5 Amazing Gifts For Your Baby Girl’s First Birthday

No sooner a baby is born, it becomes the centre of the universe for his/her parents. The baby’s parents do everything they can to keep their little bundle of joy happy and healthy. The parents try to capture every new moment of progress in the little one’s life. In short, their entire life starts revolving around their baby. And the utmost joy and pleasure for the parents is when their baby turns one. All the parents try to make the 1st birthday celebration of their little one a truly memorable one. They start planning in advance about the celebration and it is the same with gifts. The question of what to gift your baby on his/her first birthday is really a confusing one. Hence here are 5 amazing gifts that you can gift to your baby girl on her first birthday. Read On…


  1. Toy Phone: If your sweet little toddler is obsessed with your phone and you are tired of hiding it from your baby, then a toy phone is something that you should surely gift to your baby girl on her first birthday. She will just love it and if the toy phone is wooden, it would be just perfect for her to chew on!!


  1. Dolls: Every little girl is just crazy about dolls, softy ones. And hence dolls are another great option as far as gifting your baby on her first birthday is concerned. You can even gift your baby girl customized dolls having blonde hair and blue eyes or you can even buy a doll that has features similar to that of your little princess.


  1. Personalized Clothing: There are many online retail stores such as the Disney store that offers personalized fashion and clothing wear for toddlers. Personalized clothing is loved to the hilt even by the toddlers themselves and such clothing on them looks the cutest. You can have personalized clothing that bears a pic of your baby girl or any funny quote. You can shop for high quality personalized clothing from the Disney store at discounted rates by redeeming the Disney Store coupons.


  1. Wooden Puzzles: Puzzles can be a great gift from you for your baby girl on her first birthday. There are wooden puzzles available that are made for 1 year old’s. The puzzles will kick-start the development of the physical, cognitive and emotional skills of your baby girl from a very young age. You can get her puzzles such as pets puzzle, Melissa puzzle and Doug puzzles.


  1. First Footwear: Girls just adore footwear of every colour and hue, and it’s no different with baby girls as well. Hence, if you are confused about what to gift her on her first birthday, just pick up a nice and cute pair of moccasins for your little princess. The material is very durable and the soles are very soft as well, which will be perfect for your little baby. They come in a varied colour range and you can shop for them at reasonable rates courtesy the promo codes and coupons by Deals lands.


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