Play by Dr. Amanda Gummer – A Review

I love reading and read many different genres. During my first pregnancy, I read a whole lot of books on child development as well as parenting etc. I gave up though as I found most of the books were very moralising and some of them made me feel like a really bad mother.

I was curious to know about Play and find out if it was different or just another book telling parents what they are doing wrong and what they should do to get it right.


Play is a book I enjoyed reading. It was down to earth and not moralising. The book is divided into chapters according to age groups and each one suggests the developments that one may see in behaviour. It also tells how to cope with trying behaviour but by offering suggestions and being encouraging instead of being condescending.

I loved the activities suggested as they sound like fun whilst being cheap and easy to do.

I loved her approach to tablets and gadgets. I often feel quite horrible when I sometimes use these as a bribe or as a way to get a few moments peace but Dr. Gummer idenitifies this as a necessity and love that she is open and straight forward about it.

“It can be demoralising to listen to parents whose children only watch half an hour of TV at weekends, and only educational programmes at that”.

My thoughts exactly!!!


I would recommend this book to my friends. It is available on Amazon and is a good read because it makes you feel human.

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