The New Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Are Here…

We were thrilled to be a part of this EGGciting new launch of the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles from Spinmaster.

We were sent two blind bags to review that cost £2.99 each and contain 1 CollEGGtible. Since they are blind bags, you don’t really know what you are getting which I think is half the fun.

The CollEGGtibles look like this –


How to hatch your Hatchimal CollEGGtible

The shells are hard and you need to rub the heart to hatch the egg. The heart changes from purple to pink as you rub it and then you know it’s ready to crack.

Push the heart in and gently crack the egg to discover your very own Hatchimal inside. They are small cute CollEGGtibles each with magical, glittery wings.


There are a whole lot to collect with common, rare, ultra-rare and limited edition ones too. They come from different families – Garden, Meadow, Forest, Savannah, River, Farm , Jungle, Ocean, Desert, and Lilac Lake, Giggle Grove and Cloud Cove.

There is also a special editions hangouts map which you can download from the site to see where your favourite Hatchimal hangs out.

Ethan is looking out for the tiger as he is tiger crazy, so I guess we’ll just have to keep collEGGting!

The Hatchimals were a hugely popular toy last year and the CollEGGtibles are the tiny versions with many more to collect. They also come in 2 packs and nest for £4.99 and a 4 pack and a bonus character for £9.99

I think they are very reasonably priced and are good pocket money toys too.

They are adorable and the children love them.

Here’s a video of us hatching our CollEGGtible –

April Degustabox – Review

I love receiving this box of goodies every month. It helps me taste new things and inspires me to get creative in the kitchen. April’s Degustabox was packed full of goodness with many of the products being gluten free as well as containing organic foods.

April’s Degustabox contained the following –

Seabrook Lattice (£1.50 – £1.99) – We loved the Sea salt and Black Pepper lattice crisps. They were even better served with some salsa. You really should try it.

POLO Sugar Free Pot (£1.49) – This was really handy on a recent long car journey. The fact that these were sugar free also added to the it’s appeal.

CELIA Organic Lager (£2.49) – Hubs enjoyed this on the weekend. It has 100% locally sourced Saaz hops, Moravian malt and sand filtered water. What’s more – it’s gluten free.

Garofalo Whole Wheat Penne Pasta (£2.19) – I was told that this is one of the best Italian pastas. We have tried Garofalo before but this was the first time we tried the whole wheat version and it was delicious. Besides it’s natural bran, germ, fibre and vitamins remain intact as it is made from unprocessed whole organic durum wheat. What’s not to love?

GOOD HEMP Hemp Seed Hearts (£4.49) These superseeds are perfect for adding to cereals and stir fries. They are free from nuts and gluten.

Dorset Cereals (£4.89) These cereals are inspired by ultimate adventures. Their Machu Pichu flavour is a blend of oats and barley with brazil nuts, golden berries and a hint of coffee. The American road trip flavour inspired by Route 66 blends cranberries, almonds and orange zest. I obviously enjoyed a trip on Route 66.

Doisy and Dam’s Quinoa, Smoked Tea and Vanilla Chocolate (£1.75) A strange combination if you read it but it is actually quite delicious to taste.

Nothing But (2 x £1.20) These snack packs of freeze dried fruits and vegetables are 100% wholesome. They are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and are gluten free.

Whitworths Full of Super (£1.50) Vanilla Maca-roons that are filled with almonds, flakes of coconut and flax seeds. They are gluten free too.

ViPNuts (£1.25 for Hot Chilli and £1.45 for Hot Toffee) Oven baked with a hint of chilli – these are just yum. Perfect for snacking on.



Club Petz Blu Blu and Lucy Musical Backpacks Review

You know how we loved Blu-Blu, the dolphin. Well, this time we were sent two backpacks from IMC and Aeryn was thrilled to bits.

We were sent the Blu Blu the dolphin and Lucy the dog musical backpacks.

Both these are lovely and soft and cuddly so Aeryn loves having them on days out with her even if it means that she can snuggle with them in the car.

Both backpacks sing 3 tunes and the amazing feature is that their mouths move while they do so.

Let’s look at them individually –

Blu Blu the dolphin backpack, is a gorgeous blue colour with white flippers and the front of the body. It has a zip fastening and adjustable straps. It’s not that large so is perfect for a toddler/pre-schooler to carry they play things in. It means that it can’t be packed so full that it becomes heavy to carry.

To make it sing, you need to press a button on the strap or the flipper.

Lucy the dog backpack is brown in colour and she has pink bows on her ears. The straps are adjustable. Press a button on the strap or the ear for Lucy to sing.

It has pink straps which make it all the more striking.

In fact Lucy, travelled with us to France and she had a great adventure with Aeryn. Aeryn carried her own sandwich and snacks for the day in Lucy and whenever she got bored, Lucy would sing for her.

I love the soft material that these backpacks are made of. They are perfect for little ones and are sure to be a huge hit with any child.


Children love to carry their own bags and are more inclined to carry them when they are this cute.

We would highly recommend these backpacks. They are available at all major retailers and are priced at £24.99 each.


Star Wars Reads: Book Reviews and Giveaway

We’re thrilled to be a part of yet another exciting Star Wars Campaign with Egmont. This time we were sent some more amazing books and we’d love to share them with you.

I’m joining 9 other bloggers in this campaign and the next blogger taking part is the lovely Emily from FamilyFourFun

We were sent –

  • Star Wars: Make and Do
  • Star Wars: Rogue One: Book of the Film
  • The Force Awakens Illustrated Storybook

Ethan being a huge fan, loves these books and was especially interested in the Make and Do book.

The book includes some amazing projects that a Star Wars fan can get into. We especially loved the X-Wing and the finger puppets. We are going to be trying some of them so do watch out for the post coming up.

I quite liked the Doodle pad that was part of the book as one can try some of the ‘Learn to draw’ figures from Star Wars.

The book is priced at £10.99 and is available at Amazon.

The next book is the Star Wars Rogue One book. It is a book based on the film and having seen the film too, it’s great to have the book to read as well. The story is about the fate of the galaxy resting on a young woman Jyn Erso and her friends who need to steal the plans to the Death Star before it’s too late.

We like the simple addition of the book having the slightly smudged edges. The book is easy to read and is interesting for Star Wars fans. Ethan enjoyed reading the book and has recommended it to his friends.

We also received an illustrated book – Star Wars: The Force Awakens and this went down really well with the younger two. It is illustrated with scenes from the film so it’s a great souvenir of the film too. I like the little snippets of information on the pages telling you about the characters.

Of course, we couldn’t enjoy these books without you so we’ve joined with Egmont for this fantastic giveaway.

You could win – Star Wars: Make and Do and Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space. All you need do is enter the giveaway below –



A Star Wars Reads Giveaway