The New Hairdo with Little Princess Trust and Shrek’s Adventure

The girls have had long beautiful hair which looked lovely but was high maintenance. The washing, conditioning routine meant a good part of the evening and weekend was spent on this.

I had been trying to convince them to get a haircut for some time or even a trim to lighten the weight but to no avail.

And then The Little Princess Trust stepped in.

When I explained the work of the Little Princess Trust, they were suddenly prepared to donate their hair for this wonderful cause.

Two weeks ago, we headed off early into London to Shrek’s Adventure for a haircut. Yes, you read it right.

Shrek’s Adventure had decided to support this amazing charity and was holding an event to find the #RealLifeRapunzel. You may have read about this on the blog earlier.

We were treated to breakfast that went down a treat especially has we had special ‘Shrek ears’ to sport while doing so.

We were then taken along on a VIP tour of Shrek’s Adventure which was so much fun. The idea is to find Shrek so he can save the day. I won’t tell you more and spoil the fun.

Towie’s Mario Falcone lends a hand for a special hair donation event at Shrek’s adventure London.
Aeryn Zechariah (5) hold a section of the hair she donanted to the Little Princess Trust at Shrek’s adventure London.

And then it was back to have the girl’s hair cut and styled.

As you can see, they had loads of fun being treated like stars and they were so pleased with how their hair looked.

They do look rather sweet with short hair.

Here’s a little more about the event –

This weekend nearly 50 people attended a charity event at the family attraction Shrek’s Adventure! London to donate their hair to the Little Princess Trust. 

The donors, aged between five and 73 years of age, bid a fond farewell to at least seven inches of hair each. The donated hair, given to the Little Princess Trust charity, will be made into real hair wigs for children suffering from hair loss as a result of cancer treatment and other illnesses. 

As a thank you to each generous donor, hair styling was provided by students from South Thames College as well as children’s activities, refreshments and plenty of glitter! 

Among the donors was 73 year old Susan Mannings who donated an incredible 78 centimetres of her hair, the longest donation of the day. 13 year old Roisin McGrath donated 70 centimetres as she braved her first ever haircut, having grown her Rapunzel-like tresses since birth. 

The donors were given a helping hand by The Only Way is Essex star Mario Falcone, who donated his hair to the Little Princess Trust just last month. Mario even tried his hand at being a hair dresser, cutting the hair of 13 year old Rochelle. 

With over 15 metres of hair donated in total, the event will provide a vast amount of hair for the charity and staff at Shrek’s Adventure! London plan to continue their support of the cause.

Those interested in donating their hair to the charity should visit

I love their new look and (just as well) they love it too –

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