42 Days of Summer with McVites BN Biscuits

When the summer holidays first began, I was worried about how I would keep the children occupied. We had no holiday booked and frankly we didn’t have a budget that allowed for a holiday.

I really had no need to worry. Our days have been filled with things to do. We’ve been to some amazing events


and some rather interesting places


And when we haven’t been visiting places, we have been spending our time playing board games and enjoying our time together.


The children have not been bored and I have managed to keep sane. I think the weather helped a great deal. We had some amazing beach days.


Of course we did have some help with a few snacks that the children enjoyed trying out and the most popular was these BN biscuits that we were sent at the beginning of the holidays.


What are BN biscuits? BN or Biscuiterie Nantaise are a French brand of biscuit which consists of 2 biscuits which have a filling in between. McVites has brought back this popular brand of biscuits and we were sent the chocolate and the raspberry variety to try out.


We thought they were so good that they have now become a permanent feature on my grocery list. The crisp, crunchy biscuits that sandwich a gooey raspberry filling or a sumptuous filling will make anyone a fan. The biscuits themselves have a salty-sweet flavour that is tasty on its own. Add in the cheeky face and it definitely goes down a delight with the children (and grown-ups too…) Yes, I loved them and I dare you to say you didn’t!

The children loved both flavours but preferred the chocolate. I quite liked the taste of the raspberry. It was tangy and sweet all at once and utterly delicious.


We loved the smiling, cheeky faces and if you had one that winked then…well…you were star of the day!!

There are still 3 weeks or so of the summer holidays left and it looks like the ‘summer’ part of it is all set to leave us high and dry (or probably wet if the weather has anything to do with it) But fear not, there are always things to do with the children after you have come home from that holiday that you spent your last dime on and now hear the children groan about how boring it is and they wish they were back there. Absolutely ungrateful!!

You see I didn’t have this problem as I didn’t go away at all!!

You can still enjoy the summer though and here are some tips on how you can stay sane for the rest of it and on a budget too!!

–          Make a scrapbook – relive the memories of your super holiday abroad or at home. Even visits to the park can be an adventure. Get the children involved and let them choose their most loved memory. It will also serve as a perfect remembrance as the years go by.

–          Have a movie marathon. Each member of the family picks a film (child friendly of course) and the family gets together to watch them all.

–          If it’s raining outside – spread a blanket on the floor and bring the picnic indoors. Its loads of fun, we do it often.

–          Have a sleepover – Get the children out of their bedrooms and into sleeping bags and camp out in the garden or on the living room floor.

–          Go for walks to parks as a family, take in the wildlife, the scenery and sniff the pure air. If its raining, put on your macs and wellies and walk around all the same. Don’t forget to jump in muddy puddles.

We have had a fantastic summer holiday and it’s not over yet. We still have picnic plans and outings planned and family visits too. It is going to be hectic and we are going to be accompanied everywhere by those cheeky BN biscuits. Bring on the rain, we won’t let you spoil our summer though!!


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