#1Word – ‘Cold’

This is my post linking up to the 1Word Linky hosted by StressedRach and Jacintaz3

This week the word is ‘cold’ and rightly so as we are all seemingly set to freeze next week!

I love the winter as much as I hate it!

I love snow and the idea of a white Christmas. Its fun for the children and I kind of enjoy the pretty sight even though I know it can be quite a hazard to people visiting during the season. I love snow on the bare branches and the sun glistening off it.

I hate the cold, dark dreary mornings and having to get the children ready for school. I need to be up early to get lunch bags packed and ready and to make breakfast. I also need to cater to time spent to get dressed with hats, scarves and gloves which means its a headlong rush every morning.

The children wake up very unwillingly  – I do too as I could very happily stay under the duvets, cosy and warm.

It has been quite cold this last week and there have been rumours that this year the winter is going to be ”exceptionally severe” with plunging temperatures. There has also been news of the cold snap hitting Britain as early as next week.

I am getting out the thermals in readiness but not looking forward to pushing the pushchair in the snow.


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