Making Playtime Magical – Sofia the First Micro Playsets: A Review

As you must know already I am a Sofia the First Twitter Party Host. Well, that entails a whole lot of fun planned for tomorrow.

In readiness though, we have been reviewing some Sofia the First Micro Playsets and Aeryn has had a fabulous time with them.


We received the following -

Sofia the First Tiara

Sofia the First Bracelet

Sofia Magic Wand

Sofia Amulet

Now for anyone who has watched Sofia the First on telly, you would know that to have these playsets would be magical indeed. So for my little one, all her wishes came true when she received these sets.

Sofia the First Tiara Playset


This little tiara is every princess’ dream. It looks regal and the heart jewel in the centre is actually removable to become a pendant. What fun!


Open up the pendant to reveal a Sofia micro world complete with a swing and three micro figures – Sofia, Ruby and Mia, Sophia’s bluebird friend.

It also comes with a necklace to hold the pendant.

Sofia’s Magic Wand


Now every princess dreams of doing magic and what good is magic without this very special light up wand.


It is sparkly and pretty and has a lovely jewel encrusted near its base. Press the round jewel to hear a magical sound accompanied by the wand lighting up.

It comes with a Sofia micro figure that can be attached on the top.

Sofia’s bracelet set


We were sent three different bracelet sets and all were really sweet. One had tea cup with a little spoon sticking out of the lid. One was an exquisite carriage and the other one was an adorable cushion that carries the crown. Each opens up to reveal a Sofia micro figure.

The bracelets are pliable which is really nice for the younger ones. They also have sparkly jewels on them which Aeryn just loves.

Sofia the First Ring and Earring Set


This set is perfect for dress up. They ring is pretty and sparkly and again opens up to reveal a Sofia figure. The earrings are completely adorable as they have figures of Sofia and Ruby on them.


They have a clip on system for easy dressing up. And when I say easy – Aeryn can put them on herself.

Sofia the First Amulet


This is the ultimate Sofia the First playset. It is Sofia’s Amulet. The amulet is magical in the series and I am pretty sure that the amulet in the playset contains magical powers too.

Fotor0917225455It is a bit tricky to open up the amulet but once you get the hang of it, it is quite easy (for an adult that is, a little one may still find it tricky). You need to push the top part forward and twist to open it. It is well worth the trouble because inside there is a beautiful little world.

The closed doors have the castle etched on them and they open up to present a ballroom.

It has 3 figures – Sofia, Clover the Bunny and Robin, the Robin.

There is also a little boat for Sophia to take a ride in.

And if that’s not enough, all you need to do is to press the chandelier for the theme song of Sofia the First to play.

Now, that’s got to be magical.


As you can see, little one loves to pose so these dress up aids were a big hit with her.

All the products are well made as one has come to associate Flair with. They are also quite durable as they have withstood the rough handling when the children pull them from each other’s hands. :)

The lids, doors may come off but they are easily fixed back on so there are no tears.

What I like is that there is a range of micro figures that come with the sets so you can swap them around and recreate your own little land.

Perfect for imaginative play, these sets will provide many hours of fun.

I think all the sets are absolutely lovely and they are priced from about £6.99 – £19.99 which I think are good value for money.

They make excellent presents for little princesses and I am sure they will be a big hit this Christmas.

Now if you like the look of what you saw here (and I am sure you did), you may not have to wait until Christmas for it. All you need do is to join the Twitter Party tomorrow from 4 -6 pm and be in the running to win some of these amazing products. Follow the Hashtag #sophiasmicroworld and UK Mums TV on Twitter. There will be competitions and instant prizes.

You will also be in the know of how our own party is going at home.

I do hope you join in to win some amazing prizes. Best of luck.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above selection of products for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

Creating a Travel Plan with


One of my dream destinations has always been and still is Egypt. I would love to visit the Pyramids and cruise down the Nile. I have no idea why it’s Egypt but something about that place enthralls me. The call of the Pharaoh, perhaps?

I would love to visit the places of ancient civilizations and imbibe the ancient culture and practices. Do I see myself as Cleopatra? Don’t we all?

That being said, I actually hated History in school but I guess I am older and wiser now and find myself really interested in the subject.

Now, I really don’t have any definite plans to visit but it’s always nice to dream and even nicer to plan, in case I can visit in the near future.

