First UK Tour of Running Wild Announced

This sounds like an amazing performance so thought I would share for any of my readers who are interested –

RUNNING WILD by Morpurgo,           , Writer - Michael Morpurgo, Adaption - Samuel Adamson,  Director – Timothy Sheader & Dale Rooks,  Designer – Paul Wills, Puppetry Design and Direction – Finn Caldwell and Toby Olié for Gyre & Gimble, Regent's Park Theatre, 2016, Credit: Johan Persson/

Children’s Touring Partnership is delighted to announce, on Elephant Appreciation Day (22 September), the first UK Tour of Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo in an adaptation by Samuel Adamson, beginning at Chichester Festival Theatre on 10 February 2017. Michael Morpurgo’s novel, based on a true story, is brought to life in this award-winning production, which has been described by critics as ‘inspiring’, ‘evocative, ‘imaginative’ and ‘life-affirming’. Originally produced by Regent’s Park Theatre and Chichester Festival Theatre, this epic production, complete with spectacular life-size puppets, tells an emotional and moving story of love, loss and loyalty and of living for the moment. 

Running Wild is the story is of a girl named Lilly, who, whilst on holiday with her mother in Indonesia, takes an elephant ride. During the ride, Oona, the elephant, suddenly becomes anxious and runs from the beach deep into the jungle. With Lilly on her back, they escape moments before the tsunami hits the island. Miles from civilisation, at first there’s wonder, discovery and tree-top adventures with the orangutans, but, as thoughts turn to her mother left behind on the beach, and wild tigers prowl, and hunger hits, Lilly must now learn to survive the rainforest. And then the hunters come… 

RUNNING WILD by Morpurgo,           , Writer - Michael Morpurgo, Adaption - Samuel Adamson,  Director – Timothy Sheader & Dale Rooks,  Designer – Paul Wills, Puppetry Design and Direction – Finn Caldwell and Toby Olié for Gyre & Gimble, Regent's Park Theatre, 2016, Credit: Johan Persson/
RUNNING WILD by Morpurgo, , Writer – Michael Morpurgo, Adaption – Samuel Adamson,
Director – Timothy Sheader & Dale Rooks,
Designer – Paul Wills,
Puppetry Design and Direction – Finn Caldwell and Toby Olié for Gyre & Gimble, Regent’s Park Theatre, 2016, Credit: Johan Persson/

Michael Morpurgo, the former children’s laureate and author of War Horse, was inspired by the real-life story of Amber Owen, who was on holiday in Phuket with her mother and stepfather in 2004, when she went on an elephant ride. While riding Ning Nong along the beach, the eight-year-old noticed the elephant was attempting to pull away from the receding sea water. “He ran away and, as the water came in, I was safely on his back. He saved my life.” When he read Amber’s story in the newspaper, Michael Morpurgo said it was the one bit of hope amid the destruction of the Boxing Day tsunami which hit South East Asia. The production will work to support the Born Free Foundation’s global elephant conservation projects.

For more information, visit

Facebook: RunningWildLive

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Timmy Failure:Mistakes Were Made by Stephan Pastis – Book Review

We’ve recently come back from a holiday in the US so Timmy Failure would fit right in.

Timmy Failure is the new book by American author Stephan Pastis.


What’s it about? Here’s the blurb –

Meet Timmy Failure, founder of the “best” detective agency in town – Total Failure, Inc. Timmy may only be eleven, but with the help of his polar bear, Total, he already has plans for world domination. Plans that will make his mother rich and unpaid bills a thing of the past. And plans that will defeat Corrina Corrina, “The One Whose Name Shall Not Be Uttered”. But she’s not going away. Riotously funny, Timmy Failure is sure to have readers in stitches.

Our review –

Perhaps I’m a bit too old for this but I didn’t get the book. My daughter did. And to be fair the book is aimed at children. I found her giggling her way through and sometimes we had the seriously deep belly laughs too. She loved the illustrations and since she is a Wimpy Kid fan, she identified with this one.

It does have a lot of American references and Jadyn quite enjoyed reading about them as she had a lovely holiday with cousins and identified with that nuance of life.

There is also subtle references to growing up and again as she enters Secondary School, this book was quite appropriate.

She said it’s a must read. And if it managed to lighten the day in so many ways, I guess you need to grab a copy of it.

Priced at £6.99, it is available at all major retailers.



