Celebrating National Sibling Day with a Baby Born Sister Doll

It was National Sibling Day on the 10th and what better way to celebrate than with Baby Born from Zapf Creations.

Having a sibling is one of the nicest relationships one can have. In fact recently I got together with my sister who lives in Rome and we had a lovely time together. Unfortunately, we met in the UK and the weather played spoilsport to a huge extent.

It was still great to recall moments of our childhood though and laugh about them.

To celebrate National Sibling Day, we were sent a Baby Born sister doll to review. Now you must know we are huge fans of all things Baby Born, so this was a lovely treat.

The sister doll is the same size as a Baby Born baby doll except that she has long hair and wears jeans and a top.

Feed her with her bottle and press her hand for her to cry real tears.

We love the fact that you can bathe her too.

The doll fits other Baby Born clothes so it is a good addition to the Baby Born collection.

Since the doll entered the house Aeryn has been enjoying playing with her doll.

She loves brushing her hair and trying out a few hairstyles for her.

The doll can also stand independently.

Being part of the Baby Born family, the doll is so beautifully made and is perfect for children who have a Baby Born doll and would like to add to the collection.

The doll is ideal for imaginative play that is so important for children. It also supports role play where little ones can be like mum or dad and look after a baby.

The doll is available at all major retailers and is priced at £49.99 We feel it is great value for money when you take into consideration the quality of the doll.


The doll is available at all major retailers. Click on the link below to purchase – (contains affiliate link)

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