We’re Going on a Bear Hunt with Ready Brek

Breakfast is a busy time of day. It is also an important meal and I try to ensure that the children get a headstart with a healthy breakfast.

Making a cooked breakfast of eggs etc every morning is a bit difficult as with making lunches and seeing to the children getting ready, there is definitely a lack of time.

I always have on hand cereals and of course – oats.

Ready Brek is almost always a part of my grocery shopping mainly because it is so easy to make and it is so tasty too.

With the weather all set to be on it’s way to getting better, it’s nice to be able to set off on outdoor adventures. Ready Brek and Walker Book’s We’re Going on a Bear Hunt have embarked on a joint adventure where they are serving up a helping of outdoor fun to help parents and children adopt a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Brand new Ready Brek packs featuring beautiful artwork from the film are in store now. Each pack comes complete with an original Bear Hunt Guide on the back, suggesting games and activities showing kids how to go on their very own bear hunt swishy-swashing through grass and splash-sploshing through puddles. Packs also include three delicious recipes to collect; Bear Hunt Banana Muffins, Protein-packed Bear Hunt Bites and Bear Hunt Blueberry and Apple Flapjacks which are all nutritionally balanced, energy boosting snacks that will keep little adventurers going.

Why I like Ready Brek? It’s simple. Look at the traffic lights on the box – all green, which means it’s Go! Go! Go!

In the 90 seconds that it takes to get the oats ready – I can easily chop up the fruit to add to it or chop veggies for lunch.

The children have been glad to be trying out just some of the adventures from the activity book and we’ve had an amazing time searching for wildflowers and being outdoors.

And with the children charged with Ready Brek before leaving, they are more than ready for the outdoors.

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Ready Brek is made from finely milled wholegrain oats and flour, vitamins and minerals, with no added salt or sugar. Packed with Calcium for healthy bones and teeth, Vitamin D for a healthy immune system, Protein for healthy muscles and oats for healthy digestion, along with Iron, Vitamin B1, B6 and B12, Ready Brek delivers a super smooth and nutritious start to the day.

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