Kitty Surprise Review

You may have seen our review of Puppy Surprise. Aeryn even had a video review of the latest series. This time round though we were sent Kitty Surprise from Flair PLC.

The kids love cats (I’m more of a dog person), so they were excited at receiving it.

I think it’s the surprise of not knowing how many kittens there will be, makes for so much fun.

We received Jilly and her kittens and the toy is a plush toy with a plastic face. She has a very fluffy tail that you can brush.

One of the kittens is not in Jilly’s tummy. She is the one that mews when you touch a button on her back.

Aeryn opened up the tummy to reveal two more kittens. One was a boy and one was a girl. We figure blue for boy and pink for girl without sounding gender stereotypical.

So, we have 2 girls and a boy – much like our family.

The kittens are all different – one is pink, another is white and the last one is pink and white.

Mummy cat, Jilly, is mainly white with a purple tail and a purple and white face. She has a sparkly purple collar with a tag in the shape of a heart. She is super soft to touch and lovely to stroke.

Kitty Surprise is a great toy for children aged 3 – 6 years. It teaches a child to nurture animals. Aeryn loves playing with the little kittens and of course with Jilly.

There are more cats to collect in the range too. Kitty Surprise from Flair PLC is priced at £24.99


The Jungle Bunch Movie Review

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to the very interesting special screening of The Jungle Bunch. Have you heard of it?

Here’s what it’s about –

The Jungle Bunch follows a gang of misfit animals on a mission to protect their jungle home. In their first big screen adventure, the Jungle Bunch’s tiger striped Kung Fu penguin leader Maurice and his comrades – a goldfish, tarsier and gorilla – fight to protect the jungle from a gang of silly baboons lead by Igor the evil Koala.

The screening itself was lovely. There was face painting and balloon making. The children could also make masks if they wished.

There were breakfast pastries and drinks too.

The children had Maurice painted on their hands and Ethan decided to sport a tiger eye which was pretty cool.

Their masks were lovely too.

It was time for the screening and as we headed into the cinema, we were quite excited as we had seen the trailer.

Now as you know, The Jungle Bunch is in cinemas only on the 15th – tomorrow. Because of this, I can’t tell you much or I’ll give the story away. I’ll tell you that we did enjoy the film though and it’s a great family movie.

I would say that it’s targeted more to younger children as there is a lot of the fanciful in it. There’s a lot of adventure too and children love animals so it will go down well with them.

There are some moments when the animals are in danger but there’s nothing scary about the film.

Igor as the evil Koala is the perfect villain as he tries to use his evil creations to destroy the jungle with mushroom bombs. Maurice and his friends are brave and yet display human elements by making mistakes. I think the story also teaches never to give up.

The kids had a lovely time and enjoyed the film.


Here’s a video to tell you all about the day and what we thought of the movie –

Jacintaz3 at the Now TV Troll Salon

Last weekend, we headed off into London to the Troll Salon. The kids were due to have a makeover and they were excited.

The event was being hosted by Now TV to celebrate the Trolls Movie coming to Now TV.

Ethan and Aeryn were transformed into trolltastic characters and they had a great time. Jadyn wanted something a bit more subtle and settled for some face paint.

Celebrities including Stephanie Pratt, Amy Childs, Michelle Heaton, Imogen Thomas and Linda Robson visited the launch of the NOW TV Trolls pop-up salon, located under a bridge in Shoreditch.

The event was held to celebrate the movie Trolls and other great family favourites being available on TV streaming service NOW TV.


Children and adults (yes, adults!) were pampered in NOW TV’s glamorous salon where they could enjoy the real film magic come to life, all for free! The salon’s stylists offered free candy-coloured makeovers, inspired by three of the films beloved troll characters. Guests could pick from Poppy’s positively pink look, Smidge’s luscious blue locks or Guy Diamond’s glitterific get-up.

For fans that missed the chance to come down and want to create the totally troll-some look at home, NOW TV has teamed up with award-winning face paint professionals to make a simple, step-by-step Troll tutorial

With the help of the enchanted professional face painter Susie Hillman, the video shows you how to recreate the Poppy look, step-by-step, detail by detail, meaning you can try out your very own ‘trollsformations’ on Trolls both big and small.


With the evenings getting darker and the weather set to keep families indoors, you may want to try out the makeover with your little ones. Maybe a trial for Halloween?


Heinz No Added Sugar Hoops – Why We Still Love Them!

Heinz Hoops have probably featured in most of our lives as parents. Kids love it and as a busy parent, it’s not unknown to give your children food out of a can.

All three kids loved Heinz Hoops when they were younger – they still do.


We were sent some of the new cans to review and the kids couldn’t wait to get tucked in. Yes, even Jadyn, as she loves eating food that she had when younger. She’ll stop at baby food of course.

What’s new about these Heinz Hoops?

First of all, the name should give you a hint as they are called Heinz No Added Sugar Hoops

They boast a range of health benefits too –

·        Heinz No Added Sugar Hoops is 1 of your 5 a day

·        Vitamin D to support normal bone development

·        Packed with iron to support normal cognitive development

·        Heinz No Added Sugar Hoops is Free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives

These are perfect for when you need a quick meal after a long day out or a long journey.

While they taste great on their own, you can also add small chopped roasted vegetables to them to make them even healthier.

What we like about Heinz No added Sugar Hoops?

They are tasty and convenient. You just heat it out of the can and serve. And which child doesn’t like pasta/spaghetti? It’s got to be a win.


We were sent some Heinz No Added Sugar Hoops to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.