Puppy Surprise Series 5 Calli Review

Aeryn loves watching reviews on YouTube and when we were asked to review the Puppy Surprise, she knew exactly what it was all about. Naturally knowing what the product was, she was very excited to receive them.

We received a puppy from Series 5 but Series 8 is now available and there are lots of new mummy dogs and babies to collect – they are called Eliza, Lexi, Chloe and Stacey.

If you don’t know about Puppy Surprise, the product contains a mummy dog with babies in her pouch. The surprise element is that you don’t know how many puppies she will have in her pouch. There could be any from 2 to 5.

One of the little puppies also makes sounds.

Our mummy had four puppies in her litter – one boy and three girls. The girls have a pink bow and the boys have a blue bow. They are a mixture of white and pink and all have different ears. Each one is different.

The mummy called Calli is lovely and soft. She has a sparkly collar and long hair that can be brushed. She has a pink bow on her head. Calli is a white dog with purple ears and tail and a sparkly purple nose.

The mummy and puppies are great for getting children to nurture and take care of animals. They also make great conversation starters such as – ‘Mummy, is that where puppies come out from and how did they get in there?’ which naturally follows with ‘did I also come out of your tummy like that?’

Thank goodness that the mummy dogs are cute enough to distract from these questions with ‘Shall we comb Calli’s hair?’

We’ve had a fun time playing with Puppy Surprise. Mummy dog and the puppies are super cute and I would highly recommend getting them. They are priced at £27.99 and are available at all major retailers.

Visit – www.flairplc.co.uk or Smyths Toys for more information


Mix It Magazine Review

We have been lucky to review a number of age relevant magazines for the kids and the latest Mix It magazine has been a huge hit in the house.

This one is especially relevant as it deal with reviews and unboxing the latest toys.  It exclusively features key influencers and box-openers from the vlogging community, Emily Tube and Creative Celeste.

Featuring all the hottest new brands such as Shopkins, DC Superhero Girls, Lego Friends and other much loved classics, this interactive and fun-packed magazine includes stories, quizzes, cartoons, things to make, bake and do, collectable posters, games and more! Plus FREE branded cover gifts and branded stickers with every issue!

What we thought –

Aeryn loved both the issues – we were sent issue one and two to review.

Both the magazines were packed with activities – word search, mazes and stories that are easy to read for any 5 – 6 year old on their own.

The first issue also came with a cute nail set that Aeryn just loves. The second issue had a dance wand and accessories. She loved this too. I think she was quite happy that they didn’t have the usual toys as it made her feel a little more grown up.

The magazines are also packed with competitions and we are going to get ours out today. Fingers crossed as there are some lovely prizes to be won. 


I think these magazines are perfect for the summer holidays as they have quite a lot to keep the children occupied. There are even games and nail art tips which we shall also be trying later. Aeryn also loved the quiz to check which LOL club she belonged to. Apparently she belongs to the Glitterati.

Issue 2 went on sale on the 20th of July and Issue 3 will be out on 10th August.

The magazine is priced at £3.65 and is good value for money.


Celebrating Father’s Day at Pizza Express

It’s Father’s Day tomorrow and what better way to celebrate than head over to Pizza Express for a lovely family meal?

We celebrated a day early and we had a wonderful time.

We all enjoy visiting Pizza Express – the kids absolutely love it and can eat there every day if given half a chance. We were delighted to be able to try the new Spring/Summer menu too.

Doughballs are a huge favourite so Aeryn ordered those and we chose to order the Antipasti so we could share.

If you’ve had the Antipasti before, it is now a new recipe and we loved the roquito peppers and the garlic bread too. There’s a lot to go around and is easily shared between 4 people.

For the mains, we decided to try the new Zapparoli Romana pizza which is just ‘YUM’ and being a huge seafood fan, I decided to try the Seafood Rigatoni which had fish and prawns in a creamy white sauce. Hubs decided on the Calabrese – a delightfully spicy pizza.


You can never be too full for dessert but we were so we chose to share two desserts. Unfortunately the new one that I was looking forward to wasn’t available – Lemon Bundt Cake. I guess I’ll just have to go back again. But we did try the Chocolate Fondant and the Vanilla Cheesecake. The chocolate fondant was delicious as usual and so was the Cheesecake. I just love the Vanilla Cheesecake served in Pizza Express. Of course, my all time favourite remains the Panna Cotta which I don’t see on the menu any more.

If you are looking for somewhere to go to celebrate your Dad – Pizza Express is the perfect place to do so. The atmosphere is ideal for families and the service is great with the staff on hand and very friendly.

Fantastic Services – Gardening Services Review

With summer fast approaching (I hope), it’s time to get the garden ready for all those outdoor parties and barbecues.

Now my garden was left to the wilderness partly because of the cold and partly because my neighbour still had to put up the fence that we shared.

I waited for sometime to call for help with the garden, hoping she would get the fence up but in vain. Finally I decided to go ahead and pretty the garden up without the fence.

Luckily, the lovely people at Fantastic Services stepped in yet again to help with their fantastic gardening services.

Now, our garden in not very large but I wanted besides the mowing of the lawn to get a little flower bed laid out so that I could plant some flowers with the children.

The gardening service was booked and just like the last time, the staff were here promptly. In fact, they arrived early. So pleased there was no frantic calling to see if they were coming at all.

The workers were efficient and made short work of the lawn mowing. One of them also gave me good ideas on where to lay the flower bed.

They planted the plants I had and it all looks very nice at the moment. I had weed killer and they also sprayed that around to stop weeds overtaking my garden.

There’s still more to do in the garden but I am extremely pleased with the service I received from Fantastic Services, yet again.

They were professional and took note of what I wanted with regards the garden.

They even mowed the front lawn and cleared up the leaves. And they trimmed the big bush we have growing in the front of the house.

There were no breaks and they worked very efficiently to complete the job. They also cleared away the bags of garden waste.


I can’t recommend them enough.

There are many other cleaning and maintenance services that Fantastic Services provides. For more information visit their website at www.fantasticservices.com