Tefal ActiFry Smart XL Review


You may have read about my day out with Tefal recently?

The icing on the cake of course was when I received a TEFAL ActiFry Smart XL to review.

If you’ve been reading my blog for sometime, you’ll know that I love my older version of the ActiFry. But the new one obviously has a lot of updates. Besides it is Bluetooth Compatible.

The ActiFry is a low fat fryer offering a healthier way to fry with very little oil yet keeping the delicious taste of the food.

There is a spindle that rotates inside the non-stick pan –

You can remove the actual pan by raising the handle –

And it has a timer to programme the cooking time –

I tried out the ActiFry for myself yesterday and I don’t think I’m ever going to look at cooking the same way.

We decided to cook a relatively easy recipe – Mediterranean Chicken Stir Fry. This is a dish with stir fried chicken and fried cooked rice. The entire dish takes about 40 minutes to prepare – 10 minutes preparation and 30 minutes cooking time. There are step-by-step instructions on the App. And you can also work the gadget from the App – which means that you don’t really need to get off the sofa to get cooking. Well, not really, as you need to put the ingredients in etc and turn it on.

The meal was delicious retaining the succulence of the chicken while still being well browned. The rice also was well fried but not excessively oily.

Later in the evening, we used the ActiFry to cook the classic chips and they were crunchy and yum!

On an ActiFry binge, I also made some scrambled eggs this morning and they came out just the way we like them – not soggy and just using very little oil.

One thing I like about this model is that you can cook breaded fish/meat in it without a hassle. With the older version, the breaded meats would crumble. This one promises to do differently as the Smart technology recognises the need to do things differently and adjusts the settings accordingly. I’m going to try some potato balls later, so I’ll update you on how it goes.

Using very less amounts of oil make all meals healthier with fewer calories.

The Tefal ActiFry Smart XL is priced at about £250 and is available in all major retailers. You can read more about the product and discover more about the #SlimmersSecret here – http://www.tefal.co.uk/slimmerssecret


Spring/Summer Fashion for Little Ladies

It’s May and it’s Spring – it may not feel like that with the cloudy skies and dull weather but it is. And that means it’s time for Spring/Summer Fashion. I look forward to sunny spring days that lead into summer and allow us to bring out our summer wardrobe. Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons for celebrations especially outdoors.

It’s time for wedding season as well as time for other celebrations. I love dressing up for these occasions and having two girls, I love looking for the ‘perfect dress’ to suit the occasion. I’ve been looking around for Occasion Wear for my girls but have either seen girls dresses too over the top or too toned down. It’s difficult to find the via media.

I stumbled across Mayoral and found some rather gorgeous dresses for my little ladies. They are simple and understated but perfectly dressed up for an occasion. The colours that they are available in are also rather lovely.

I personally love the little dress in the centre. It looks so beautiful and delicate. The embroidered tulle makes it ever so elegant too.

And Mayoral also has shoes to offset these clothes.

While browsing the site, I also some some lovely summer children’s dresses that I know the girls with love too. These are again summery and very fashionable. They range from floral prints to scenic prints and all look extremely seasonal and comfortable.



Another favourite that I thought deserved it’s own place is this really pretty blue dress. It reminds me of Spring. I like the simple detailing and yet it would stand out in a crowd.


Aeryn has a birthday coming up and I’m definitely going to be picking something out for her from among these dresses. I know she’ll look lovely.

I always like children’s clothes to be fuss free and yet look pretty. Mayoral seems to have it covered beautifully.

Wild! Science Perfume Factory Review

We were recently sent the Perfume Factory from the Wild! Science range from Flair to review and Jadyn was quite excited at being able to create her own perfume.

The set includes –

  •  Scoop
  • Vials
  • Perfume Bottle
  • Tweezers
  • Stiring Sticks
  • Mixing Pot
  • Liquid colour
  • Special Base Perfumes – Rose, Mint, Eucalyptus, Jasmine
  • Sticky Labels
  • Crystals
  • Measuring Cup
  • Graduated Pump
  • Cotton Ball Filters
  • Colour Instruction Booklet

Extract and blend your own secret formula scents using the special pressure filtering tools. With an assortment of real base notes and top notes the possibilities are endless Store your favourite perfume creation in the beautiful stained glass bottles. The set has 5 small bottles for experimenting with different scent combinations. Use stickers to label your scents and give them to your friends. Create perfumed Ruby Gel Pot Pourri to make your room smell divine. You can store and display your equipment and perfumes in the pink storage unit.

It is quite simple to do but it incorporates scientific methods of filtration to create the perfumes.

You need to add a base note to invent your own blend. Once done you can combine scents to create your own unique perfume that you can add to the lovely atomiser.

I like the added fun of making one’s own pot pourri with crystals. The crystals actually grow with time and then all you need do is add your favourite perfume to scent up the room.

Jadyn quite enjoyed creating her different scents and mixing them to make her own blends.

The set is both educational and fun.

The set is priced at £14.99 and is available at Smyths Toys

 Wild! Science Competition

The Wild! Science Global Science Challenge is giving families (2 adults and 2 children) everywhere the chance to win:

  •  A trip to Orlando Florida
  • Entry to Disney World
  • Accomodation t a 5-star resort for 7 days
  •  Care hire for 7 days
  •  A full set of Wild Science products
  •  Entry to the Kennedy Space Centre to meet a real astronaut!

How to enter:

1. Buy a Wild! Science Kit and send a receipt copy with your online application

2. Design and create an awesome new Wild! Science Kit

3. Write and illustrate a basic instruction book to show other kids how to use your awesome Wild! Science Kit.

Mixing it up with the new Lego Mixels Range

We are big Lego fans. It probably has to do with having grown up with it that makes it so much more interesting to me.


I love buying my children Lego and I am happy to see that there are ranges for both girls and boys.

I was sent the new Lego Mixels range of toys to review and these were absolutely lovely.


They are gender neutral.

The Mixels are adorable series of monsters from Lego and are really quite cute when put together. We received some of the figures from Series 2.

Lego Mixels

Balk – the Flexer

Lego Mixels
Tentro – the Flexer
Lego Mixels
Gobba from the Fang Gang
Lego Mixels
Jawg from the Fang Gang
Lego Mixels
Flurr the Frosticon
Lego Mixels
Lunk the Frosticon

We love the names too.

Mixels are creatures that love to combine. Each of them have their own characteristics which you can learn more about on the Lego Mixels website

We had a lot of fun building them up and have come up with some pretty nifty combinations too. The instructions are easy to follow.


I like Lego because it provides hours of entertainment as well as provides motor skills and creativity as one never knows what one is going to build, unless of course you are following instructions. And even then – you could come up with a whole different figure (if you tend not to follow them properly)


After you have built you Mixel figure, there is no end to the combinations. You may come up with a Frostexer or a Fangicon or a Fanglexer.


Perfect for the summer holidays, the children (and I) have enjoyed playing with them. I kind of love it, when they ask for help as I love to get my hands on building.


There is a game on the Lego Mixels  called Mixel Mania and there is even an App for IOS and Android so the fun never stops.

Each figure is priced at £2.99 and since they are not blind bags you can get the ones you like. Although it will be pretty difficult to choose so you will probably end up with all.

These figures are perfect for little treats or add-ons or just buy all of them at once for a great collection.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above Lego Mixels products for review. All ideas and opinion are my own.