I Can Cook from the Garden Book Review

I Can Cook from the Garden- Katy Morris and Sally Brown
A great book following the I Can Cook series on Cbeebies.
Any mom will have at some time watched the popular I Can Cook series on television. Most mums will have also been forced to try the recipes by enthusiastic children wanting to cook on their own. For all those mums and children – this book is a must have.
A fantastic book – it begins with tips and detailed instructions on how to grow your own vegetables, fruits and herbs that can then be used in the recipes that follow. For children it is exciting to know where the food comes from and even more exciting if it can be grown themselves. The instructions for growing plants are simple and easy to follow and yet detailed to give information on when to plant, how to take care of the plant and when to harvest.
There are 35 recipes in the book divided into 3 sections – lunch, tea and sweet things. All the recipes have step-by-step instructions with photographs that a young child can quite easily follow.  The food is easy to prepare and will be loved by children and grownups alike.
We have already tried the sticky chocolate cake and the cheesy pasta rolls and both were quite delicious.
There are also some ideas for fun in the garden like potato printing, keeping a garden diary and a wildlife hunt.
In the first part of the book, there is a short explanation of terms like ‘popping a pepper’, the #two spoon method’ and ‘tickling’ so that children can attempt some cooking on their own.
The book is priced at £12.99 and is well worth the money because of the high quality paper, printing and contents.
Reviewed for Mummy News at www.mummynews.co.uk

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