5 Places to visit when travelling to Oman

Found on the Southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, the Arab country of Oman currently is one of the largest, if not the largest, growing tourism destinations in the Middle East. It is a land steeped in cultural and geological history. It boasts 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites and a wide array of beauty spots, cultural festivals, and man-made historical buildings. So if you’re planning to take your yearly holiday in Oman then here’s a list of the top places you should definitely visit on your trip.

Before we continue, note that you must acquire a visa to visit Oman. But don’t worry about too much extra paperwork though as an Oman eVisacan be obtained, as of March 12th.

Bahla Fort

Bahla Fort is the only UNESCO World Heritage Sitefort in Oman. It is unknown when it was built exactly, but is believed to have been constructed between the 12th and 15th century, before undergoing an extensive restoration and reopening in 2012 for public entry. It is a brilliant example of the feats of construction achieved during its original usage as a fortified oasis settlement. A must for any lover of military and architectural History.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

After a call from Oman Royalty to open a Grand Mosque in the countries capital of Muscat, a competition was held to discover it’s final design. After it was built and finally opened for active worship, the finished building was capable of holding up to 20,000 worshippers at once. The main prayer halls crowning feature is a stunning prayer carpet that weighs in at a massive 21 tonnes, that took around 4 years to complete. All told the mosque reaches an impressive 90 meters tall due to its large main minaret.

Worth noting is that if you do plan on visiting it you will have to make it an early-in-the-day trip as it is still an active place of worship and closes to the non-Muslim general public around Midday.

Al Fizayah Beach

Let’s face it if you are visiting a country with a climate as warm as Oman’s’ then you will most certainly be looking for the beach at some point. And although it is tucked away, over a 4-mile road that most certainly requires a 4×4 to traverse, you won’t get a much better view than Al Fizayah Beach. A hidden treasure of natural beauty, Al Fizayah beach is a 5 km long, white gold sand trove of naturally forming coves and rock formations that will simply take your breath away. It is recommended that you take a 4×4 vehicle up the dirt road to the beach, but if you do, you are rewarded with some of the most beautiful views of the blue sea that Oman has to offer.


Wadi Shab

A true oasis for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Just be prepared to spend a good amount of time getting there. So pack your walking boots and swimming suit and your trip will be rewarded with some of the most beautiful scenery Oman has to offer.

From crystal blue pools for swimming and gorgeous cliffs and waterfalls, you can relax and take in the sights of the local flora and fauna before resting long enough to take the walk back again. The trip can take a few hours there and back again so be prepared to lose the day to this beautiful Wadi. The Wadi alone will make your entire vacation to Oman worth it.

Muscat Royal Opera House

If a day of culture and music takes your fancy then the Royal Opera House in the Capital of Muscat is a must. But it is not just for the musically inclined.

While you are more than welcome to view any of the performances that are currently playing, you can also visit the Opera House on one of the many guided tours that take place as well. Book ahead of time though if possible to prevent disappointment from it selling out.

The Opera House is not just for performances either. It is a large complex of culture containing a market, luxury restaurants, as well as a formal and beautifully designed garden, so you can enjoy the Opera House without having to sit through a performance.

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