Playmobil Christmas Room Advent Calendar Review


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – well, in my home anyway. Especially when we were sent this Playmobil advent calendar.



It’s a pity we could not wait to open the doors one day at a time but the kids actually loved being able to open all the doors at once. It was a great experience for them.

playmobil advent

The doors in this avent calendar open to reveal a different Playmobil figure or piece that when put together creates a beautiful Christmas family scene complete with the family figures.

playmobil advent 1

There are little gift boxes that open so you can put the presents in.

Playmobil advent 2

There are some lovely little Christmas touches like a Nativity scene and a Christmas wreathe complete with candles.

The entire scene comes together with the cardboard background that is provided and then all you need do is settle the pieces where you like.

The amazing part is that the tree actually lights up and this creates a lovely effect. The children were thrilled with this bit. And it does look very festive.





The children have already decided that with the Christmas tree, they will be setting up this scene to set the tone for Christmas.

The Advent Calendar Christmas Room with Illuminating Tree is priced at £19.99 and is available at all major retailers.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Advent calendar as part of the #PlaymobilPlayologist programme. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

Thermos – the 24 hour Test

I was recently put to a challenge – to see if I could have hot coffee 24 hours after making it.

Sounds like something you would have tried? Well, here’s how I got on.

Thermos brand sent me a flask that promises to keep any liquid hot or cold for 24 hours. Together with it I was sent some coffee granules and some lovely biscuits. But I had to wait 24 hours to enjoy it.

Thermos set me a challenge to make coffee



Pour it into the flask



and let it stand for 24 hours.



I was to see if the liquid remained hot after this time.

I made the coffee one morning, put it into the flask and the next morning when I opened the flask, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the coffee was still steaming.


It’s a pity my camera didn’t capture the smoke!

I think that this flask is ideal for long journeys especially with winter upon us. It is also great for boiling water and storing as it saves energy. You can boil a considerable amount of water and make tea for the day. It does keep your drink hot.


Aura Daily ADM Lenses from Vision Direct – Review

I am shortsighted. If you’ve seen me at blogger events and in most of my photos – you’ll probably not know any different as I don’t sport my glasses. I’m vain that way – I wear my contact lenses.

I was recently given an opportunity to review some contact lenses from Vision Direct and I was quite thrilled at being able to.


I was sent a month’s supply of Aura Daily contact lenses and they came perfectly packaged in a box together with a little treat of Haribos (I love Haribo).

The lens come packaged in boxes with 30 days supply in each.



Each lens comes in a blister pack that is in a sterile soloution. This is easy to carry around on overnight trips as it is quite a pain having to carry a whole bottle of lens solution. I remember once that I had carried my monthly disposable lenses and forgot to carry the solution and I had to get rid of the lenses. Luckily I hadn’t forgotten my glasses.


I found the lenses particularly comfortable to wear and it was really easy to put in as I have found previously that there have been issues with this. Sometimes it takes time to get it right and they fall out or they are prickly. I didn’t have any problems with Aura. I had them on in one go.

I find that wearing contact lenses gets me so many more compliments especially when I do the school run. The children call it my ‘work look’ and if I’m decked out without my glasses they always ask if I’ve been into London for an event.


I have been using contact lenses for about 10 years now but only use them when I am out for work or a social gathering. Because of this I find it particularly beneficial to use daily contacts so I wear them as and when required. I get much more value for them this way.

I remember that the first time I tried contact lenses, I had my eyes streaming with tears. By the time I had them in, my eyes were red and I looked very unflattering. I thought I would never adjust to contact lenses and I took the trial lenses with some trepidation. However, there was a change of heart when I pursued the trial and then decided that it did wonders to my image. I had a lot more people telling me I looked different and it was in a good way.

At a recent launch event


I realised that wearing glasses did tend to make people look differently at me. I looked more appealing without my glasses and it seemed to increase my own self-confidence. I have always ever tried clear lenses but I would love to try coloured lenses and see how they change my appearance.

For those who are still a bit worried about wearing lenses, I would say, you must try them out as they are not as scary as it sounds. They are so easy and comfortable to wear and with Aura, they are even more so.

It’s so easy to order them on the Vision Direct site, and they cost only about £15 for a month’s supply (30 lenses). I know that I will be getting more of these after I run out.

Disclaimer: I was sent a month’s supply of contact lenses and compensated for this post. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

On the Orange Carpet with Shimmer and Shine

On Sunday, we got up bright and early and very excited. I didn’t even have to call a second time!

We were headed into London for the Shimmer and Shine launch party and what a party it was too.

On entering the venue, we were greeted by a genie who showed us in. :)

And then in a matter of minutes, I had my very own little genie with me.



Who doesn’t love playing dress up?

There was lots of yummy food laid out



Face painting



Hair extensions


And a disco too!


Of course, the best part of it was being led into the screening room to see the first 3 episodes of Shimmer and Shine – the brand new series on Nick Jr.


We enjoyed the series and Shimmer and Shine are adorable. The music is catchy and the children loved the series so much that they tuned in yesterday to be able to catch it again.

Shimmer and Shine in on Nick Jr. every evening at 4.30 pm. Don’t forget to tune in and enjoy.