An Afternoon Walk In Runnymede

6 weeks of summer vacation means you need to have the holiday chalked out. I was surprised to learn, when talking to some other mums, that they had calendars for the summer to record everything they were planning to do with the kids.

Me – I’m SO disorganised. If we were off on a holiday abroad or in the UK, I’d probably have that on my calendar but since we had nothing planned this year, there’s nothing on it. Well, there may be the odd day when there’s an event that we’ve been invited too that’s on my calendar. But other than that, its more a fly by the pants kind of outing.

Last Sunday, we decided to visit Runnymede. You must have heard of it but if you haven’t – Runnymede is the place where the historic sealing of the Magna Carta took place. The place where the Rule of Law came into force.

There are some lovely walks that you can take around with the kids too.

We stopped at the car park near the cafe and walked toward the tearoom, from there on we crossed the road over to where the site is.

You first come up to The Jurors – artwork by Hew Locke that was in commemoration of the 800th year anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta. It is formed of 12 bronze chairs decorated with panels of images relating to past and on going struggles for freedom. Each chair has a different image on it and you can sit on it. So if you visit, don’t forget to capture a moment.

You then move on to the actual memorial which was erected in 1957 by the American Bar Association.

The children may not have really understood what this was about but for Jadyn it was great to do this as she had learnt all about it in school last year.

To walk back to the car park, you can take one of two route.  Either walk through a field of cows – not daunting at all as they shy away from human contact (even if you are wearing red)  Or you can retrace your steps.

We had a lovely afternoon walk. The entire route we walked was about 3 miles and there was so much beauty to take in. We saw blue dragon flies and some beautiful wild flowers. The area is great for foraging too as there are a number of blackberry bushes.


And we captured some beautiful moments on camera –

Family Good Times at McDonald’s

The children enjoy eating at McDonald’s and last week we were invited to one of their character events that is part of their #familygoodtimes campaign.

This event was not a blogger event and was open to public eating at McDonald’s. This was a character visit by Gene from The Emoji Movie.

#familygoodtimes at McDonald's

The summer is a great time for family to get together and spend quality time doing things they love. We’ve spent this summer going on days out as we’ve not been away on holiday. Instead, we’ve visited places in the UK and spent more time going on long walks which surprisingly has been loads of fun.

Visiting McDonald’s is always fun for the children as they don’t have to wait long for their food and there’s always something they enjoy on the menu.

This time round, it was even more memorable as the visit from Gene ensured that they could have their picture taken with him. They could also take part in the small games organised by the staff.

Gene also visited each table in turn and spoke to the children which was great.

The children had their picture taken with Gene and they also received special sticker sheets featuring characters from The Emoji Movie.

They were even given certificates to say they met Gene. So much fun!

We had a lovely and memorable family meal of our favourite burgers, fries and drinks. The children polishing off their meal in no time.

Did you know?

McDonald’s has family events such as activity days and character visits to make family visit to their restaurants more memorable.

You can check more about when these events are being held in a restaurant near you –

The incorporation of tablets to keep the children busy also make McDonald’s a go-to place for families.

I personally feel that McDonald’s is such a family friendly restaurant. The quick delivery times, the menu as well as the ambience means that the children have a good time. And obviously when the children are happy, so are the parents.

It was great to be a part of the #familygoodtimes campaign with McDonald’s and we look forward to our next trip there.

The Second Week of the Summer Holidays 2017

It’s great being invited to events during the summer. It keeps the kids busy and me even busier and none of us gets bored.

Last week saw us having a few quiet days as well as some full on days.

Monday was a rest day when we sat at home and caught up on reviews.


Tuesday was a full on day where we went to Biscuiteers Workshop to make some nutty biscuits to celebrate the new film – The Nut Job 2

From there we headed off to see The Grossery Gang Movie and that was loads of fun.

We obviously needed a rest on Wednesday.

Thursday was another rest day.

Friday saw us heading off to Pizza Express to check out their summer Piccolo menu. Just delicious.

We needed Saturday to recover and then had another exciting event – The Nut Job 2 screening at Warner Bros HQ.

Luckily the weather was kind to us when we were out and we managed to get to places without getting caught in the rain. Not so sure about the next week though.


Jacintaz3 at the DesignaFriend Fashion Show 2017

Last Tuesday we headed off early for an exciting DesignaFriend Fashion Show Party and Afternoon Tea at Weston Hall, Stafford.

It was quite a trek but the children say it was all worth it and you’ll soon know why.

Weston Hall is a beautiful venue and it was great to be travelling up north as it brought back memories of the times we lived there.

We were greeted and served a scrumptious afternoon tea – macarons, sandwiches, pastries and pink lemonade!

The girls were then treated to some pampering – hair and nails and they got to make bracelets too.

Of course the highlight was the fashion show with us being introduced to the latest AW17 collection. It was delightful to see the dolls and the lovely models who were ever so confident at walking the ramp. Beautiful outfits for every occasion and dolls that are gorgeous in every way.

Tiana from Toys and Me was a surprise guest and she was presented with her very own limited edition Tiana doll. And YAY! All the little guests got one each in their goody bags too.

The girls also got to meet Tiana and take a picture with her.

We returned home tired but happy and wanting one of each of the dolls we saw.

All the dolls are available at Argos and you can check them out here – DesignaFriend at Argos 

Here are some more images of the day –