementia care to offers that provide a safe and comfortable place to live in, and assistance with daily life. You need to consider which type of home is best suited for you or your loved one. It will depend on the level of care required. Most care homes will take a full care assessment of the person entering care.

2. The cost The cost of care varies greatly and will depend on the amount of support and care required. There may be options available that can help you to fund the care that you need. It’s important you explore all options to ensure you receive what you are entitled too. You can discuss the cost with the care home manager to ensure you fully understand what the care will cost.


3. When searching for the right care home, location is a big factor. You may have strong social and family connections in your local community and be worried that you might lose their relationships if you move out of the area. However, if family and friends live further away, it can be a great opportunity to move closer to family and friends and it can make it easier for them to visit and provide support.

4. The Quality –  Before deciding which type of care home is right for you, you should take the time to check out reviews of the care homes you are considering. The established independent regulator for care homes in England is called the Care Quality Commission. They undertake regular inspections of all care homes to ensure they meet government standards and can help identify any areas for concern.

5. How you plan to settle in

Once you’ve made the decision on the care home that is right for you, you then need to think about how you are planning to settle in. Moving in to a new care home can be the start of a new positive lifestyle. Think about new hobbies that you could take up in the home or interests that you can rekindle that weren’t possible before but now you have help of the staff in the home.

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