Despicable Me Mineez Toys – Review

We’ve loved both the Despicable Me films and we can’t wait for the third one to be out. To keep us entertained in the meantime we were sent some rather cute Minions toys from Flair PLC to review.

We were sent the following from the Despicable Me Mineez Range from Flair –

  • Blind Pack
  • Micro Key Ring
  • Drop & Pop Minions
  • Collector’s Tin

Each blind pack contains a little character and from over 75 to collect, there’s no stopping at one. There are even rare and limited editions to be found.

The Micro Key Ring clips onto everything and is perfect for the children’s bags. There are 12 to collect.

The Drop and Pop minion is loads of fun. I did have a problem finding out how it worked. It bounces high into the air when you pull down it’s trousers and then throw it to the ground.

The Collectors Tin contains two exclusive figures and is the perfect place for storing all those minions. It is made of tin and is shaped to look like a minion.

Since we love the Minions, we quite enjoyed playing with these toys. They are durable and lovely to start a rather nice collection.

The target age range is 5+ and this is about the correct age. The blind pack is priced at £2.99, the Micro key ring at £4.99, the Drop and Pop Minions at £8.99 and the collectors tin at £14.99

The toys are available at all major retailers.

Disney Crossy Road Toys – Review

We love playing Crossy Road and the Disney Crossy Road is a firm favourite in our house. How lovely to be sent some Disney Crossy Road Toys to review then?

We are HUGE Disney fans and Crossy Road fans too. Join them together and you have a game that is incredibly appealing.

If you are unaware of Crossy Road, I’d suggest you download the App as soon as possible and have a play. But beware it’s addictive! Of course the Disney version means that you get to play with all your favourite characters. Double Whammy!

The aim of the game?

Make your character cross the road or several really. Sounds easy? Apparently so. I can tell you that it is one game that you really need to have your wits about you. There are obstacles and trains and cars and people walking. It’s a death trap. Don’t get hit by any of them – whatever you do. A certain amount of skill is definitely required. Each character also comes with the setting of the Disney film making the game even more fun.

The toys of course are a big hit as they are replicas of the Crossy Road characters. We were sent a pre-launch box that contained –

  • 1 x Plush Figure
  • 1 x Mini Figure 4 Pack
  • 2 x Mystery figures

The children enjoyed opening the packs and love the figures they received.

The mystery figures are like blind bags so you don’t know which one you receive.

The mini figure contains 3 figures and a mystery figure. These mystery figures are great for making up one’s own Crossy Road.

The plush figure is soft and cuddly and is perfect for a desk top.


Each character comes with its own rarity status ranging from rare, epic, secret, legendary and limited edition! The are 40+ characters to collect including Mickey and friends, Toy Story, Big Hero 6 and Lion King. There is something for everyone.

This is the first series.

Crossy Road toys from Character Options are available at Tesco, Asda, Toys R Us, Smyths and Argos. The plush figure is priced at £9.99, the 4pack at £9.99 and the mystery figure £2.99

There are some great unboxings on the Moose website, click here for more information –

Here’s the video we made –


The All-New Kazoops is here

We love Kazoops and if you’ve been following my blog, you know how thrilled we were to go to the premiere.

Now we have some more amazing news for you as there are all new episodes for you to see starting today at 4.20pm.

We were lucky enough to once again get a sneak peek at the new episode and I have to tell you that it is so much fun.

In this episode, the family needs to move something heavy upstairs and Monty provides some very innovative ways of how they can do so. His family ask him to stop day dreaming but his day dreaming  turns out to provide a solution in the end. There is a lively song included in the episode as he and Jimmy Jones go on yet another adventure. I’m not going to spoil it all for you and tell you exactly what it is about. You’ll just have to tune in at 4.20 pm today to find out.

If you didn’t already know –

Kazoops is a children’s series on CBeebies and here’s a little more about it –

Monty Kazoop is a spirited boy of six, whose best friend is a pig called Jimmy Jones. In each episode Monty confronts a preconception about the grown-up world and sets out to challenge it, embarking on a wild imaginary adventure with Jimmy that offers them a fresh perspective.
In each episode Monty and Jimmy use their imaginations to find ways to look differently at the world around them.  For after all, who says the world works the way grown ups think it should? Things can always be different if you just imagine. 
Don’t forget  – today at 4.20 pm on CBeebies you can catch the all new episode of Kazoops. For more information and activities you can also check out the Kazoops page




The Lion Guard Bunga Plush Review

We are fans of The Lion King and naturally The Lion Guard. We have also been fortunate to review a few products from associated with the series.

This time we were sent a talking plush Bunga from Flair.

If you know about the characters from the series, you’ll know that Bunga is a honey badger and Kion’s best buddy. He is the adoptive nephew of Timon and Pumbaa. He is of course, a member of The Lion Guard. Bunga is the proverbial joker and is seen to be fun-loving and very adventurous. He sometimes jumps headlong into danger without giving a second thought.

You know what the talking plush Bunga will be about then?

He says phrases from The Lion Guard – Zuka Zama, Bunga the Lion Guard is here and it’s un-Bunga-lieveable. And yes he makes a fart sound too. (the children find this hilarious)

If you press on the lion guard symbol on his shoulder, it lights up.

It is a cuddly toy and perfect for fans of The Lion Guard.

If you want to add to the collection, Kion is also available.

Bunga is priced at £24.99 and is available at all major toy retailers.