Digimon Fusion Toys from Bandai – A Review

My son has opened up so many vistas of my world. I now know so much about Ben10, Transformers, Power Rangers and lately Digimon.

I never knew that Digimon which has been featuring on television for some time now is actually the shortened version of ‘ Digital Monster’.

Obviously, any toy that makes action sounds and that you can fight with is welcomed in our house. If the toy can be taken apart and built over – it is more than welcome.

Digimon Fusion is the new range of toys from Bandai. We were sent these two products to review and it happened at  a time when Ethan was ill so it perked him up a bit.


The Digimon ShoutMon Mic is a weapon that makes action sounds and is really what makes one a warrior – or so I’ve been told.

This mic has interesting battle sounds and it can also be extended for ultimate sparring. It says phrases from the television serial.


The second toy we received was the Digimon fusion figure and this was received really well as Ethan loves to transform and recreate things. The good thing about this toy is that you can take it apart and make it up again. It is durable and the children have been ‘pulling’ off the hands and still has remained intact. It is also compatible with the other fusion figures so you can create your own monster.


I always advocate imaginary play for children and these are great toys for this kind of play. Ethan enjoys playing with the toys and even Aeryn has a play with them. They have pretend fights and the Digimon Mic features in a big way.


Disclaimer: I was sent these above products for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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