Introducing the Cadvent Knitwear Collection

I am a serious chocolate addict. I don’t eat as much as I’d like to as try (and fail miserably) to watch my weight but hey – it’s almost that time when I don’t need an excuse to eat chocolate.

Advent – Christmas = Chocolate Binge Eating


I was quite appalled on my recent trip to the US, that I couldn’t find any Cadbury chocolates in the supermarkets or indeed anywhere.

Thank goodness I live in the UK.

And now Cadbury has decided to bring in a little fashion into the mix.



For decades, Cadbury has been helping chocolate fans celebrate Christmas with its seasonal ranges, and now these snowflake-bedecked hats and scarves will help kick-start this year’s celebrations. The cosy scarf comes with deep 18cm pockets that can conceal even the most generous of Secret Santa presents – such as a box of Cadbury Roses or Cadbury Heroes.  

Meanwhile, the crowning glory of the cute bobble hat is a 5cm brim, the optimum size to store a much-loved Christmas treat including the Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse Snowman or a festive exclusive Cadbury Freddo Popping Candy. 

Steve Rich, Marketing Manager for Mondelez comments, “Customers have loved our ‘knitted’ look winter packaging for years, so this Christmas we thought we’d go the extra mile and create a real knitted collection. Lovers of the treats can gift a scarf or hat to themselves or family and friends and literally keep their favourite chocolates close to their hearts.” 

The launch of the knitwear comes as Cadbury reveals its 2016 Cadvent campaign which will show a series of children’s wishes for their loved ones come to life each day throughout the month of December. From streets filled with magical Christmas lights to the best ever Christmas cake Cadbury is spreading the festive joy across the nation this Christmas targeting as many chocolate fans as possible. 

Chocolate aficionados can get hold of the limited edition items when purchasing any Cadbury Christmas gift hamper from here

Knitwear items will also be available with selected purchases from 5th December.


I can’t wait to get my hands on a scarf with deep pockets. I wonder which chocolates I’ll store in it?

Christmas Digital Detox Challenge – How Did I Do?

I was invited to take part in a very interesting challenge – one I thought I would never be able to commit to. Switching off from the digital world for 2 whole days in preparation for Christmas and Boxing Day. This was a collaboration with Punkt and Time to Log Off.

They are promoting a campaign of giving the gift of your presence this Christmas.


If you know me, you will probably know that I am almost constantly online. I check emails and blog and am busy with social media all through the day. It’s crazy. My son tells me I never stop working and it’s true. I’m addicted to what I do.

How would I ever survive 2 days of going offline?

My days are busy – I’m on the go.  I work online through the day and of course there’s all the housework in between, which tends to take second place (more likely last place). I receive loads of emails a day – picking up on  ongoing campaigns, new opportunities and then replying to ones that need them.

Besides that I am on Facebook – truly more for work than to be social.

48 hours offline – was a tall order for me.


It didn’t mean I was not contactable. I was sent a very lovely phone to use to text and make and receive calls. It took me back a bit to the first mobile phone I had – a Nokia phone (I can’t remember the model number now). Of course, this one is sleeker and better looking.


I was also sent a notebook to write down my thoughts and I actually realised how much I loved writing. (literally)

In the package there were some colour pencils that got me back to my adult colouring book and the day was about me.

It felt good to be doing something that wasn’t online. I felt more connected with myself. My thoughts were free and I didn’t feel the need to complete a post and rush through them.

My son often tells me ‘You’re always working’ and with the two days spent detoxing digitally, I know I should do it more often. I know that after realising that I can do it, I will.

I’m looking forward to logging off over the Christmas season and it’s probably going to be more than just 2 days. I think the best present anyone can give someone else is their presence.


Magic Dip Design Art Centre Review

I remember doing dip dyeing in school. Only I remember it as being so much harder. Luckily, we’ve progressed and what better way to see this than by reviewing the Magic Dip Design Art Centre from Character Options.


The set contained everything you need to dabble in the exciting world of dip dyeing.

  •  1 Design Art Station,
  • 6 colour paint bottles,
  • 1 large bowl,
  • 1 small bowl,
  • glossy spray,
  • glitter,
  • stirrers,
  • a pair of tweezers,
  • a glove,
  • A7 greeting cards,
  • A5 greetings cards,
  • gems,
  • glitter
  • charms,
  • a photo frame,
  • hair band
  • arm ring/bangle

It was quite easy to set up. All you need is water at room temperature – it should not be cold as then the paint dries way too quickly.

Add the water as stated and then add your paints and swirl around. With the tweezers, dip the product and ensure that all parts are dipped so it covers all areas.

Remove and leave to dry.


Once you have finished colouring, you can add glossy spray to give it a shiny surface. You can also add gems and glitter.

We loved the product and thought it most fun as well as creative. We created products that we would actually be able to use.

The product is priced at £29.99 and I think this is good value for money considering that the set contains everything you need to begin dipping. You don’t need other products to dip. Of course, you can do ahead and try dipping other stuff.

Once dipped and dried, the colour holds fast and the product does look rather nice. I loved how the photo frame looked.

The set allows you to give reign to creativity as you can add the colours as you like. It is aimed at children aged 8+ and I think this is the right target age. The paint does have a kind of plastic/acrylic smell but it is not off-putting.

There is also a starter kit available that is priced at £9.99

We liked it so much that we gave it our Elves’ Choice Stamp.


Moving Away from City Life – What Would You Miss?

I am a city dweller. I have been one for most of my life and even when we lived in a little village in the Midlands, we were well connected to the world  – both offline and online.

I have often thought of what it would be like to leave the city behind and go out into the country – somewhere like Cornwall or Wales. We visited both these places on holiday last year and we LOVED it. But, could I actually live there?

The one thing I would miss is Wi-fi. When we went on holiday (both were short breaks), the only thing I moaned about was connectivity. My phone had little or no network coverage majority of the time and it was a nightmare. I couldn’t keep in touch with family and even communicating with my husband was difficult. (I mean when we was out and I needed something).

Moving home

Flogas ( recently conducted a survey among 910 Britons and found that 85% had at some time considered moving away from the city. While majority of the people considered gas for cooking and heating, electricity, running water, 8% of the people didn’t see it as a priority in a remote area.

Almost half of the respondents said they would miss their smart phone within a week. (I missed mine within hours)

Perhaps it has to do that my work involves being constantly online – well almost. Being a blogger means that you are always connected to the digital world and without it, I am at a loss. I take a photo and need to post it to social media. I think of a post and must write it up lest I forget it and the moment is lost.

It’s tough and sometimes I think of switching off but it never seems to happen. Although if you read my next post, you may want to find out how I did when I was challenged to do so.

So, what would you miss if you left behind the hustle and bustle of city life? Or if you are out in the country, what do you not miss of city life?

Are you living out in the country and able to change a gas canister without a fuss?