The Emoji Movie Light Up Figures

We all express ourselves with emoticons these days. In fact I sometimes see that my daughter uses more emoticons than words in her messages. In keeping with this trend, The Emoji Movie has been released and stars different emoticons.

We received these figures from The Emoji Movie to review and the children were quite taken with them.

The figures are light up figures and are perfect for a desk or a shelf in the kids’ room. In fact, I probably could do with a Gene on my work desk.

We were sent Jailbreak and Gene.

Jailbreak is one of the characters from The Emoji Movie. She used to be a princess but she ran away from Textopolis. Her goal is to break free, past the firewall so she can live in the cloud with no worries.

Gene lives in Textopolis and has a range of emotions. He lives in a boy called Alex’s phone and is almost about to be deleted. He has to outwit the bot and finally learns to embrace himself for what he is.

The Jailbreak action figure has purple hair that lights up when you lift her left arm. She has big eyes and a slight smirk. She wears a beanie.

Gene is obviously yellow in colour much like the emoticons we use so often. His mouth lights up when you lift his left arm.

The figures are great for imaginative play but more so for adding to a collection. The come with a base so they can stand with ease.  They are 8 inches tall.

The children enjoyed trying them out and making them light up. They have kept them as part of their toy collection.

Also available is Poop from the film.

The Emoji Movie Light Up Figures are aimed at children 3+. Priced at £14.99, they are available at all major toy retailers.


L.O.L. Surprise Lil Sister Doll Review

We recently reviewed The L.O.L Surprise doll and were quite happy to receive the L.O.L. Surprise Lil Sister doll.

The Lil Sister is much like the L.O.L. surprise in that it opens the same way with the many layers but there are a few differences.

The Lil Sister doll is naturally more a baby and is just adorable.

It has 5 layers to unravel. Each layer gives you a sort of clue as to what the doll is going to be.

When unravelled, the doll is ever so cute. It has a little nappy and our particular one can change colour when put into ice cold water. In fact, some designs appear on her nappy and even her face – much like little cat stripes.

The doll is small and is perfect for playing with on trips as it can easily fit in a pocket or a little bag.

The concept of having to open the many layers is so exciting for little ones as you don’t know which one you are going to get. Also, opening so many layers makes for so much fun.

The dolls are priced at £9.95 and are perfect for adding to a collection.

Here’s a video review by my little one – The Magic Hat Reviewer –


Dough Balls, Calamari and Fun…at Pizza Express

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of Pizza Express. We were recently invited by Pizza Express and Mumsnet to try out the new Piccolo menu and what better time than the summer holidays to do so.

We headed off to Pizza Express and we have some favourites that we ALWAYS order namely the dough balls and the calamari so we knew this was sorted.

We were greeted by the friendly staff and handed some Menus, Piccolo Menus and Activity sheets for the children.

We decided to try the Cucumber Mint Presse and the Watermelon Cooler which were perfect for the warm day.

For starters, we had dough balls from the children’s menu and calamari. Firm favourites and we never get tired of them.

Our mains consisted of a Magherita for Aeryn, Americano (Pepperoni) for Ethan and Jadyn and I shared a Zapparoli which consists of that yummy chicken and creamed corn as opposed to the normal base. It has Nduja Sausage and red roquito pearls. Just yum! I’ve added a video of how it’s made at the end of the post. You’ll definitely want to try it out. And you’ll love it.



You can’t leave Pizza Express without dessert and the children had theirs from the Piccolo menu – brownie and the new magi ice lolly served with the famed Bambinoccino.

Jadyn and I tried the new summer Tiramisu and it’s just gorgeous. Mascarpone and strawberry puree with sponge ladyfingers soaked in Vin Santo wine.

We had a lovely lunch – perfect for the summer holidays. And the children were kept busy with the activities.


I love taking the family to Pizza Express because the atmosphere is always so relaxed and the staff are so friendly.

It’s our favourite pizza place.

There’s a competition running at the moment to win a family adventure when you send in your dough ball adventure story.

As promised, here is the Zapparoli Romana video –


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Jungle In My Pocket Playset and Blind Bag Review

Following on from Puppy in my Pocket, we were sent some Jungle in my Pocket toys to review. We were looking forward to receiving this as we have reviewed quite a few from the Puppy in my Pocket range.

We were sent this cool Jungle in my Pocket Tree House Playset which included two exclusive jungle pets. There’s a cool waterfull and a swing for the monkeys.


A fruit launcher is perfect for when the monkeys decide to launch bananas. A teeter-totter is best for playtime at the Tree House. There isn’t a single animal that doesn’t like to hang out at the tree house.

A canopy and lookout nest make the playset even more fun.

Remember you can collect other animals to add to the tree house playset. These can be blind bags or 15 piece sets or carrier sets.

Series 1 of Jungle in my Pocket includes 25 animals with 4 rare and 1 ultra rare animals to collect.

I was also sent two blind bags which the children loved opening. It’s the unknown that makes them so interesting.

We received a crocodile and the anteater in the blind bag.

The Jungle playset is priced at £24.99 and the bling bags are priced at £2.49

The toys are of a great quality and will ensure hours of playing fun. It is especially great to be able to add to the range.

Visit to find out more.

We were sent the above product to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.