I came across this really great site –, where I could create a travel plan and then I would be given every possible form of information on how to get there and what to expect in terms of weather, currency etc.

I think this is a perfect way to plan a getaway. It is possible for me to create a plan for even a few months down the line and then it also gives me flights from my origin to destination. is not a site where you can book flights but if you select a flight it gives you several websites where you can book your flights. Very convenient.

I also especially liked the Trip tools. This area of the site tells you the time difference between your origin and destination, the currency conversion, the weather at your destination for the next 5 days, conversion of units, airport guides, subway maps, dialing codes and timetables of all flights for a particular journey. The last one being especially helpful if you miss your flight.

It is extremely easy to sign into and create a plan. Once made, you can share it with friends if you are planning on going in a group or perhaps just send it to your partner so that he remembers your anniversary coming up in the next two months. A gentle nudge letting him know what you’re expecting – just an email with confirmed flight tickets to your dream destination. I reckon that gives him enough time to save!!

You can also make a plan public so others can see it and you can also see plans made by others in case you are in need of inspiration.

The site is really user friendly and is a perfect travel planner. It would be nice though if restaurants and hotels could be included but I am aware that the site is still in Beta stages so hopefully it will include these in time to come. is a very helpful site if you are actually planning a holiday but for people like me who dream it is an even bigger boon as if I suddenly find I can make the trip, all I need to do is sign in and check out my travel plan. Easy peasy!

If you want to have a look at my plan, you can view it here

To make your own plan you can click here

Until I am actually on that flight though, all I can do is dream and create a few more travel plans and send them to Hubs. Who knows, I may just get a surprise with our anniversary round the corner!

Featured post

Wild Science Grow Your Own Crystal : A Review

As mentioned in a previous post, we had received two sets from Wild Science to review. One was the Kaleidoscope Studio and the other one was the Crystal Growing Studio.


Jadyn was very excited at the thought of being able to grow her own crystal and couldn’t wait to get started.

The instructions, as others from Wild Science, were extremely easy to follow. We had to be careful though when using the Monoammonium Phosphate as mentioned in the instructions.

As in a Science experiment, you need to be aware of the chemicals that you are using and children definitely need supervision and help of an adult.


The set contains -

  • Monoammonium Phosphate
  • Plaster
  • Stirring Sticks
  • Yellow Colour Granule
  • Gloves
  • Fishing line
  • Decorate Paper
  • Crystal Ball Mould
  • Deep Dish with lid
  • Plastic tea spoon
  • Display box
  • Colour Instruction Manual


You do need to have 2 old cups/mugs to use. I used a plastic container for the mixing and then a mug for the other bit where the hot water was used.


Jadyn was excited to see the crystal forming and we are leaving it to grow some more before putting it into the given holder.


I think this is a really interesting kit for a slightly older child to try out. The targeted age is 8+  years and I feel this would be the correct age as a younger child may not be able to handle the liquid or the chemicals.

I shall be updating this post with a picture of the crystal so do be sure to come back and visit.

I think this is an excellent set for children interested in Science as they can perform this experiment at home. I tool the opportunity to explain that chemicals react differently. Jadyn then took to the computer to check up  how crystals are formed so that was great as it achieved what the set is meant to do – get children interested in Science.

Priced at £12.99, I think this is a great gift for any little boy and girl who is interested in Science and even those who are not as I am sure that they will get interested once they create their own crystal.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.



Wild Science Kaleidoscope Studio Review

Jadyn was sent two products from Wild Science and she was very excited as she does love Science and experiments.

We received the Kaleidoscope Studio and Crystal Growing Studio


The idea of making a Kaleidoscope was very thrilling as though she has looked through one, it was quite something to make your own.


The Kaleidoscope Set contains the following -

  • Jewel tube
  • Mirrors
  • EVA foam discs
  • Sticker
  • Lenses
  • Jewel collection
  • Transparent jar
  • Colour Instruction Manual


It was fairly easy to create the Kaleidoscope and I think it is perfect for the target age of 6+ years.

The instructions were very clear and putting the bits together was easily done.


After it was put together, the children had great fun looking through it. You can even change the different foam sets to see different patterns.

I think that these sets have a great educational element as it is a learning in itself when one knows exactly how a product is created. It also creates much more interest in the subject.

The set is priced at £12.99 and is perfect for a little budding scientist.

 Disclaimer: I was sent the above product to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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