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This month’s Bostik craft box was very apt. We had just been to the seaside for 5 days. It was amazing.


We decided to use our lovely craft supplies to make a 3D Ocean scene and a porthole ocean seen.

To make the 3D Ocean scene you will need-

  • blue card preferably dark blue
  • Paint- the colour of sand
  • craft paper in blue
  • glue
  • fish – you can get the cut outs or draw them yourself
  • green card for seaweed

April - ocean

First paint the sand on the card. Use a sponge as this gives a great effect

Make the ‘spring’ for the fish. Use two strips of blue craft paper and make a paper spring. To do this arrange the the two strips at right angles. Then fold one over the other to form a square shape. Keep on till you reach the end of the strips. You should have a paper spring at the end.

Stick it on the card where you’d like to place your fish.

Use green card (glittery ones are a good idea or you can use glitter on a card) and cut out sea weed shapes and stick them on to the blue card.

Stick some sea shells onto the sandy area.

april- ocean1

Stick the fish onto the springs.

The result is a lovely 3D pop up effect scene.

Ocean Crafts
3D Ocean Scene



We also made a lovely porthole ocean scene. It’s meant to look like what you would see when you look out of a porthole on a ship.

You will need –

  • 2 paper plates (preferably in blue)
  • Green card
  • Fish shapes or you can draw them out
  • Fish stickers
  • Glue
  • String

Cut out a round shape in one of the paper plates (the area where food is normally placed)

We used our pirate napkin to wrap it around the edge of the plate but you can skip this step if you like.

Stick some clear cellophane onto this. (You will be sticking this onto the side on the plate you normally eat on.

If you are using a blue plate then you don’t need to do the next step either but if not then you need to cut out a round shape of blue card about a cm larger in  size than what you cut off from the plate.

Stick this onto the other plate – onto the area where you normally place food.

PicMonkey Collage

Stick green paper cut into seaweed shapes onto this area and any other fish stickers you would like to add.


Next, take the fish shapes and attach one end of the string onto the back of it with sticky tape. Then allow it to hang down onto the plate and attach the other end to the back of the plate. Do this for as many fish as you would like to add. (Probably 2 – 3 will be enough). Use different lengths of string so they seem to be swimming at different levels.

Now glue the plates together, both facing frontwards (the side you eat the food on should be facing each other)

You have a lovely little porthole ocean view. The strings allow the fish to bob about.




Disclaimer: I received a crafting box from Bostik as part of the Tots 100/Bostik Craft Bloggers Club.

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