12 reasons to watch Gilmore Girls – right now!

I love getting involved in a series on Netflix. We were late to the party, I know, but I love it when you have the entire series on hand to binge watch. And with Gilmore Girls, you have series 1 – 7 each with 22 episodes each. Now that’s some binge watching to do.


I had heard about Gilmore Girls – who hasn’t, eh? But it was never the right time to get involved (and if you watch the series, you’ll know just how ‘Involved’ you can get).

However, now that my daughter is just the right age – starting high school, it is the perfect time to get started. Once started, we just couldn’t have enough and thank goodness for the long American summer holiday to watch them all.

Here are my top 12 reasons to start watching Gilmore Girls right now.

1. Relationships – relationships

Mother-daughter relationship at it’s best – you can’t beat the relationship that Lorelai and Rory share. They’re friends and yet Lorelai manages to instill the qualities of a perfect daughter in Rory. Is Rory perfect? Maybe not, but Lorelai’s support and friendship help her get through the most amazing situations. The relationship between Lorelai and Emily are so life like and though Emily is always so disapproving, she still has her daughter and grand-daughter’s best interests at heart. Lorelai and Sookie, Lorelai and Luke, Rory and Lane – you’ll identify with each relationship at some point in your life and you’ll want to have relationships like these. Probably soon find yourself working towards building those that are broken and strengthen those that exist.

2. You’ll learn the craziest lines possible

And you can secretly share them with your daughter – I mean, who wouldn’t want to use ‘Oy with the poodles already’ without knowing what it actually means and yet has meaning if you’ve watched the series. It’s like a secret code sentence for Gilmore Girls fans. You can identify one with just this one sentence and form a solidarity.

3. It’s inspiring

You’ll WANT/WISH FOR/ CRAVE a daughter like Rory and hope that by the end of the series you’ll have brainwashed your child into being just like her/ brainwash yourself that you need another child in the hope that she/he will be like Rory.

4. It’s clean (well mostly)

– I like how the series (at least till Season 3, episode 3) keeps it clean. No drugs, no smoking and no sex amongst the teenagers. Rory can be left alone with her boyfriend and they’ll share the sweetest of kisses. That’s all. She knows what she wants in life – her sights are set on Harvard and she goes after it.

5. It’s down-to-earth

Now it’s not all unrealistic. It is VERY real. Lorelai was an unmarried mother at 16 but she made the choice to have Rory and never looked back. She comes from an affluent background but she’s not used that to her advantage (at least never for herself) and she’s worked her way up from the ground. Admirable to say the least. The characters are so well formed that you feel you’ve actually met them and perhaps you have – in everyday life. Who doesn’t have a crazy friend like Sookie or a colleague like Michel or heaven help us – a mum like Emily?

6. Lorelai is a perfect excuse

– If you’re a mum who hates to cook or tidy up and lives on take away – Lorelai is your person. She is your role model. She is your citation for not cooking and yet having the perfect kid. Make your partner watch it.

7. You gain knowledge

– No seriously – this show helps. You get to know about loads of stuff – quizzes (Season 3, episode 2), authors (Faulkner, Sylvia Platt), how to get into an Ivy League school, classic television – you’ll start researching old favorites – the Donna Reed show for one!

8. It’s laugh out loud hilarious

– The humor ranges from subtle to in your face to sometimes crude and it will keep you smiling way after you’ve watched it.

9. You’ll start identifying with a whole new race

– The race that lives in the Gilmore Girls Fandom. You’ll totally get the debate on Team Dean and Team Jess. You’ll be one of us. You’ll have topics to talk about at a party (you’re sure to find one Gilmore Girls fan at any party).

10. It’s timeless

The fashion, the music, the shows they watch on television –  you’ll identify with all of it whether you’re young or old.

11. It gives you the warm fuzzies

You will want to move to Stars Hollow and live in a small community. You’ll cry at the disappointments and celebrate the successes. You’ll want to start a village basket festival or a movie festival and host a town meeting.

12. There’s a Rory and Lorelai in each and every one of us

And if there isn’t, you’ll try and find her. And this will make you feel better about yourself and life in general.

This is one show that you’ll want to be a part of – the one that makes you want to transport yourself into that period of time. The show that will not make you feel guilty about spending roughly 102 hours of your life watching telly.

Go watch it – NOW! All the episodes are available on Netflix 

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