5 Great Bedroom Ideas for Kids


One thing that many parents quickly discover upon having children is that even in the youngest of minds, tastes can quickly and readily change. The bedroom you decorated for your child when they were younger may have been a wonderful place for your beloved to spend time in, but as they grow older their surroundings will likely exude a more babyish tone, and a redesign may be required. If you’re stuck over what sorts of furnishings, designs and colours to pop in your kid’s room, don’t despair; here are five great ideas for any child’s bedroom.

A Neutral Canvas

For many parents it can be quite easy to simply take design aspects from things that your children enjoy, covering the walls with them. Unfortunately though this sort of redecoration will only make your job more difficult when your child inevitably moves on to some new interest and pleads for a new redesign! As such, make sure that the walls of your child’s new room are relatively relaxed – think pastel tones in their favourite colours. After all, if you need a extra dose of excitement or energy in the room you can always paint a single wall in a feature colour. Stuck with shades? Use paletton.com to find the best colour scheme.

The Bed

If your child has outgrown their bed, you need to get a new one, stat. This isn’t as expensive a purchase as you might have thought though. Websites such as Bedstar have a huge range of childrens high beds, bunk beds, and more traditional examples, all for reduced prices all year round. What’s more, you can get the old bed recycled too.


Lots of children find maps incredibly interesting. They’re portals to amazing new places within which one can adventure and explore, and have the sneaky benefit of boosting their geographical skills too! Hop on over to King&McGaw to find some beautiful examples, or head to allposters.comfor some less expensive examples.


Even more children enjoy the excitement of space, especially boys. Looking at the stars and wondering whether or not there are any green aliens looking back is something many kids get a kick out of, and you can pander to their inquisitiveness with some space-themed furnishings and flavours; have a peruse through eBay and you’ll find all sorts of interstellar excitements!

Get Creative!

If your child is a little artist, let them decorate their own furnishings! If that sounds like a recipe for disaster though, bear in mind that you can find many furnishings at second hand stores for utterly low prices, meaning that your child’s decorations can be simply painted over at a later date or easily and cheaply replaced later on in life.

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