The Art of Racing in the Rain – Film Review

The Art of Racing in the Rain – it’s cliched, it’s predictable (that’s what I read in some reviews) but it also pulls at your heartstrings and is funny and uplifting (according to me) and those are the reasons why I definitely think you must watch it. When we saw the trailer for the film, […]

How to Minimize Stress Following an Accident

Suffering an accident can be the cause of a great deal of stress for many. The loss of income, mobility issues, relationship strains, and physical pain, to name a few, are all potential pressures facing an individual following an accident. High stress levels are not beneficial in aiding a speedy recovery. So why not try […]

7 things you need this Amazon Prime Day

I buy a lot from Amazon – it’s convenient and there’s so much choice. The fact that I have Amazon Prime too makes all the difference. I have free two-day delivery and sometimes I can even get the benefit of same-day delivery. Perfect for that forgotten costume for school the next day. Obviously, Prime Day […]