Ravensburger Unicorn 3D Puzzles Review

Jadyn is unicorn crazy and when we were asked to review some unicorn 3D puzzles from Ravensburger I knew she would be delighted.

Now, these puzzles we were sent, are so much more than just puzzles. When completed, they are useful and ever so pretty.

We were sent four products all from the same range –

Vase 3D Puzzle – This vase contains 72 pieces and is really pretty. It is also a good size and would look lovely at the centre of the table.

Unicorn Vanity 3D Puzzle – This is a good size vanity box and there are 216 pieces to put together. It does take some time but the end result is all worth it. We like the tray that comes with it for smaller things.

Unicorn Jewellery Tree 3D puzzle – I think this is my favourite. It looks really pretty and it really handy especially for Jadyn as she can put all her jewellery and knick-knacks in one place. It is a 108 piece puzzle and comes with plastic accessories.

Unicorn Pencil Holder 3D puzzle – The pencil holder is a really nice size and a 54 piece puzzle.


I really liked the idea of these puzzles and the fact that though they are of the same unicorn theme – the images on each are different so it does not get boring. They are really delightful and very pretty to look at.

They are all in shades of pink and purple and are quite girly but suitable for older girls and I think that the age group 9+ is the perfect age group.


The puzzles when complete are quite sturdy thanks to the bases that are provided with each and when you put things inside, they do not fall apart.

I would definitely recommend these as a present as a complete bundle or as individual gifts. Also available is the FunkyT Owl range with the same products and these are really cute too.

In fact, the unicorn puzzles, especially the vanity box and the jewellery tree are suitable even for adults.

I was sent the above products to review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 


Num Noms Series 2 Celebration at Bella Italia

Have you heard of the Num Noms? I’m sure you have. If you haven’t, you’ve obviously not been keeping in touch with the latest craze.

Num Noms are delicious, stackable and totally wacky collectables that caused a frenzy earlier this year. They are now back with their 2nd series and to celebrate that, we were invited to Bella Italia for a fun filled event of eating, playing with Num Noms and customising our ice creams.


Since there were spaces available, I was able to take a few of Jadyn’s friends along to the event and we had a really great time. They had their faces painted, made their own pizzas, took the scent test (to see if they recognised the smell of different foods/ingredients) and the best part was when they created their own ice creams.

We also had loads of fun playing with Num Noms and creating Num Nom stacks.

Here’s more about the new range –

Fans of Num Noms can now add to their collections with savory flavours inspired by brunch dishes, such as Becca Bacon, delicious pizza flavours including Mozza Rella, sophisticated sushi snacks and yummy dinner foods. Plus, there are even more tasty sweet flavours inspired by fairground foods, freezie pops cupcakes and ice creams!

Uniquely scented, each Num and Nom character is full of surprises. Nums are the outer, soft squishy, hollow characters that nestle on top of Noms, which are either fun scented stamps, motorized, lovely lip glosses or a funky eraser.

With over 5,000 mix and match combinations, children can play chef and create wacky combos. How about a blueberry, banana, pancake – yum! Or some Wasabi ice cream – yuck!


We particularly love that the Num Noms  are not JUST collectibles but also can be used as stamps or lip gloss and our favourites are the motorised ones.

The Num Noms range includes

  • Blind Bags (£2.99) which  includes a Num and a surprised flavoured lip-gloss or stamps, in a super cool yoghurt styled mystery pot;
  • Starter pack (£8.99) which includes  three Nums and one motorised Nom, plus a container, accessory, and collector’s menu;
  • Num Noms Deluxe Packs ( £14.99 ) which includes six Nums, two motorised Noms plus a food container, accessory, and collector’s menu. In addition there’s a mystery Num in each pack!
  • Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Playset ( £24.99) Featuring a special edition Num Nom, the Lip Gloss Truck has everything you need to set up your own Num Nom lip gloss maker. Includes truck playset, lip gloss ingredients, mixing accessories, one scented Num, three lip gloss container Noms, and one collector’s menu.
  •  Num Noms Art Cart Playset  (£24.99) featuring a special edition Num Nom, the Art Cart Truck has everything you need to set up your own creative space. Includes cart playset, ruler/ stencil, scented ink pad, scented stamper Nom, scented pencil and eraser Nom, and three scented eraser Noms.

We’ve also had some in to review so watch this space as we may also be doing some very special baking – Num Noms Style.