Celebrating National Allotment Week with Kenwood Blend Xtract Sport

With it being National Allotment Week, it’s all about growing your own vegetables, fruits and flowers. I would love to have an allotment and grow my own veggies and fruits and be able to make meals and smoothies with them.

In fact, I do try and grow some at home  – chillies, basil and  strawberries.

Anyway, to make my own smoothies, I was sent this great Kenwood Blend Xtract Sport and I’ve been enjoying making healthy drinks all weekend.


The Blend Xtract includes 2 x 0.6l bottles that are perfect for taking to work and getting the benefits of that healthy smoothie. It has a great wide spout too – ideal for smoothies.

It has a 300W power motor that great not only for smoothies but also for soups and batters.

I like the 2 speed pulse that allows one to blend rough or smooth. You can use the ‘low’ function to break up the ingredients especially if you are using frozen ingredients and then turn it on ‘high’.

There is no particular ice blend function but you can crush ice.

It’s really easy to use and since it has a smoothie ready in no time, it’s a great kitchen gadget to have at home.

I tried the Very Berry Smoothie and it was delicious – it was a combination of raspberries, cranberry juice, apple juice and blackberries. I do want to try the Salsa smoothie as it sounds delicious.

The Kenwood Blend Xtract Sport is priced at £34.98 and is good value for money. There are loads of recipes to try out in the instruction manual and more on the Kenwood website

I was sent the Kenwood Blend Xtract Sport for a review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

The New Lacura Suncare Range from Aldi

The weather hasn’t exactly been the kind where you need to slap the sunscreen on, has it? But if you’ve been on holiday or will be going on holiday to sunnier climes, you’ll probably need some. For affordable holiday sun creams – check to Lacura.

Lacura from Aldi is the new range of suncreams/sprays for the whole family.

We were sent a range of products to try and when we managed to find some sunny days out we used them.

In fact, the Lacura SPF 30 sun spray has recently been revealed as the lowest costing sunspray to pass Which? SPF testing too.

How did we get on with the Lacura range?

We tried the SPF 30 sun Spray, the protective oil spray and the aftersun moisturising spray.


For the prices, these products are amazing. I remember I paid a good amount for sunscreen while on holiday in France. It’s great to be able to buy sincere products on a budget.

The spray is easy to apply and offers good protection with an SPF 30.

The aftersun moisturising spray is perfect for when you’ve spent some time in the sun. It helps keep the skin hydrated and soothes and cools the skin if you’ve overdone it. It contains Aloe Vera so you’ll know that it has cooling properties.

The protective oil spray has a smooth feel to it. It helps protect the skin from getting burnt and it great for a day at the beach.

There are more products in the range and you can check them out here – Aldi Skincare

In fact you can buy a bundle of sincere lotions and sprays for just £9.99

My Favourite Flower – The White Rose

I love flowers. Who doesn’t? They bring so much colour and beauty to everything.

It doesn’t matter if they are part of a well-tended garden or they are part of the wild – they are all beautiful.

I was asked what my favourite flower is and I was at a loss to pick one from several. I would have to say it’s the rose. But it’s not just any rose because I’m not really a fan of the red rose. Instead, I love the white rose.

That’s not a photo taken by me but you its pretty near perfect for me.

I know the white rose is normally symbolic with sympathy and is a part of funerals. But to me, the white rose is a symbol of the purity of love. Unconditional love – that is pure in it’s giving.

Yes, I made sure that the white roses were part of the funerals of my parents and while to others they may have been a symbol of sympathy, to me – represented undying love.

I also tend to prefer the lesser opened rose – don’t know if you get what I mean? I don’t like them in full bloom and opened fully. I like the ones that are in partial bloom. I think they look most beautiful then.

I have recently been tending to my garden and have planted several plants – one of them this rather unusual rose bush that has two-toned flowers.

Apart from the white rose, I also like orchids. This simple looking flower has long since symbolised luxury. I think it has to do with the fact that they are quite elusive. To me they represent elegance and charm and I love them.

Flying Flowers recently ran a unique survey with regards the hidden meaning of flowers which tell you which flowers people like receiving for a particular occasion. You can read more at www.flyingflowers.co.uk

What’s your favourite flower? You can also join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #HiddenFlowerMeanings

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Igloo Mania from Brainstorm Toys – Review

We like playing board games and with the weather we’ve been having, it’s a good thing that we have a collection at home. We were also sent Igloo Mania recently to add to it and we enjoyed playing it.

Igloo Mania is a cool game. (see what I did there?)

It is a game of dexterity where you have to remove blocks without getting the others tumbling down. Sounds familiar?

Maybe – but these are ice blocks and half the fun is setting up the game. You’ll find out why soon.

To set up the game you have to build an igloo. And then remove the below plastic bit to have a full fledged igloo.



To play the game, you need to remove a block in turn and make sure that the igloo doesn’t tumble. You remove the block with an ice pick of course. It is the polar region after all.

What we thought –

The game was great fun especially to set up. We did however feel that each game lasted a very short time. Since the blocks are on a curve, they tend to fall apart more easily.

It still is a great game and I suppose you can play the game without removing the inside plastic and playing for points. (There are points on each block).

Igloo Mania is targeted to children aged 5+ and you require 2 – 4 players.

It is priced at £19.99 and is available at all major retailers.