Princess Twilight Sparkle’s Friendship Rainbow Kingdom: A Review

The girls love My Little Pony and so does Ethan. He loves watching the DVDs with his sisters.

mlp1When we were sent this Princess Twilight Sparkle’s Friendship Rainbow Kingdom playset from Hasbro to review, the girls were over the moon. So was I. I love my little pony too and I had a really lovely one when I was younger. It was blue with stars on its flanks. It’s nice to see my daughter playing with the same range of toys. Only thing they didn’t have the castle out then.  Shame!!

Anyway nothing stops me from playing with the children with it. :)


It was fairly easy to set up but will not be easy for younger children as you have to follow instructions and make sure that the right part gets attached to its counterpart.

Once up though, there is a slide for Twilight to slide down, a swing for her to swing on and even a vanity for her to keep her things.


The set comes with Twilight but you can buy others separately and add to the collection.


What we loved about it…

  • It’s bright colours
  • It’s spiral slide and the swing
  • The two storeyed feature
  • The attention to little things like the flags  and the vanity case and the little hangers and ring.
  • The idea of the keys being flags
  • Good quality


The castle comes with Twilight Sparkle and she has a gorgeous rainbow coloured mane. There are shoes and a little skirt and a crown to play dress up with her. So there are many ways to play with the set.


The castle does however tend to collapse if a child rests on it  lightly as the different storeys rest on the pillars, so you do have to be careful about that. Ensure that the pillars are well attached. Having said that, the castle parts are light so there is no harm caused even if it does. In fact, the children have rather loved it as they get to put it back together again.

We love the castle as it provides many hours of playing fun. It is an excellent set for any My Little Pony fan.


I always advocate imaginative play with children as that is what being a child is all about. I love hearing my children playing and pretending that they ponies can talk.

The castle is priced at £39.99 and I would definitely recommend it. I can see Santa putting in an order for many of these.  The elves are going to be busy making loads of these sets.

Diclaimer: I was sent this product for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

First Impressions – Cayla, a Girl’s Best Friend

I have written about Cayla before but this time its all about a tea party and Cayla joining our household.

A short while ago, I took the two girls to a tea party at Hamleys to meet Cayla. I had met her with Aeryn but Jadyn hadn’t so she was really looking forward to meeting the doll that I had spoken so much about.

cayla 1

We had our own name tags ready and the room at Hamleys was set up for a party befitting all the little princesses attending.

We were introduced to Cayla and her features and then the party started. There were activities like colouring pictures as well as games like Pass the Parcel and a Treasure Hunt (that quite got me huffing and puffing as we made our way around Hamleys – Whew!) That toy store is huge!

The girls were also treated to some lovely glitter tattoos and some Cayla cupcakes.

They came home with goody bags and could not stop talking about Cayla so Ethan was also patiently waiting for Cayla to arrive. She was definitely worth the wait.


I shall be reviewing Cayla very soon on my blog but till then we have found that she is so clever and provides hours of playing fun. One thing I would like to emphasize is that Cayla is primarily a doll for a child not really a homework help. She is meant for play, like a friend.


Jadyn has been enjoying playing with her, asking her questions and conversing with her. She has been braiding her hair and Cayla has been the perfect friend.

You do need the app for play with Cayla but you can play offline or online so its easy to play even when out and about.


The doll itself is very pretty to look at and will be a perfect gift for any little girl.

Watch out for my full review soon.

Disclosure: I was invited to a Tea Party at Hamleys with Cayla. We were then sent the doll to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.





How to make a Super Mario Bros. 2 Door Sign – #Nintendocrafts

As I have mentioned before, I am enjoying being a Nintendo family blogger. I do get some great games to review but besides all that, we get involved in some lovely craft activities that the children and I love doing.

The last time we baked cakes and we also created our own Mario Karts!

This time we were provided with all the things required to make our own door sign. What fun!

nintendo door 1

The children could not wait to begin. In case you want to make something similar too, here’s what you need.

Coloured card

White paper

Tracing paper

Colour pencils/crayons/felt tips



First, all you need to do is either draw out the design of Mario and Luigi. You can download a copy of this below and print it out and then cut out the shapes. Of if you want, for more fun – download it and then print off and trace it out. Then colour the pictures in.


Cut out 3 pieces of card – a thick yellow piece, a thinner longer green piece and a purple piece.

Cut off a thin green piece to fit horizontally and a white strip for the name to be written.

nintendo door 2

Cut out 2 white cloud shapes.

Cut out Mario and Luigi and then stick them on to resemble this picture.

nintendo door 3

Then add glitter or decorate as you like. Write your name in the white space.

Ta-Da ….Your personal Mario Kart Door Sign.

nintendo door 4

We had a lot of fun making the door hanger and the fact that it was Nintendo made it even more so. A great way to keep the children occupied when it’s raining outside.

If you attempt to make this door sign, please do tag me on Twitter @jacintaz3

Disclaimer: I received the above products to make a door sign with the children as we are Nintendo Family Bloggers. There was no monetary compensation for this post. I thought it would be great for my readers to attempt as we had such fun making it.