12 Days of Christmas Giveaway – Day 11

Day 11
Today we have another winner from Leap Frog
Learning Friends Play and Discover School Set


If this looks like something your little one will like, enter the giveaway below

Learning Friends Play and Discover Playset

23 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Giveaway – Day 11

  1. what an adorable little playset , we have had so many pets , we currently have two german shepherds and I have treat my husband to his third but he doesnt know about it , i hav to surprise him when we pick it up xmas eve , just in time to take it for its first visit to our local church for christingle x

  2. Being chosen to be Mary in the nativity, I was very shy and never put myself forward and was shocked but secretly pleased to be chosen.

  3. Getting the best grades in my A Levels and receiving a prize from the Principal. I didn’t like school but 6th form was ok.

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