The Making of a Makie Doll

So, the other day we received an opportunity to review a doll. Only thing, this time it was not just any doll – it’s a Makie doll!

What’s a Makie doll, you may ask?

Well, a Makie doll is this special doll…that comes to life. No, it’s not like Chucky…it is a lovely, customised jointed doll.

It really is a special doll because it is unique and made by you. And no, you don’t physically have to put it together. So, that’s even better.

Now coming back to the doll – how does it work? We have made a short video to show you how it works but just in case we missed something – here is what you do…


You pick up a Makie doll gift box which contains a code. You download the app or go to the website. You first create your doll and when I say create it means that you can create customise everything – facial features, clothes, length of hair and even the length of the nose, closeness of eyes, height of eyebrows and much more.

What you get at the end of it is a one of a kind doll for your little girl to enjoy.

I mean it is every little girl’s dream, is it not? To create her own doll? I know it’s always been mine.


And yes, I had a little play on the site before Jadyn created hers.

After creating the doll you click on the Make Real button. No, the doll does not magically appear before your eyes. You enter the code in the gift pack and then wait for two weeks to have it manufactured to your specifications and it is then sent out to you.

Jadyn has created her own Makie doll and she loved the pink hair concept. Yes, she did change her mind at the nth moment when I was about to pay shipping costs and I had to go back and make changes. it was quite easy so if your little girl changes her mind at the last minute, don’t worry.

I love the pink hair idea too, it’s different.

She can’t wait to have it delivered. I think this would be an lovely gift for a little girl at any time especially now that it’s Christmas.

And Jadyn was overjoyed to see that Jessie J has her very own Makie doll too.



Here is the video of Jadyn making her Makie Doll





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