Cooking Mist from Lurpak’s Cook’s Range: A Review

I enjoy cooking – well, most days. I especially enjoy cooking with products that make cooking easier.

I love the Lurpak brand and use their spread for sandwiches and mash and a host of other recipes.


When I was asked to review the new Cooking Mist from Lurpak’s Cook Range, I knew I would be reviewing a great product. I didn’t know how good or how easy it would make my life in the kitchen!


This super easy spray is great for greasing and I use it well when making roasts or this super easy toast and egg recipe. It saves me the trouble of using the brush and getting it 20140605_155841clogged.


I find it also useful for glazing as it is so easy to spray on. Sometimes when I think there is less oil, I have also sprayed the dish while the cooking process is on.

It is so easy to use as well as mess free. No more pouring oil into a bowl and then greasing the pan.

It is a blend of Lurpak butter and rapeseed oil and adds that added perfection to any baked dish.


Here is a bit more about Lurpak’s Cook’s Range

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