Despicable Me Mineez Toys – Review

We’ve loved both the Despicable Me films and we can’t wait for the third one to be out. To keep us entertained in the meantime we were sent some rather cute Minions toys from Flair PLC to review.

We were sent the following from the Despicable Me Mineez Range from Flair –

  • Blind Pack
  • Micro Key Ring
  • Drop & Pop Minions
  • Collector’s Tin

Each blind pack contains a little character and from over 75 to collect, there’s no stopping at one. There are even rare and limited editions to be found.

The Micro Key Ring clips onto everything and is perfect for the children’s bags. There are 12 to collect.

The Drop and Pop minion is loads of fun. I did have a problem finding out how it worked. It bounces high into the air when you pull down it’s trousers and then throw it to the ground.

The Collectors Tin contains two exclusive figures and is the perfect place for storing all those minions. It is made of tin and is shaped to look like a minion.

Since we love the Minions, we quite enjoyed playing with these toys. They are durable and lovely to start a rather nice collection.

The target age range is 5+ and this is about the correct age. The blind pack is priced at £2.99, the Micro key ring at £4.99, the Drop and Pop Minions at £8.99 and the collectors tin at £14.99

The toys are available at all major retailers.

Scooby Doo Mystery Minis Range – Review

Somehow the Scooby Doo song seems to stick in one’s head and you can probably break into it on short notice. No? Well, it does in mine. Not in a bad way.

The children, of course, love Scooby Doo and we have been fortunate to be able to review several Scooby products.

The latest was when we were sent the Scooby Doo mystery minis range. We were sent the Scooby Doo Mystery Minis 2 figure pack and the Monster Trawler.

The mystery minis contained two figures – Scooby and

These are articulated and are great for adding to a set to make your very own Scooby Doo stories. There are 6 to collect and contain the mystery solving crew as well as some baddies too.

The Monster Trawler is a lot of fun. It is brightly coloured and is sure to be a big hit with kids. We have also taken ours to the bath. There is space to put the captain in who can manage the wheel and guide the trawler over the water. It also comes with a mini figure – Scooby.

These sets are perfect for Scooby Doo fans and can be added to different sets to create a Scooby world.

The Mystery Minis 2 figure set is priced at £4.99 and the vehicle set is priced at £9.99

They are available at all major toy stores.

The Scooby Doo range from Character Options also includes larger 5 inch articulated figures, stackable soft toys, goo pod figures, playset and more!

Eldrador Dragon from Schleich – Review

We love the Schleich products we receive for review. They are always a huge hit in the house. This time, we were fortunate to receive a Eldrador Dragon.

This very realistic dragon is perfect for playing knights in mediaeval settings.

We were sent the Dragon Poacher – a magnificent beast with talons even on it’s wings. It has horns and spikes on it’s legs and it does look very fierce.

The dragon is red and green and has its teeth barred to stop anyone from coming near.

I’m told that this dragon is possibly indestructible except for it’s one weak spot – hidden beneath it’s crest.

The children – the two younger ones – have enjoyed playing with this dragon. In fact, I’ve been called to rescue the princess dolls quite often when Ethan makes the dragon swoop down on them.

The dragon is very lifelike as with all Schleich products and is of a very good quality. There are more dragons in the range – Night Hunter, Ice hunter, Diver. They all look extremely fierce and are perfect for imaginative play.  I know I’m going to be adding to the collection soon. I don’t really mind as the Schleich toys are so durable and last a long time.

The dragons are priced at about £14.99 each and are available at all major retailers.

For more dragon fun as well as all the other products available from Scheich – visit

Dinosaur Train: Paint and Match App Review

The children used to love watching Dinosaur Train – the Tim Henson TV series. It was particularly popular with Ethan. They still catch an episode every now and then.

We were recently asked to review the Dinosaur Train App and we knew we would love it.

The Dinosaur Train: Paint and Match App is available on Google Play and IOS for 99p.

In the App, children can colour 24 pictures of Buddy and his friends and can even change the brush size and obviously unleash their creativity to choose colours and maybe even change the colour of their favourite character. There are also a few blank canvases for you to create your very own dinosaur.


They can also play a memory game with 4 difficulty levels. They have to beat the clock to complete it in time getting them to try and beat their own time.

The App has proved popular with Aeryn and she has been creating her own dinosaur called Blue.


This is just one of the many games by Kuato Studios all of which can be found on the APP Store/ Play Store.

The App is aimed at children under 5 and is sure to be popular with fans of Dinosaur Train.

It is available on IOS –

and Google Play