30 day Accreta Awareness Challenge

hope for accreta

For many, the term Accreta will be unfamiliar.

For women and their families who have gone through this traumatic experience, it will be a term that they will never forget.

I had written a series of posts about my experience post Placenta Percreta and the seriousness of this condition. A condition that can change lives by taking lives.

For women who have survived, like me, we know how close we came to death.

I was not diagnosed with the condition (even thought there were clear signs) so I was not prepared and what happened came out of the blue and caused an emotional upheaval in our lives.

I want to raise an awareness of this condition so women are better prepared and so are the people who care for them throughout pregnancy and this is why I am joining this challenge – to tell you what the condition is all about, how it happens, causes, how it changes your life and what are the potential dangers.

Do join me and the several other women who have been through most harrowing child births so we can work together and spread the word effectively.

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