What is it with Black Friday?

What is it with Black Friday? Why is it called Black Friday?

I was curious to know what was so great about this day dedicated to shopping.

I did a little research and got to know that the original name had nothing to do with shopping. It originated in Philadelphia and was named so because the Friday after Thanksgiving in the US experienced heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Later on, there was an explanation that traders incurred financial losses from January to November so they were ‘in the red’ and it was on Black Friday that they started seeing profits rolling in (so they were ‘in the black’)  I somehow don’t really see how this version works. Again, I don’t really see the relation.

Now, of course Black Friday has is associated with a shopping frenzy with shoppers jostling and stepping on each others’ toes (literally) to get a deal for Christmas.

Would I jostle? Would I get join the clamour to grab a bargain for a Christmas pressie? No, I wouldn’t. I’m smarter than that! Or at least I think I am.

I have actually had most of my Christmas shopping done already (Yes – I didn’t  exactly wait for Black Friday) But the lure of deals and shopping does beckon. So I decided to go shopping online today. Smart, eh?

Not so smart because quite a few websites that I visited were down as there were ‘experiencing a technical difficulty due to a high volume of visitors’. Figures!!The offers were available in store though inviting people to hightail it to the highstreet to grab a bargain. But is it really a bargain?

Now, I’ll let you in on a little secret – I have been shopping around and there have been deals online that were less than 50% on toys and clothing and gaming and the rest available for sometime now. The same deals, I found, were not available on Black Friday. And believe me those deals were quite amazing.

In fact, I am rather miffed as there was something I wanted in particular for my daughter and it was on a less than 50% discount last week but I decided to wait and take advantage of the ‘hundreds of more prices to be dropped’ on Black Friday, only to find that that deal is not on and it’s full price today. Definitely Black Friday for me!!

Yes, Black Friday may have some really good deals around. Some stores have said that they would even surpass Boxing Day discounts. But, are they really going to be one day prices? And more importantly, are they prices that have not been available a week or two before?

Personally, I’ve had some great deals already with one day deals that brands have been handing out. I didn’t really have to wait till Black Friday. And yes, those deals are not available today.

I’ve also heard that some of these deals are going to be around for the weekend. It is soon going to be called Black Weekend then?

I don’t really thing it’s worth the hype but then that’s my own personal opinion.

How about you? Did you brave the stores on Black Friday? Did you shop online and get an amazing deal? Do you believe in the Black Friday hype? Leave me a comment – I’d sure like to know.

Are you stressed? Here are some simple solutions to de-stress

With Christmas round the corner, stress levels are high. Well, mine definitely are. Don’t get me wrong as I love Christmas. It just seems that there’s so much to do with school plays and presents and Christmas decorations and Christmas dinner and the holidays.

I love the buzz but I do get stressed.

I received this interesting infographic in association with Kalms, that I would love to share with you as I find it quite relevant. I definitely suffer from the one 39% of the women at home suffer from. You’ll just have to read on to find out which one and I am sure you suffer from it too!!

image003I am definitely going to be tapping away this season!!

Disclaimer: I have received no compensation to write this post. I thought it was interesting and would be an interesting read for you, my readers.

Create Your Own Marker with the Crayola Marker Maker: A Review

I love being a Crayola Blogger.  Their products are innovative and so much fun. Besides it is so important for children to be able to give in to their creative streak.

All children like to colour but to be able to create your own markers has to be something totally awesome (to quote my daughter)

Honestly I think it’s pretty awesome too.

So, how do you get about creating your own marker?  Well, with the Crayola Marker Maker of course.

74-7054-U_Marker Maker_HR_Front_UKVThe Crayola Marker Maker consists of


  • Marker maker unit
  • Components to make 16 markers
  • 3 bottles of in (red, blue and yellow)
  • Marker labels
  • 2 storage boxes
  • Instructions

It’s really simple to do and is so much fun.

Here’s how to do it –

Mix the colours in the measuring jar according to the instructions.

Soak the felt in it until completely absorbed.

cm2Add the tip on the tube.

Put the felt in and add plug.


Put it into the maker and press the lever down till it clicks.

Voila you have your very own marker. Give it a name and stick the label on to it.


You even have a customisable box.


What did we think of it after we tried it?

Totally awesome. :)

  • It was easy to use
  • Gender neutral
  • You can actually use the markers later
  •  They don’t leak
  •  Clear instructions
  •  Love the creativity it affords
Crayola Marker Maker
Do you like the names the children chose?

The Crayola Marker Maker is priced at £22.99 and it great value for money. You can even get refills if you run out. I definitely recommend this products for budding artists. It is one to keep in mind when buying your Christmas gifts this year.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

It’s always the #littlethings that count…

I was invited by Freixenet to document the little things in my life and this couldn’t have come at a better moment.

I was having a particularly bad day – for no reason at all (Don’t you have those sometimes?) The weather was gloomy to say the least.

The children were taking their own sweet time to dress in spite of repeated reminders – have you brushed your teeth? Is your homework in your bag? Do you have your hat? Put your socks on…Get off the iPad!!! And it goes on and on…

We reached the school just in time to see the classroom door close and we had to go through the office.

I burnt my toast and found I had run out of butter. And it went on…and on…

Then like I always do, I called on my Mum. Though she is no more she helps me through all my ‘Argh’ moments in her own special way.

The next day turned out to be one that had me smiling all day. Little things happened. Little things that made me smile. And I knew it was my Mum who had sent me these little things to let me know that I needed to pay attention to the little things to bring happiness.

My mother was a great believer in the #littlethings. She didn’t need expensive presents or huge shows of affection. She was unassuming but strong and she taught me that it was always the little things that count. Something I had forgotten as I chose to get bowed down more by things that go wrong.

Although the day that these little things happened made me once again believe…

  • The children surprisingly were ready and dressed for school 15 minutes early and we were at school before the classroom doors opened. (without my having to get after them)
  • On our way to school we saw a beautiful ‘kiss’ like this in the sky – definitely from Grandma, the children said. We see these kisses from time to time.


  • Getting to the front door after the school run just in time for the courier delivery
  • Finding an email in my inbox that told me my favourite hoodie was on sale for less than half price and then managing to get my choice of colour and size(double whammy)
  • A delivery of these amazing wines – sweet and fruity – just the way I like it.


  • My daughter writing a lovely poem for her homework. Made me proud.
  • My son drawing a picture of himself and me at school (he normally only draws Transformers)
  • My youngest daughter telling me she loves me more than chocolate. (And she DOES Love Chocolate!!)
  • My husband cooking my favourite – Prawns in Coconut Gravy (It wasn’t on the menu for the day)
  • Getting some unexpected lovely deliveries for Christmas in the post.
  • Trying on and fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans!! #YES
  • The song that was played as our first dance at our wedding – ‘Something about the way you look tonight’  – being played on telly.
  • After searching desperately for my perfect elf and being disappointed at not being able to get it here on time, to manage to get it delivered.


The list could go on  – but then I realised that if I look really hard, there are these ‘YES’ moments everyday  – may not be as many but they’re there all the same and each one is worth celebrating.

Thank you, Mum for showing me what really matters.

From now on, I am going to concentrate on the little things that happen everyday and I may even include them in a weekly post – lest I forget.

Little things happened

Things that made me smile -

And I realised that these little things

Are what make life worthwhile.

It doesn’t pay to dwell on

Things that may go wrong;

Things can change in a second

When you hum your favourite song.

If you’d count the little things,

I’m sure that you’d see

The world is a much nicer

And happier place to be.

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