U Hugs Dolls Review

We love dolls in our household and the children have a huge variety of dolls.

But these ones we were sent were a little different and most welcome.

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The U Hugs dolls  from Flair are these adorable little creatures that are customizable. It comes with accessories that you can use to create a doll of your own look.


The doll is made of thick foam and you can take it apart  – literally, to create your own little doll.


The U Hugs dolls have big heads and short bodies and look really cute. You can remove their eyes and mouth to create moods.

We were sent Scratchy DJ which is a green doll with purple hair and a microphone and headphones. It also has a little waistcoat that is removable.

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We were also sent Sweety Rox which is a pink doll with a green hair and has a guitar as an accessory as well as others.



All the dolls come with a little diamond like accessory that you can attach a cord to and hang up.


Their shoes are also fashionable and can be reversed to get a different look.


The girls love playing the dolls and they have even got a little opening at the back to store the accessories. Very handy so you don’t lose them.


They have been swapping bodies and accessories and come up with their own creations.


They are priced at about £14.99 each and are really cute.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above dolls for review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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