Santa Maria First Taste Kit Unboxing Video Review

I love cooking and the children love spaghetti and I have a number of recipes on here, so when I was approached to try out Santa Maria herbs and spices, I was quick to say yes.

However, this was a little different to the recipes I normally put up. This was a challenge to put up a video review. An unboxing video that may or may not have the recipe.

I decided to incorporate the recipe but this is a first for me so forgive the errors.

Santa Maria offers a wide range of herbs and spices carefully selected to ensure exceptional flavour. The herbs and spices are specially packaged for ultimate freshness. In fact, all of the spices are packaged in grinding mllls to give you that freshly-ground flavour every time.

I love the idea of the spices in the mill – it makes it so much more easier and tastes better too when it is freshly ground.

I tried out the Chilli Explosion which contains a blend of chillies, sweet pepper and chipotle. It is great for adding to meat and pastas to give it that extra ‘heat’. Although, I didn’t find it that spicy so you can add it to dishes to give it flavour.

The range of spices sound quite exciting and I am looking forward to trying out others in the range.

Here is my unboxing video –

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