Giveaway – Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring


A short while age, I reviewed the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring that works on the premise of accupressure to ease snoring allowing for a good night’s rest.


It’s been almost a month since Hubs first started using the ring and it is still working fine.

If you snore or you are kept awake by your partner’s snoring, I am giving you the chance to get a peaceful night’s sleep.

Enter the giveaway below to win a Good Night Anti Snoring Ring.

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22 thoughts on “Giveaway – Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring

  1. Worse than that! You know those water machines that spout up into the air balancing a ball on top? Well he sounds like the machinery that runs the darn thing with the added water sound effects. Impressive? I think not! :o)

  2. The worst bit is that he clicks when he snores. Every click makes me jump, even though I know it’s coming

  3. We don’t really have a problem with snoring apart from after nights of drinking when he says I snore like a tractor! hmph! I’d like to win one of these for my stepdad as Mum is always complaining that his snoring keeps her awake every night!

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