Reasons to seek a fertility clinic

Having difficulty conceiving is a nightmare. Pressure felt from friends, family, and other couples to have a baby can be really overwhelming. When we’re stuck in a world where we are seemingly surrounded by happy couples, easily producing happy babies, can cause serious harm to our self-esteem and relationships. Seeing other people in our lives […]

15 Things to Do in Troia, Portugal This Summer

Portugal as a whole boasts some of the most incredible towns, villages and holiday resorts in the whole of Europe. Precisely why the country never fails to attract tens of millions of travellers from all over the world throughout the entire year. But while the vast majority set their sights primarily or exclusively on the […]

Inspiration for Sports Wallpapers: Hanging Posters at Home

  At some point or another, everybody goes through a phase where almost every inch of wall space available is taken up by posters. From using posters to sports wallpapersto huge pictures of famous faces, it’s something of a rite of passage most people are familiar with. However, it’s these connotations with teenagers’ bedrooms and […]

From London to Los Angeles…

Hello from sunny California! If you’ve been reading my blog and following me, you may be wondering about the long silence. Well, a lot has been happening and the big news is… We’ve moved! Not the blog, per se! But we – we have physically moved to Los Angeles. In the coming few weeks I’m […]

Celebrating National Sibling Day with a Baby Born Sister Doll

It was National Sibling Day on the 10th and what better way to celebrate than with Baby Born from Zapf Creations. Having a sibling is one of the nicest relationships one can have. In fact recently I got together with my sister who lives in Rome and we had a lovely time together. Unfortunately, we […]