Taking care of the future with ChildMax

We’re always thinking about insurance, especially as I firmly believe that no future is certain. There are so many things that happen so suddenly leaving one totally unprepared for the situation. After reading about ChildMax from Insure with Max, I feel I am better prepared.

I never want to be in a situation where my child would need full time care and I pray that we never see the day. However, no one can predict the future and I would like to be prepared for any curveball life may throw my way.

Insure with Max is one insurance that allows you to be prepared for the uncertainty for a small premium. Their Child Max Insurance policy ensures that should you need to take time off from work to look after your sick child, you will receive your take home salary for 12 months whilst on unpaid leave. Your claim payments are also tax free.


Is ChildMax expensive?

In the words of Insure with Max –

For example, A parent with 2 young children with a £1,800 take home salary per month would expect to pay £106 (Inc. IPT) for the annual insurance policy. If 1 young child, then expect to pay £60 for £1,800 take home salary.

Paying £60 annually for a £1800 take home salary is nothing in the scheme of things as it works up to £5 a month. Who would not want to pay the for peace of mind?

ChildMax has evolved from Max’s personal experience and you can read more about it here He works hard to keep premiums low to assist working families so they are able to take care of their children, while earning a salary.

ChildMax is also offered to self-employed parents. There is a limit on the take home salary of £5000 a month, which is a pretty substantial amount I feel.

This may be the last thing you want to thing about. I know – no one likes to talk about illness especially when it concerns one’s children. But sometimes we have to think about it so we are prepared. And ChildMax ensures that you are.

Here is some more information about how Insure with Max works –



We are also having a Twitter chat on Friday from 11.15 am – 12 noon and I’d love you to join us. Follow #ChildMax on Twitter.



If you want to know more about the product, here’s the video



Get Squash’d and #EnjoyMoreWater with Robinsons

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you’ll know that I recently attended an event with Robinsons where I learnt about the importance of drinking water. Not that I didn’t know this but ever so often I probably need a reminder that I should be drinking much more water than I am at the moment. As should the rest of my family.

Now I don’t know about you but my children can be quite bratty when it comes to drinking water. Serve them a glass and they’ll leave it unfinished. Thank goodness then, that I’ve learnt a new trick – thanks to Robinsons. All I need to do is squirt some squash into it and as if my magic the ‘water’ is gulped down followed by a – ‘Can I have some more, please?’ I’m on a winning streak.

We were sent some samples of Robinsons Squash’d to try out and this went down a treat. Personally, I love the size and that it is so handy. I carry one in my handbag so I can add it to water anytime for a refreshing drink. Especially now with summer around the corner (I hope), this is going to be a big boon.

I was sent a little chart for the children to keep track on how much water they are drinking and this was a brilliant idea as they were quite happy to be able to put a sticker on and try and beat each other. Well, at least the little ones did. With Jadyn, I encourage her to drink water and all I need to do is tell her it’s really good for the hair and also to avoid getting spots on the face. 🙂


So, recently whenever we’ve been out, I’ve had a handy stash of squash to help the children #EnjoyMoreWater. I even gave Jadyn one of them to take on her recent school trip to Rome.

Getting Squash’d and loving it…


After sports day – it’s time to get Squash’d



On a family day out – it’s time to get Squash’d



Even for a birthday celebration – it’s time to get Squash’d



The children enjoy getting Squash’d and I’m a happy mum knowing they are getting all the water they need and enjoying it too.


This post is an entry for BritMums #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge, sponsored by Robinsons



The LEGO Nexo Knights 4D Movie at LEGOLAND Windsor

Two weeks ago we headed off to LEGOLAND Windsor once again for another exciting event. We were going to see the new LEGO Nexo Knights 4D film and then head over to the launch party of the new LEGO Friends and LEGO Nexo Knights building sets.

On reaching, we were whisked off to see the 4D film which the children thoroughly enjoyed. I’ll not spoil it for you but it is very exciting with some great special effects. The evil jester has a very evil plan and has to be stopped. Don’t miss it when you visit LEGOLAND.


