L.O.L. Surprise Series 2 Doll Review

I’m sure you’ve heard of L.O.L. Surprise dolls – they are hugely popular. In fact, we were lucky to review one from Series 1 as well as the L.O.L. Lil Sister doll. This time round we were sent a doll from the new Series 2 dolls and Aeryn just loved it.

The doll comes in a sort of ball packaging and you need to unwrap each layer – there are 7 – to reveal a surprise. You get a secret message sticker, a sticker sheet, a water bottle charm, a pair of shoes, an outfit for the doll, an accessory and a L.O.L Surprise doll.


It’s much like a blind bag as you don’t know which doll it will be. This makes for even more fun.

We had a doll called Kicks. She belongs to the Athletic club and looks super sporty. She has a green sports t-shirt and black shorts and a green headband. Her hair is braided.

Aeryn loves these dolls and is super happy unboxing them to reveal which ones they are.

She can’t wait to collect more.

You can fill their little bottles/cups with water and then feed them and they wither cry or wee. Some even change colour when put in ice.

You can find out more about the range at L.O.L. Surprise 

Each collectible is priced at £9.99

You can mix and match their clothes and accessories which makes them playable across the range.

L.O.L. Surprise is available at all major retailers.


Schleich Mobile Vet with Hanoverian Foal Review

The children love the Schleich products we’ve been reviewing. This time round we were sent the Mobile Vet  with Hanoverian Foal set and it’s gone down really well with them.

The set includes a mobile vet van which is a pretty good size. In it, are all the accessories required to make this a complete playing set.

The story from the Schleich site goes –

The vet is driving as fast as she can to the scene of an urgent emergency: a Hanoverian foal has been injured! She examines the animal with the mobile X-ray machine that she transported in the car’s spacious boot. To make sure the foal gets better again quickly, she gives it an injection with medicine from her medical bag and then records her diagnosis on her laptop.

I think the above is a great start to playing with the set. As you will guess, the set contains all of the above and more. It includes –

  • A car
  • A vet figure
  • A Hanoverian foal
  • Medical bag
  • Stethoscope
  • Syringe
  • Medicine bottle
  • Laptop
  • X-ray machine
  • Bandage, purple
  • Halter
  • Green apples
  • Table
  • Chair
  • Prescription pad
  • Plasters sticker sheet
  • Sticker sheet
  • Assembly instructions

There’s everything needed to make the foal feel better even  green apples which will make her happy after the injection.

The roof and side wall of the van fold open so you can have more playing options. The doors open and close which the kids love. The vet’s arms are movable and she can also hold accessories.

We love the x-ray machine, perfect for the foal’s leg and we also like how there is a ramp available for easy access onto the van.

There is great attention to detail like the horse drawing on the top of the van as well as the horse drawing inside the van showing the parts of the horse (much like a medical diagram).

We think this is a great product and matches perfectly with the other Horse Club products from Schleich.

The Schleich Mobile Vet with Hanoverian Foal is priced at £29.99 and is available at all major retailers.



We love Knoppers and we’re sure you will too…

We love anything chocolatey so being asked to review Knoppers was quite exciting.

For those of you who wonder what this is about –

Knoppers is the new snack and is made with crispy backed wafers, a milky hazelnut filling and a chocolatey wafer coating. Sounds delicious? It is!

It’s the perfect pick me up and the best part is that at just 137 calories, it doesn’t have me feeling guilty.

Of course, the kids love it and keep asking for it as a snack.

I don’t know about your kids, but mine are starving after school and this is just the thing they need to keep them going. It satisfies the chocolate urge and doesn’t knock on the calories. Perfect as it does not get them too full up for dinner.

My children are sometimes so hungry that they tend to snack a little too much and then end up not hungry for dinner. Thanks to Knoppers, this is no more.

We were sent some to review and we’ve since then taken them on day trips as well as had them for a picnic at home when the weather has been horrible outside.

I think everything blends so well in Knoppers – it’s not excessively sweet and the mix of wafer and filling are perfect.

Since they are individually packed, they are also ideal for lunch boxes.

Although it’s already launched in 50 countries around Europe, Knoppers is new to the UK and I’ve no doubt it will go down extremely well. It’s got the best of all worlds – chocolate, hazelnut and wafer with not so many calories.

A multipack of 4 costs £1.25 and an individual pack costs 50p. Knoppers are available at your local stores like Costcutter, Nisa, McColls and Spar as well as stores like B&, Poundstores and Poundworld.

Zomlings Series 6 Review

Have you heard of the Zomlings? They are collectible zombie-based characters. Kids love them.

Don’t worry because they are not Zombie like at all. They are colourful and actually quite cute when you look at them closely.

We were sent a few products from Series 6 to review and the children enjoyed playing with them.

The products we were sent were –

  • Starter Pack – £4
  • Blind Bags – 50p
  • Zom-Mobiles – £1.50
  • Blister Pack – £8
  • Capsule -£2.50

The children love opening blind bags so this was a treat for them. We were lucky to get just one or two repeats in all the products we got. In fact, in 10 blind bags, I don’t think we got any repeats.

Each blind bag has one Zomling and as I mentioned they are quite cute. Some are animal zombies and we quite liked the little R-Bit with the carrot in its hand.

The Starter Pack included 3 Zomlings, a guide and a special Zom-Mobile.

The blister pack included 4 Nom-mobiles and 4 Zomlings including two mystery ones. In our pack we were thrilled to get an ultra rare Zomling.

The Zom-mobiles are zombie versions of cars and planes it would seem. I like that the Zomlings can sit in them.

The capsule has two Zomlings in it and can be opened too.

We enjoyed playing with this series. There are so many colourful Zomlings and I love the cat which looks like the Lucky Cat. (the one with the paw up)

The children are thrilled to bits with their Zomling army (as they call it).

These collectibles are ideal for imaginative play and for exchanging too. They are perfect for pocket money toys. From there prices listed above, they are also good value for money.

There are 105 characters to collect as some have variations of colour.


There is also a wider range of toys such as the Magic Trick School (RRP £5), Pirate and Race Blister Packs (RRP £12 each) and the Crazy School Bus (RRP £25).

Series 6 has just hit the shelves and are available at from Co-op, One Stop, Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda and a variety of other newsagents and toy stores across the UK.

For more information visit – www.magicboxint.com