Moshi Monsters Series 9 Reveal – Day 12

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Day 12 – Get starry eyed and welcome



Name and Species

Tessa the Shooting Star

Personality: Radiant, enchanting, dreamy.

Mini Bio

Some say they tumbled fell from space, others believe they just pinged into existence. One thing’s certain, Shooting Stars are very special because they can whoosh around faster than the speed of light, often arriving before they left! It’s just a shame they can only communicate by twinkling and making swishy harp noises.

Habitat: Tamara Tesla says Shooting Stars are formed in slack holes beyond the Way-Outta-Sphere but most of them live in and around the Twinkly Dink Mines.

Likes: Moon dust and goopernovas.

Dislikes: Space junk and being mistaken for Twistmas decorations.

Rank: 164

Rarity: Uncommon

Tessa - moshling

Now who can’t help but love a star? We love Tessa. And I would love to be able to arrive before I left! Could be quite confusing though, couldn’t it?

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