10 things to do with children on the last day of the year

1. Create a slideshow of the most memorable moments captured on camera (good and bad) and watch it together as a family. It created loads of laughter when we watched ours.

2. Raise a toast to the Old Year – Dress up for dinner and set the table complete with candles and wine (apple juice for the children) and share your favourite meal from 2014.

3. Say goodbye to the last sunset of the year. Get to a vantage point (a high hill or even your own backyard) and watch the sun set on the last day of the year. Don’t forget to capture the moment.

4. Choose a favourite film of the year and watch it together. (Pretty sure it will be Frozen – but it was released last year by the way!!)

5. Gather together and say what each one is thankful for/proud of in the last year.

New Year fireworks on dark background. Vector illustration
New Year fireworks on dark background. Vector illustration

6. Write your New Year Resolutions.

7. Bake some cookies or cakes to bring in the New Year.

8. Declutter  – get rid of old, broken toys and torn clothing (no matter how comfortable they may be!!)

9. Take handprints or draw outlines of your hands and colour them in – keep them until next year and see how much the children have grown.

10. Stay up and watch the fireworks together and share a huge New Year family hug!



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