Wild! Science Perfume Factory Review

We were recently sent the Perfume Factory from the Wild! Science range from Flair to review and Jadyn was quite excited at being able to create her own perfume.

The set includes –

  •  Scoop
  • Vials
  • Perfume Bottle
  • Tweezers
  • Stiring Sticks
  • Mixing Pot
  • Liquid colour
  • Special Base Perfumes – Rose, Mint, Eucalyptus, Jasmine
  • Sticky Labels
  • Crystals
  • Measuring Cup
  • Graduated Pump
  • Cotton Ball Filters
  • Colour Instruction Booklet

Extract and blend your own secret formula scents using the special pressure filtering tools. With an assortment of real base notes and top notes the possibilities are endless Store your favourite perfume creation in the beautiful stained glass bottles. The set has 5 small bottles for experimenting with different scent combinations. Use stickers to label your scents and give them to your friends. Create perfumed Ruby Gel Pot Pourri to make your room smell divine. You can store and display your equipment and perfumes in the pink storage unit.

It is quite simple to do but it incorporates scientific methods of filtration to create the perfumes.

You need to add a base note to invent your own blend. Once done you can combine scents to create your own unique perfume that you can add to the lovely atomiser.

I like the added fun of making one’s own pot pourri with crystals. The crystals actually grow with time and then all you need do is add your favourite perfume to scent up the room.

Jadyn quite enjoyed creating her different scents and mixing them to make her own blends.

The set is both educational and fun.

The set is priced at £14.99 and is available at Smyths Toys

 Wild! Science Competition

The Wild! Science Global Science Challenge is giving families (2 adults and 2 children) everywhere the chance to win:

  •  A trip to Orlando Florida
  • Entry to Disney World
  • Accomodation t a 5-star resort for 7 days
  •  Care hire for 7 days
  •  A full set of Wild Science products
  •  Entry to the Kennedy Space Centre to meet a real astronaut!

How to enter:

1. Buy a Wild! Science Kit and send a receipt copy with your online application

2. Design and create an awesome new Wild! Science Kit

3. Write and illustrate a basic instruction book to show other kids how to use your awesome Wild! Science Kit.

Mixing it up with the new Lego Mixels Range

We are big Lego fans. It probably has to do with having grown up with it that makes it so much more interesting to me.


I love buying my children Lego and I am happy to see that there are ranges for both girls and boys.

I was sent the new Lego Mixels range of toys to review and these were absolutely lovely.


They are gender neutral.

The Mixels are adorable series of monsters from Lego and are really quite cute when put together. We received some of the figures from Series 2.

Lego Mixels

Balk – the Flexer

Lego Mixels
Tentro – the Flexer
Lego Mixels
Gobba from the Fang Gang
Lego Mixels
Jawg from the Fang Gang
Lego Mixels
Flurr the Frosticon
Lego Mixels
Lunk the Frosticon

We love the names too.

Mixels are creatures that love to combine. Each of them have their own characteristics which you can learn more about on the Lego Mixels website

We had a lot of fun building them up and have come up with some pretty nifty combinations too. The instructions are easy to follow.


I like Lego because it provides hours of entertainment as well as provides motor skills and creativity as one never knows what one is going to build, unless of course you are following instructions. And even then – you could come up with a whole different figure (if you tend not to follow them properly)


After you have built you Mixel figure, there is no end to the combinations. You may come up with a Frostexer or a Fangicon or a Fanglexer.


Perfect for the summer holidays, the children (and I) have enjoyed playing with them. I kind of love it, when they ask for help as I love to get my hands on building.


There is a game on the Lego Mixels  called Mixel Mania and there is even an App for IOS and Android so the fun never stops.

Each figure is priced at £2.99 and since they are not blind bags you can get the ones you like. Although it will be pretty difficult to choose so you will probably end up with all.

These figures are perfect for little treats or add-ons or just buy all of them at once for a great collection.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above Lego Mixels products for review. All ideas and opinion are my own.


Doh Vinci – The New Creative Range from Hasbro : A Review

My children love Play Doh.

I on the other hand have a love-hate relationship with it. I love the scope of play it affords. I hate scooping it off the carpet!


I was really pleased to visit Hamleys recently and be privy to the introduction of Doh Vinci – the new creative range from Hasbro. Jadyn was thrilled to meet Dani Harmer and have a picture with her.

Dani Harmer at Hamleys

This new range is perfect for slightly older children who still love Play Doh (who doesn’t!!) and would like to do more with it.


