Get Creating with Bunchems

Who’d have ever thought I would enjoy playing with Bunchems? The kids did as well and still enjoy making their own creations but I was completely hooked at making the perfect owl.

We were sent the Bunchems Mega Pack and Glow in the Dark Sea Animals to review.

Bunchems are colourful little balls that connect to each other allowing you to build your own creations. They can be pulled apart so you can build something new whenever you want.

The Bunchems Mega Pack includes 370 Bunchems, 36 accessories and an instruction guide. We created a tiger and an owl to start with. I like that there are also accessories that help to add more depth to the creations.

The Glow in the Dark Under the Sea pack includes 40 Glow in the Dark White Bunchems, 40 Blue Bunchems, 40 Purple Bunchems, 40 Orange Bunchems, 40 Green Bunchems, 13 Accessories and an Instruction Guide.

The glow in the dark Bunchems are quite cool and really do glow in the dark.

The children of course love the Bunchems and spend their time creating all sorts of weird stuff. They can really give in to their creativity.

I also enjoyed creating with Bunchems. Don’t you try out your children’s toys too?

They are great for motor skills as well as creativity. The Bunchems stick to each other well so that you can create 3D shapes without a problem. Also it does help that the animals you make can actually stand.

The instruction guide include step-by-step instructions making it easy for younger ones to follow too.

The sets are aimed at children aged 4+ and I do feel that this is the correct target age.

Please do read the warning on the pack as the Bunchems should not get tangled in hair. They would be difficult to remove. Having said this, there is no worry of it getting entangled when one is building. My little one has very long hair and we didn’t get any tangled.

I would definitely recommend to encourage motor skills and creativity in children.

The Mega Pack is priced at about £24.99 and the Under the Sea pack is priced at £17.99


Beauty and the Beast Goodies from Disney

Beauty and the Beast. One of my childhood favourites.

Obviously my girls are also big fans and we can’t wait to see this in the cinema. We’re actually going there tomorrow.

But to get us in the mood, we were sent some goodies from Disney – A beautiful Belle doll from Jakks Pacific and a Beauty and the Beast Doodle Book from Parragon Books.


The Ballroom Belle doll is gorgeous and is about 14 inches high.

She wears an exquisite yellow ball gown with gold details and has a Tree of Life pendant necklace that is inspired by the film.

Aeryn loves the doll which is only natural seeing that it is so lovely.

The Doodle book is ideal for slightly older children and there is quite a lot to do in it. There are pages to draw roses and trees and even design a dress for Belle. I also like that you can colour pages but they are targeted at older children.

Beauty and the Beast Doodle Book

There are many other products from the film and you can find more at the Disney Store 

Ravensburger Beauty and the Beast 100 piece XXL Glitter Puzzle Review

We’re very excited about Beauty and the Beast and have been since we first saw the trailer.

Obviously being excited about the film means we are also thrilled to be included in campaigns around the film. Since we also love puzzles, we were quite thrilled to be send this Beauty and the Beast XXL puzzle to review.

As we have come to expect from Ravensburger, the puzzle is of a great quality.

As truly befitting the film, there’s also glitter thrown in which adds a nice touch to it.

The puzzle is fairly easy to do for older children but for this aged 6+, it may be slightly challenging. I like this though as easy puzzles are never fun.

I love the message as well.

The pieces of the jigsaw are larger than others so it is easy for younger ones to hold.

It has 100 pieces and it would take about 30 – 1 hour to complete.

Like other puzzles from Ravensburger, each part fits uniquely into the other so you can’t really go wrong.

It features characters from the film – Beauty, the Beast, Chip, Mrs Potts, Cogsworth and Lumiere.

The puzzle is priced at about £8.99 and is available at major toy stores.

Introducing Cadbury Oreo Mint and Peanut Butter Flavours

A sweet update for my readers –

If you love chocolate and love Oreo (and lets face it, who doesn’t?), I bring you good news as there are two new flavours being introduced by Cadbury.

Following in the footsteps of the original Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo bar, which took the treat world by storm, Cadbury has now partnered with the cookie maker once again to bring joy to chocolate lovers, by adding two new flavour options. 

Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Peanut Butter flavour will please those who can’t get enough of the trend for peanut-inspired creations, while devotees of classic chocolate combinations will appreciate the simple delicious taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Mint flavour. 

In both new bars, as in the classic Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo, smooth and creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk covers a tasty flavoured cream filling, with added generous chunks of Oreo cookie. 

Whether to share with friends or enjoy after a long day at work, if you’re already a fan of Cadbury Dairy Milk this latest collaboration is sure to tantalise your taste buds. 

Joanna Dias, Brand Manager at Mondelēz International, said: “We are delighted to add these two sumptuous new flavours to the classic Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo, giving chocolate lovers even more ways to enjoy their favourite treat. Tasty and irresistible, the peanut butter variant will appeal to those who love the current peanut butter trend, whilst the delicious mint flavour will no doubt delight those who love a classic combination.”

Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Peanut Butter and Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Mint will be available from March 2017 in 120g bars, for a RRP of £1.49 at most major supermarkets.

We’ve had an opportunity to sample them and we enjoyed the taste. We did like the Mint more than the Peanut Butter but both went down well.