Help! My daughter’s growing into – ‘Me’

My oldest is now in Secondary School and reminds me so much of myself as I was growing up. I wonder how my Mum ever coped with my tantrums.

Dedicated to my smart, loving, gorgeous (sometimes stroppy) daughter – Jadyn


Help! My daughter’s growing –

She’s growing into ‘me’

And I don’t know how to take it,

I’m not my mum you see!

I don’t know how Mum managed

When I threw a fuss;

I don’t want this, I don’t want that

How did she deal with us?

My daughter’s pretty much the same 

Her mind is all her own

I need more clothes and shoes and books

She moans and moans and moans!

She’s vain and she is stubborn

And bossy as can be.

She likes to have her own way

And says I just don’t see.

She’s pretty and she knows it,

She’s clever too you know –

She’s dying to be in college,

She’s just waiting to go.

She argues and she questions

And sometimes can be right;

But I don’t let her win the round

Without putting up a fight.

I used to be like her sometime

When it was years ago,

And now that I am older

I know life can’t be so.

I try to make her understand 

Like Mum did way back then

But she just shrugs and nods her head

And I know it’s not long when –

She’s back, doing things the way she wants.

I guess I’ll just let her be

Secretly I am so pleased – 

She’s growing into ‘me’.

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