Schleich Wonder Woman Figure Review

There are some toys that have more appeal when you actually get them than just when you see them in advertising. This is one of them. The Schleich Wonder Woman figure is appealing and just what we needed.

You see, with 2 girls and a boy, we tend to have action figures collected by Ethan and the two girls normally have the more ‘girly’ collectibles like Shopkins, Moshi Monsters etc. Aeryn was pretty thrilled to receive her very own action figure.

The Wonder Woman action figure is dressed exactly as in the film complete with shield and sword. She wears a warrior outfit and Roman sandals.

One can never fault Schleich on quality as the quality is the best. All their figures are hand painted and are very real. You can add this to a bigger DC Comics collection.

It is also a great compliment to the film.

Aeryn loves playing with it together with her other figures and is glad that she can also take part in Ethan’s fight games with his action figures.

The Schleich Wonder Woman figure is priced at £8.99 and is available at all major retailers.

A Good Night’s Sleep with Adjustable Beds

With the hot, sultry nights, I’ve been having little or no sleep. I simply can’t stand the heat. Even with 3 showers a day, I’m still a mass of perspiration all day.

Maybe it’s do with age or shall I just blame the mattress (which is pretty good anyway) but I get up with a few aches and pains. I really do need to look into a new mattress or maybe a new bed in total.


I always thought that adjustable beds are for aged people. I’m pretty sure now I’d benefit from one of these myself.

It must be really nice to have a bed that can be put to recline position – I despair on having to settle and plump up my pillows constantly. Even the ones that say they never get flat, always do. I can’t seem to get it right and often spend the night tossing and turning getting my pillow to just the perfect height.

I would love to be able to recline my bed with the touch of a button especially since I love to read before I fall asleep. Plus these mattresses from Adjustable Beds look ever so comfortable too. I’m pretty sure that with an adjustable bed as well as a comfy mattress, I’d get up ready to start the day with a spring in my step.

The Adjustamatic Orthopaedic Beds would be heaven I think with the NHC Cyclo-Therapy massage technology that offers relief from pains and aches and cramps that one may feel at night. This is definitely the one I want.

The beds also come with an easy reach system that makes it easier to access the controls.

The great thing is that these beds come in a range of styles making them less ‘hospital like’ and suitable for a contemporary home.

Hubs has been after one of these recliner sofa chairs for a while now and I’m hoping to get one real soon for him. Or maybe we can get a recliner sofa. I probably would get no blogging done then.


Robinsons Refresh’d – Guilt Free Summer

It’s hot. It’s extremely hot. And as much as I’ve complained about the rain, I’m having a change of mind and want some rain now.

The children can’t sleep because it’s so hot.

Our mouths are parched despite drinking water frequently.

What we need is a refreshing drink to quench the thirst.

Luckily, I was introduced to Refresh’d from Robinsons and it’s just what I need in this heat.

Robinsons Refresh’d is natural mix of spring water and real fruit. It has only naturally occurring sugars and has just 55Kcal per bottle.

It is available in 3 delicious flavours –

Flavoured with high intensity green apple and juicy kiwi, Apple & Kiwi Refresh’d is mouth-wateringly refreshing. 

Apple & Raspberry

Combines juicy raspberry and subtle red apple notes delivering a delicate balance of subtle taste

 Orange and Lime

With the delicious and fresh taste of juicy orange and zingy lime, Orange & Lime Refresh’d leaves a soft fruity aftertaste.

I am thrilled to be able to also give the children a drink that is sugar free and still delicious. It is just yum and so refreshing when chilled. My personal favourite is the Apple and Kiwi.

Here’s a little more about Robinsons Refresh’d –

This summer Robinsons is introducing new Refresh’d to help the nation quench their thirst whilst on the go.   A mix of spring water and real fruit, Robinsons Refresh’d contains 100% naturally sourced ingredients, for those looking for a new and enjoyable way to stay refreshed. 

The three variants have been developed with 100% naturally sourced ingredients delivering a refreshing flavour. Refresh’d contains simply real fruit, spring water and naturally sourced stevia leaf extract.

Britvic GB Director of Marketing Kevin McNair said: “This is a step change for Robinsons, our first naturally sourced on-the-go drink. We know that many Brits are looking for a more exciting alternative to water, but without any added sugar. So, we’re delighted to offer something to the nation that does just that. Robinsons is found in more than 4 out of 10 British households[i] and our testing of our new flavours shows that new Robinsons Refresh’d will be the tastiest way for busy people to stay refreshed on-the-go4”.  

Refresh’d retails at £1.29 for a 500ml bottle.  As part of Britvic’s longstanding history of healthy innovation, full sugar Robinsons variants were removed from the market in 2015. New Refresh’d forms part of Britvic’s ongoing commitment to leading the industry in helping people make healthier choices.

Have you tried Refresh’d? I recommend you do. It’s perfect for these sultry days.

INNOVO attempt at Guinness World Record

I guess we’ve all had out ‘Oops’ moments and know how important the pelvic floor is. Especially as we get older and after having children.


INNOVO,  to support World Continence Week and Women in Sport Week,  is attempting to break the World Record for the most people simultaneously bouncing on mini-trampolines in one location. Here’s some more information –

While the world can be tough, we must never forget to make time for and to enjoy those everyday ‘wow’ moments that make us feel good about life. Londoners are leading the way with support from Olympian Rebecca Adlington by coming together with Innovo to enjoy a truly “wow” experience -and break a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ record title into the bargain -for mass trampolining on mini trampolines!


If you would like to take part, visit to register.