12 days of Christmas Giveaway

12 days


Ho! Ho! Ho! Its almost Christmas and if there is one thing I love doing is giving presents. Well, if you don’t give – you don’t get, right?

Since I am so full of generosity (thanks to my sponsors) I am going to run 12 days of giveaways so you lovely lot can win many amazing prizes.

The 12 days of Christmas, of course, is not the run up to Christmas but counted from Christmas day until the 6th of January or the the day when the three kings visited. Of course, I am sure that you would not want to wait until after Christmas for these wonderful gifts so I am running it before. Besides, I could not think of any other number that sounded right – I mean – 6 days? 10 days? 15 days? I guess you get the picture.

Come back each day and there will be something for you to win and the each will be wonderful, I can assure you.

To enter, you will need to click on each link and enter individually.

Day 1 – Power Rangers Deluxe Morpher

Day 2 – Flutterbye Flying Fairy

Day 3 – 5 x Goodfellas Pizza Voucher

Day 4 – Boom Boom Balloon Board Game

Day 5 – Katsuma or Poppet Trunki

Day 6 – Surfin’ Beaver Bath Toy

Day 7 – Cazamic Candle Holder/Rose 

Day 8 – Neil the Seal from Tomy Toys

Day 9 – Hedbanz Board Game

Day 10 – Flora’s Fairy Garden

Day 11 – Flower and Fairy Wigwam

Day 12 – Snug Suit from Koo-di Baby


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