4 more sleeps…to Christmas

It’s that time of the year again – manic buying, rushing around to get the prefect tree (if its not up as yet) and the perfect gift, planning the perfect meal and visiting friends and relatives.

It’s nearly Christmas – 4 more sleeps. The children are excited and I am too – more for them than for myself, I think.

We have been making Christmas decorations at home and over the next 2 days we will be making special Christmas treats that are traditional in my family and that of my husband. Don’t forget to come visit my blog for some new ideas.

My 9 year old is at the stage where she is half way to disbelieving that Santa is real. I am desperate to keep the idea going as I don’t want the younger two to lose the magic earlier than normal. She of course, in her own wise way, came up with the brilliant idea (one that I quite like). Her take is that Mum and Dad pay for the presents and Santa buys them and delivers them. (Sounds like more like Amazon to me! )

The younger ones are excited about Christmas and the Advent calendar has been helping to get them even more excited.

The decorations are up, the tree is up and the meal is planned with all the necessities bought and ready for the big day.

We have been singing carols and drinking hot chocolate and enjoying the chill in the air.

I think Christmas is beautiful time because strangely enough everyone seems nicer to everyone else. Whether it has to do with the overflowing of goodness or the overflowing of wine, I am not sure.

I can’t wait to see the children’s faces when they open their presents and reach deep into their stockings.

I can’t wait for Christmas Day.

I ‘heart’ Christmas!

Do you too?

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