15 Things to Do in Troia, Portugal This Summer

Portugal as a whole boasts some of the most incredible towns, villages and holiday resorts in the whole of Europe. Precisely why the country never fails to attract tens of millions of travellers from all over the world throughout the entire year. But while the vast majority set their sights primarily or exclusively on the Algarve, other corners of Portugal serve up an entirely more authentic experience.

When it comes to beautiful beaches, unspoilt nature and a pace of life that’s no less than dreamy, Troia takes some beating. Situated no more than an hour’s drive from the heart of Lisbon, Troia is not only idyllic, but also highly accessible. A quick ferry ride from Setubal to the opposite bank of the river Sado and you’re immersed in a side of Portugal only the privileged few encounter.

The question being – what’s on offer in terms of entertainment and attractions, for those heading out to Troia this summer?

Unsurprisingly, the short answer is – a lot! Portugal in general being one of the most fantastic destinations for short breaks and extended stays all year-round.  In terms of Troia specifically, one of the most enjoyable things to do is doing nothing at all. Simply soaking up your surroundings is a borderline intoxicating experience.


Nevertheless, if looking to dive into some of the other local highlights, the following top-rated things to do in Troia Portugalcome highly recommended:


  1. Explore the paradise beaches

First and foremost, the beaches that separate Troia from the crystal blue seas are simply breath taking. Stretching more than 18 kilometres across this enchanting coastline, it’s easy to find a quiet and secluded spot even at the busiest times of year. Beaches as beautiful as anywhere in Portugal, though without the usual crowds and chaos.


  1. Explore the extensive Roman ruins of Cetobriga

You don’t have to be a history buff to get a kick after the mesmerising ruins of Cetobriga. This ancient Roman settlement was destroyed by the sea at the beginning of the 5thcentury, providing an interesting snapshot of how life was lived hundreds of years ago. Of particular interest are the remains of a fish salting plant, thought to be one of the largest of its kind ever discovered.


  1. A round or Two at Troia Golf

Troia Golf has an international reputation for a number of reasons. For one thing, Troia Golf is by far one of the most beautiful golf courses you’ll ever have the privilege to play on. Not only this, but Troia Golf is also a notoriously difficult course, designed to challenge even the most accomplished professionals. Throw a truly delightful clubhouse and bar into the mix and you have yourself the recipe for a perfect afternoon under the brilliant blue sky.


  1. Enjoy a Leisurely Cycle

Much of Troia is pedestrianised, but even the public roads are quiet and calm at most times of day and night. All of which makes for wonderful cycling excursions in and around the region. There are plenty of bike-hire places dotted around the resort, so you’ll have no trouble securing yourself some wheels upon arrival.


  1. Take in the Scenery

Irrespective of where you stay, you’ll have some of the most beautiful scenery in the world right there on your doorstep. As such, you’ll want to take every opportunity to simply sit back, soak it up and enjoy every minute of your stay.  The pace of life in and around Troia really is a wonder in its own right.


  1. Go Shopping at Mercado do Livramento

If looking to shop as locals do, get yourself over to Mercado do Livramento. It’s more than worth the short journey to experience this truly spectacular Portuguese market. Noisy, chaotic and bursting with activity, it’s the perfect place to sample incredible fruits, vegetables and seafood from the local area.


  1. Make Friends with Dolphins

Troia is home to an extremely lively local dolphin population, which never fails to enchant visitors from all over the world. Organised trips to get up close and personal with the dolphins are available, though they’re usually easy enough to spot without a professional guide. Simply make your way over to where the river Sado meets the sea and you’re pretty much guaranteed to make yourself some new friends.


  1. Hire a Private Boat

On that note, Troia is undoubtedly one of the most incredible places in Portugal to consider hiring a boat. Choose from a variety of self-drive or crewed packages, if looking to soak up the very best Troia has to offer from the most privileged of all vantage points. Or if you’re not yet up to speed with the life aquatic, why not book yourself a few lessons and learn how to sail?


  1. Sample the Local Cuisine

Dining out is less of a passion in Troia and more a religion. The restaurants in and around the peninsula are some of the most extraordinary in the whole of Europe. Unsurprisingly, seafood is typically the dish of the day, though served up with traditional local flair. Enjoy the freshest daily catch with an unbroken view of the aquamarine ocean beyond.


  1. Watch the Sunset

Thanks to its strategic position, Troia serves up the kinds of spectacular sunsets that are simply unforgettable. Perhaps best-enjoyed from the open-air terraces of the most enchanting local taverns, it’s the perfect way to round off a truly mesmerising afternoon in Troia.


  1. Pack a Picnic

The scenic and unspoilt eastern shoreline of Troia is the perfect place to head for a picnic. With such an abundance of space available, you’ll have no trouble finding your own private patch to while away a few hours in the sun. Combine your picnic with a trip to Mercado do Livramento and you’re in for a real treat!

  1. Visit the Marina and Casino

For a taste of the high life as lived by Troia’s elite, you need only head to the upmarket marina and casino. Packed with the region’s most beautiful people dressed to the nines and out to impress, it’s the perfect spot for anyone interested in a night on the tiles.


  1. Check Out the International Film Festival

Every June, Troia hosts an international film festival that attracts superstars of stage and screen from all over the world. The atmosphere across the entire peninsula is no less than electric and there’s every opportunity to rub shoulders with Hollywood’s elite.


  1. Visit Setubal

The stunning city of Setubal is just a short ferry ride away and definitely warrants a visit during your stay. Boasting beautiful beaches of its own and one of the country’s most important nature reserves, Setubal is the perfect place for a day’s excursion while staying in Troia.

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