The Lion Guard Bunga Plush Review

We are fans of The Lion King and naturally The Lion Guard. We have also been fortunate to review a few products from associated with the series.

This time we were sent a talking plush Bunga from Flair.

If you know about the characters from the series, you’ll know that Bunga is a honey badger and Kion’s best buddy. He is the adoptive nephew of Timon and Pumbaa. He is of course, a member of The Lion Guard. Bunga is the proverbial joker and is seen to be fun-loving and very adventurous. He sometimes jumps headlong into danger without giving a second thought.

You know what the talking plush Bunga will be about then?

He says phrases from The Lion Guard – Zuka Zama, Bunga the Lion Guard is here and it’s un-Bunga-lieveable. And yes he makes a fart sound too. (the children find this hilarious)

If you press on the lion guard symbol on his shoulder, it lights up.

It is a cuddly toy and perfect for fans of The Lion Guard.

If you want to add to the collection, Kion is also available.

Bunga is priced at £24.99 and is available at all major toy retailers.

Loopdedoo Spinning Loom Kit Review

With Jadyn in secondary school, we get very little time to actually do things like crafting and making – it’s all about homework. How lovely then that we were sent the Loopdeedoo set which forced us to create some bracelets that Jadyn will be giving to her friends.

The Loopdedoo is a spinning loom that helps you make your own bracelets. The kit includes the loom, 18 skeins of thread and instructions. There is also a handy drawer to store your thread and bracelets in.

We struggled a bit to get the instructions right but after a few tries, we mastered the art of working with the Loopdeedoo and Jadyn made some lovely bracelets.


We tried the twist and the  and they both came out really well.

What we liked about it is that it allows us to make some pretty cool bracelets and that we could try out different designs. Since it uses embroidery skeins, you can add to the set by buying more.

The bracelets look trendy and would be ideal for little personalised gifts to give to friends in school or even to put into a party bag.

They are unique as you can change the thickness and the design as well as the colours.

The Loopdedoo is not restricted to making bracelets but you can combine the finished product to make belts or necklaces or even zipper pulls. They would look great on school bags too as a decoration.

Loopdedoo is priced at £19.99 and is available on Amazon.

Puppy In My Pocket Dog Carrier and Puppy Carrier Accessory Pack Review

We love Puppy In My Pocket and have reviewed a few sets from the range.

This time round, we were sent a Puppy in my Pocket Dog Carrier and Puppy Carrier Accessory Pack from Flair

Aeryn loves playing with these sets as they are small enough to carry around on car journeys as well as sneak into pockets to take to school!

The Dog Carrier is quite cute and you can fit two dogs in it. It does come with two dogs which is nice and you don’t really know which one you are getting so it’s kind of a surprise.

The Puppy Carrier Accessory Pack  includes  2 collectable pups, one puppy carrier, bed, blanket, double dish, a treat and a collector’s checklist! There are three styles available to collect – pink, purple and teal.

What’s great about these sets is that you can keep adding to the collection. There are over 100 puppies to collect and each is so unique and cute.

You’ll be surprised but Puppy in my Pocket has been around since the 90’s and I remember my niece collecting them when she was little.

The brand is also introducing new ranges with Kitty In My Pocket available now and Jungle In My Pocket coming later in the year.

The Dog Carrier pack is priced at £4.99 and the Carrier accessory pack is priced at £7.99

We love the attention to detail of the puppies. They are adorable.


Furby Connect from Hasbro – Review

I confess – I’ve always loved Furby. Even those annoying ones who spoke a language we could never understand and didn’t stop chatting.

Thank goodness for Furby Connect – the Furby of 2016, I can actually come clean with my secret.

Furby Connect is all set to be on a lot of Christmas lists, I’m sure and rightly so.


First impressions –

I love the fur – it’s really, really soft.

It has the most adorable ears that move and are quite large adding to the appeal.

It has a sleep mask. YAY!! It finally stops chatting and I don’t need to throw in the towel. Well, over it, I mean.

It is SO much clearer in it’s speech – I can actually understand it.

How it works –

On inserting the batteries, it immediately starts talking and for once I could understand it immediately. The kids were thrilled at being able to understand it and had great fun…pulling it’s tail.

Furby responds with witty one liners as well as tells you exactly what it wants and it loves music. Play music for Furby and it reacts by moving it’s eyes and ears.


Put the sleep mask on and it falls asleep with some very realistic snores. To wake it up, take the mask off and jiggle the antenna or pet it or pull it’s tail.


The App

And since it is the 21st century, yes there is an app. Through the app, you can feed Furby and it can even lay eggs so you can have your very own Furbabys. How adorable.

The Furby Connect World app takes you into Furby world where you can do so much more – play games, watch videos and of course care for your Furby.  There are over 60 Furbys in the world that you can care for and feed and you can do this with the help of the items available.

The toy expresses itself by 150 animations and over 1000 phrases. It really is an awesome toy and I’m sure it will be well received by any child. I’m almost tempted to put one on my list to Santa just to see how they interact.

We received the teal one for review but they are also available in blue, pink, coral and purple.

Furby Connect is retailing at about £79.99 and is available at all major retailers. It is selling out fast though so if you haven’t picked on up, you’d better get on it as soon as possible.

It also has our Elves Choice Stamp 2016 –


I was sent the above toy to review. All ideas and opinions are my own and have in no way been influenced.