Alphabet Learning Pal Review

My husband bought my 3 year old son the Vtech Alphabet Learning Pal for his birthday on his return from a business trip. My son just loves it because it is easy to hold in his small hands and it is portable.
Its wider age range is great as even my daughter at 7 years is interested in it.
Great for teaching the alphabet and the numbers. The counting game is especially nice as it is a great start for children just learning to count.  A great feature is the message feature, encouraging children to type short messages and the best part is receiving a message back. Filling in the missing numbers is a great way of teaching number sequence. Filling in the missing letter is helpful for little ones to begin easy spelling. All the education is completed in a fun way.
The graphics are appealing to little ones. The sound option is also good as it can be made louder or softer depending on the environment. The best part of the toy is that it is lightweight and mobile and can keep little ones busy on journeys. Also great for holidays and day breaks. The colour scheme of the toy is child friendly and eye catching. The screen is just the right size.The price of the toy is spot on – great value for money. Not too many batteries required – 3 AA.  A great educational toy. My children just love it.

Available at most toy stores and online.

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