30 Years – 3 Hundred Thousand Memories….with BritMums and SpecialK

30 years – 3 hundred thousand memories… (no, I am not going to list them all!)

A big thank you to BritMums and SpecialK for thinking  up this excellent linky challenge – ‘How I’ve Changed’. In writing this post, I have gone back in time to so many beautiful memories that have resurfaced today.

30 years ago, I was 10. Life was easier then, I guess. No responsibilities except my schoolwork. It was only play and friends and laughter. I loved listening to music, singing and writing.

Some of my favourite songs (and they are still quite popular today) were ‘Every Breathe You Take'(Police), ‘Up Where We Belong’, ‘Flashdance’ and ‘Beat It’.

1983 – I remember for my 10th Birthday, my Mum stitched me this dress that I saw in one of the films and wanted. It was a lovely frilly dress (white with red spots and with red frills interspersed, I was 10!!) She stayed up all night getting it ready so I could wear for Easter Service which was on 3rd April, 4 days before my birthday.

1992 – My Parents’ Silver Wedding Anniversary – We had a lovely service followed by a grand feast and music and dancing. All the family got together with friends to celebrate this day. At the end of it, we all talked about the next celebration – their Golden Anniversary in 2017.

1994 – My 21st Birthday – I had a great party at home with my friends and family. I was in University then doing my Bachelors degree and it was there that I met my husband. We were really good friends and didn’t know when love struck!!

2000 – My 27th Birthday – As a present, my husband presented me with an engagement ring.

2001 – December – My wedding day – My parents made a huge effort to make this the most wonderful day of my life….and it was! Little did I know that there were so many more precious ones to come…

2004 – December – The birth of my first child – No day compares to the first time you hold your baby in your arms. It’s like having your heart outside your body. All at once, I wanted to give her everything I had ever had and everything I missed having. I could not stop looking at her and spoilt her rotten. My husband and Mum were with me during my labour and it was the greatest moment of my life (or one of them as I would soon know!)

2008 – November – The birth of my son – I thought this would be a little less special but I felt the same wonder and love at holding my second child. I knew about girls – I am one. My son would teach me all about little boys and how different they can be. I now began learning about cars, Transformers, Spiderman and Buzz Light Year

2011 – June – A very difficult birth – but all turned out just right. My youngest daughter – so like her sister and yet so different. I didn’t hold her until 9 days after her birth because I was in the Intensive Trauma Unit (but thats another story). She cries the loudest, smiles the sweetest and is so independent and clingy at the same time.

2012 – Tragedy strikes – My darling Mum passes away after being suddenly diagnosed with leukaemia. There would be no Golden Anniversary in 2017. I have lost a huge part of me. I used to be called her ‘tail’ because I was stuck to her, always following her around as a little girl. And yet, I have to be grateful for the wonderful years we spent together, the special moments we shared, the cherished memories we made.

2013 – I blog, I write and have just self published my own children’s book Jade and the Tooth Fairy. I love what I do and in my writing I find myself evolving. I have learnt so many things over the past year – how to pitch, how to write blog posts incorporating pictures, how to write reviews and most of all I have come across some wonderful people who share my brilliant world of blogging.

In the last 30 years I have travelled around the world. I have qualified to teach and enjoyed sharing knowledge with children.

There have been weddings and baptisms, births and deaths, highs and lows, reunions and misunderstandings and each is a special memory.

Through my children, I have relived and continue to relive my childhood. I have learnt to see humour in the littlest things, to stop in my path to watch a snail cross, to cut sandwiches into different shapes just like my mum would do, to stand and see patterns and shapes in the clouds, to enjoy Carousel rides and theme parks, to build with Lego, mould with PlayDoh and play House and have Swordfights. I now read to my children just like my Mum and Dad would do to me. I now tie bows instead of wearing them. Instead of being cared for…I now care for – my children, my family.

I still love music, singing and writing.

Appearance wise – I still have the same lovely brown hair (thanks to L’Oreal, Garnier and the like), I am taller by almost a foot ( in my stilettos), I have put on a few pounds ( I am not going to mention how many more) and my skin is exactly as flawless as it was (yeah right!)

But on a more sober note – The events of my life have helped me cherish my life (after nearly losing it) and try to always see the bright side of things. I have not only grown but have grown up. Most of all I have learnt to take each day as it comes and live it to the fullest.


In 30 years, Kelloggs SpecialK has also changed and this is why I love the new SpecialK

I love the new SpecialK – the only problem is so does everyone else at home, which means less for me!


I have tried the Special K before and didn’t much like the taste because it became soggy quite fast but this new SpecialK is so much more crunchier and tastier. I found the old SpecialK would get soggy faster and that is something I do not much care for. I love the blend of rice, barley and wheat.

I love my cornflakes with cold milk and a bit of sugar. With the new SpecialK, I realise I don’t need the sugar to give it taste and the ‘crunch’ stays for a long time. I sometimes have my SpecialK with a bit of chopped banana, apple and walnut and it is just yummy. Its filling and keeps me going without feeling hungry for quite a while even up to after midday.



And to leave you with a few memories of 1983…



This is an entry for the BritMums/SpecialK “How I’ve Changed Linky Challenge”




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  1. SUPERLIKE miss!! its one of the loveliest pieces of writing i have ever read..u really did bring about a lot of emotions just as it was supposed to be brought out..and yes though i don’t know how’s it possible to smile and cry at the same time,u did make me feel exactly that way.. hats off to you..i feel proud today to have been taught by you once 🙂

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