Then it was party time and the children had so much fun getting their faces painted. They also took part in the games and checked  out the LEGO sets very carefully. They did also have an opportunity to play with LEGO and they had a fab time.


LEGO Friends

The new LEGO Friends range is the Funfair range and has some awesome hot dog stands and roller coasters (yes you read it right) to put together. The range is colourful and looks a whole lot of fun. We can’t wait to get playing.


LEGO Nexo Knights

The LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS range sees the continuation of the story and a chance to defeat Jestro the Evil Jester with more playsets and powers. Some of the products are The Glob Lobber (£7.99), Macey’s thunder mace (£17.99) and Aaron’s Aero Striker V2 (£24.99). There are also larger sets like The Volcanic Lair which is simply awesome and priced at £99.99


They all look amazing and I’m glad to inform you that I shall be reviewing a few on my blog soon so do come back and visit.


The children had a lovely time at the photo booth too.


The rain played spoilsport so we couldn’t do many of the rides. Since we had visited recently though, the children were not too fussed.

They can’t get enough of LEGOLAND though and we left with the promise that we would be back soon. I’m sure we will soon.


How to keep your children entertained during the summer holidays

For most parents, keeping their children amused throughout the school holidays is a challenging task. However, it really does not need to be anything like that! Here are some ideas that guarantee lots of summer family fun that take the stress out of it!

1. Check Local Area Events

There is usually lots going on in your local area every summer (most of the time, free) so try to find things that your family can enjoy (check the local council’s website(s), local fire stations for an open day, local leisure centre or community centre). The local library will definitely have plenty of ads of events and you may even find out that there are library-hosted evens, such as arts and crafts days and toddler story time. Another great place to check is the local council swimming pool or any other pool open to the public in your area. That aside, art galleries usually put out special events for kids every summer and often have new exhibitions, too.

2. At-Home Activities

For the days you can’t go out and about, there are plenty of activities to do with the little ones. For example, you can:

  • Have a Watch DVD’s day. Pick a couple of your favourite movies, make some popcorn, and enjoy the moment.
  • Pick a recipe with the children and get cooking. This includes shopping for the ingredients and following directions to prepare something you can all enjoy later. If you search online, you will find a ton of recipes for kids to get their hands on!
  • Dig out games, puzzles, and books and let the kids enjoy some old-fashioned entertainment!
  • Encourage the children to put on a magic show or play, or you may even play dress up with some old clothes lying in the cupboards. This is also a fantastic opportunity to teach recycling (you can recycle the clothes the kids have grown out of, or you don’t wear anymore).
  • Build a den with sofa cushions, boxes, and a few blankets (use your imagination!). If the weather allows it, you can also do this activity outside.

3. Party Time!

If you have a garden, there is no better time to throw a garden party for the children and their friends than summertime. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy or expensive, though. Some yummy treats, smoothies, and balls will do the trick. You can organise the party in the form of a camping trip or picnic and lay tablecloths on the lawn and have kids enjoy their brunch there or camp there for one night! A treasure hunt is an excellent party idea that you can easily take outside the home. Just find the nearest park and give your kids some clues to find the hidden treasure.

4. Kids’ Favourites

Children just love painting so get some crayons or paints and canvas and let them express their creativity. You may also buy beads and have them make some jewellery (girls will

adore you). Old favourites, such as marbles, hopscotch, and Origami also worth a spot on your list of summer activities.

Sack races are also great fun and the same goes for biking and flying a kite. Not to mention playing with water! Fill up a plastic swimming pool with water and let them splash for hours non-end! Or spend an afternoon water balloon bombing or car washing (it will probably turn into a huge water fight, but who cares anyway?).

Finally, you can encourage them to grow things in the flower bed or even go strawberry picking to make jam.

Don’t think that you need to stress yourself over filling every second of each day. Let the children play in the garden or their rooms using their imagination. You’ll surely be surprised!