The Doh Vinci Anywhere Art Studio is perfect for your On-the-Go ‘Da Vinci’


It includes –

An easel and storage case,


3 art boards,

2 blank design boards,

4 Deco Pop tubes in green, purple, yellow and pink

An inspiration guide


How it works –

Load the styler with the deco pop tube in whichever colour you are working with. Then press on the lever to decorate your chosen design. Leave to harden overnight.

The result – A 3D art creation.

You can either use the designs given or you can use the blank design board to create your masterpiece.

I like that it all packs into one case. There is place to hold more Deco Pop colours. It is really handy to carry around.

The styler does require a bit of getting used to and some pressure so that the deco pop comes out effectively so I think the target age is about right. It may be difficult for younger children to use.

Do wait for the colour to dry out between using another colour on your design.


This is a lovely creative kit for children over 6 years and Jadyn loves spending time with it. I have also been trying my hand at it and I enjoy it too.

I think this is an ideal way for a child to tap into their creative streak.

The ‘doh’ is a little bit thinner than the normal Play Doh so you can create beautiful designs. It is much like icing or frosting.

You can purchase more colours of the Deco Pop and there are also many other sets that you can add to the collection like the Doh Vinci Flower Tower  and the Doh Vinci Door Design Kit

I think this would also be ideal for children to make as gifts for grandparents, siblings, cousins and uncles and aunts.

What we loved about it –

  • Mess free
  • Initiates Creativity in children
  • Handy Storage included
  • Can be used on the go
  • Can create gifts for relatives
  • Promotes hand to eye coordination
  • Promotes motor skills
  • More sets can be added to it for more play


The Doh Vinci Anywhere Art Studio is available for about £17.99 and it is great value for money. With the holidays in full swing, this is perfect for taking on holiday.

Thank you Hasbro for yet another creative way for keeping kids entertained. I know that I shall be making many additions to our set.

Here is a video of us enjoying creating with Doh Vinci



Disclaimer: I was provided with the Doh Vinci Anywhere Art Studio for an honest review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

Perfect Cookies Every Time with the OXO Cookie Press: A Review

I like baking but it’s mostly cakes and pastas that I experiment with. However, I have been really wanting to try my hand at baking cookies and having received a rather nice book about cookie recipes from Parragon books, I was really looking forward to making some.


Just in time, I was asked to review the new Cookie Press from OXO and since this looked like such a revolutionary and yet easy product to use, I was quite happy to do so.

Now, if you have made cookies and you have used a cookie cutter and come away with your cookies looking quite different in shape to what you originally envisaged them – you definitely need this cookie press. Do bear in mind though, that these are for little cookies not the massive ones that you normally ice and write stuff on.


How does it work?

It’s simple really. The Cookie Press comes with different cutters that can be added to the bottom of the press. You then fill the cylinder with dough and then attach the top on. Pump the handle so that the dough is at an even level. Once done, put the base on a flat baking tray and pump the handle again to release the dough onto it.


How did we fare?

Well, the first time, I tried my hand at it, the cookie dough was too mushy so I could not use the press.

The second time, it was just fine although the first two attempts were not perfect. I did try out different designs and some do come out clearer than the others. The cookies came out perfect.


I think the Cookie press is another excellent tool from OXO and is just what is required when you are making big batches of cookies. (don’t we always?) It is easy to use and my 9 year old also had a go and was quite successful.

The product is as one expects from OXO. It has the great quality that is associated with OXO tools. The lever is non-slip and easy to use. The base is also non-slip so it attaches well to the baking tray for consistent cookies. The parts can be taken apart for easy washing.


It comes with 12 discs which include the following shapes – Daisy, Flower, Sunflower, Fleur-de-lis, Butterfly, Bear, Shell, Leaf, Heart, Snowflake, Tree, Wreath. I especially like that they come in a handy storage box so there is no danger of them getting lost.


I tried this out last week and am going to try it out again this week just so I can use the Cookie press again. I know cookies are available in shops but there is a kind of sense of achievement when you make your own and of course the scent of cookies being baked is just unbeatable.  (you can’t get that from a packet!) The children also love taking them to school and show off by saying their mum made it. I quite like that too! 😉

If you bake cookies often I highly recommend getting one. If you don’t, well then you had better start doing so, hadn’t you?

Disclaimer: I was sent the Cookie Press from OXO tools to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.