We’ve been Walking with Dinosaurs…

There is something about dinosaurs that definitely get children excited. Somehow we had missed the movie Walking with Dinosaurs. The children have been waiting to watch it on DVD and we were thrilled that it was finally out.

To celebrate the release of Walking with Dinosaurs on Blu-Ray 3D, Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital HD which took place on the 14th of April 2014, I am quite pleased to bring you these delightful games and fun activities – perfect for keeping the children busy this half term.

Here’s Alphadon Race -


and  – Slider…

There are also some fun activities below which can be printed out to keep the children engaged.



We were also sent a copy of Walking with Dinosaurs to review and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. I had always mistaken it to be a documentary but I was quite surprised to see that the dinosaurs were animated. The animation and the scenery is brilliant and personally I would have liked to see more of a storyline about the dinosaurs  However, given that the film is also focusing on education as well as entertainment, it is understandable. The children enjoyed it though as the dinosaurs were larger than life on screen and as mentioned before were accompanied by amazing scenes as you can see from these stills.

WWD-038 (2)


WWD-078 (2)

Besides they got to dress up in these cute dinosaur onesies!


Now, if you would like to win a Digital HD copy of the film, all you need do is enter the rafflecopter giveaway below. Best of luck.

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Disclaimer: I was sent the onesies and a Blu-Ray version of the film for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

Eating out in London: Chino Latino review

A few days ago we headed over to Chino Latino in London for a delicious family meal. We were mainly invited to try out the Kids menu and we have to say that we were totally impressed by both the service and the food.

On entering we were served drinks and we all opted for fruit juices. I had lychee and the children had mango while Hubs settled for Lemonade. (It was the afternoon!)

chino latino
Chino Latino London

 As part of the Kids eat free offer – a child under 12 can eat free with a one full paying adult dining from the a la carte menu and spending £30 or over on food and beverage.The children’s complimentary meal must be taken from the Children’s menu only and is available from 12th – 27th April.

There are some amazing dishes served up just for children like Grilled beef burger, Fish and chips, chicken bento and sticky tamarind pork ribs.

The menu draws upon the delicate flavours of China, South East Asia and modern Japan. The food is carefully complemented by a cocktail menu created by their talented mixologists using only the finest and freshest ingredients.

wasabi prawns
Wasabi Prawns

We decided to share starters so we chose the Calamari (£10.50 and the Wasabi prawns (£13.00). The Calamari was really tasty – crispy and with a hint of lime. The Wasabi prawns were cooked to perfection and tasted really good.

chicken teriyaki bento
Chicken Teriyaki Bento – Kid’s Menu

For main course, Jadyn chose the chicken teriyaki bento (£8) and she said it was delicious. It was served with jasmine rice and vegetable tempura. I tasted it too and it was quite delicious.

fish and chips
Fish and Chips

Ethan and Aeryn had the fish and chips (£7.50) and they enjoyed it. It must have been as Ethan cleared his plate, something that he does find hard to do. The fish was fried in Japanese breadcrumbs that gave it a lovely crispy bite.

Lamb cutlets
Lamb Cutlets

I chose the Black Cod(£25.00) and Hubs chose the Lamb Cutlets (£22.50). The cod had a delicious smoked flavour and was served on a bed of broccoli. The lamb cutlets were perfectly cooked (Hubs wanted them medium) and were very tasty.

Black cod
Black Cod
Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream

We were quite full after the meal as the portions were good but we could not resist dessert. The children had 2 scoops of ice cream each (chocolate and vanilla) and Hubs and I shared the dessert platter (£15.50)

It was lovely. There was an array of fruit and desserts like passion fruit cheesecake, raspberry sorbet, banana ice cream and a delicious ice cream of chocolate and vanilla wrapped in a pistachio sheet. Absolutely yum!

Dessert platter at Chino Latino
Dessert platter

I was a little hesitant to try the Sashami or Sushi but maybe the next time I go there, I will try those out.

The ambience is lovely and though one may think that it is not suited to children, the staff are friendly and at hand to make families comfortable. We were provided with paper for the children to try out some origami but it would have been nice to have some colours and paper to keep them occupied as they waited for their meals. Although, I have to admit that we did not have to wait very long for our meals so it was not too bad. 

If you are looking for a place to try out with children in London, be sure to try this one out.

We would like to thank the staff of Chino Latino for the wonderful meal and the excellent service.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a meal for the family to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.



Making Easter ‘Eggstra’ Special with Haribo

We are big fans of Haribo and when I say we – I mean the entire family. I love those bears the most. The children of course, love any Haribo sweets.

When we were sent some Easter goodies by Haribo to review, the children were thrilled.

There was a packet of Haribo Easter Fun which had bunnies and carrots and all sorts of spring ideas. Really tasty and like my favourite the gold bears in taste so it was not long before it was gone.


There was a packet of Jelly bunnies which had fruit flavoured and sweet foam bunnies and these were really sweet as they were shaped like bunnies or bunny heads. Really cute.

haribo 6

Tangfast-chicks is a must for anyone who likes tangfastics. These sweetly sour sweets are great for grownups and children alike. These were of course shaped like chicks.

haribo1Eggstras – part of the Starmix range, are those little foam fried eggs that are normally so popular and sweet to look at. The children love these.

haribo4And then we received a Twist and Stick which is a new addition to the Haribo range for Easter. It has 2 fun boxes each containing 3 packets of sweets that are attached to each other. The boxes can twisted to form fun animals like a bunny’s head with a chick’s body. There are also stickers with it so that children can make their animals even more funky. The children had great fun making different quirky animals. And of course all the while, ate the sweets that came with it.


The boxes contained a packet of tangfast chicks, 2 packets of chirping chicks (fruit flavoured jelly sweets) a packet of jelly bunnies and 2 smaller packets of jelly and foamy bunnies.

haribo5The Haribo Easter range is a big hit in our house and I think these are a great alternative to buying the children a load of Easter eggs. Since they are Easter themed they could very well be used as gifts instead of Easter eggs especially for friend’s children as normally parents do get Easter eggs for their children. They would also be very welcome in any household as who can resist these sweet temptations from Haribo. I certainly can’t. Can you?

Disclaimer: I was sent the above products to review. All ideas expressed are my own.

Create Cool Pictures with Suteki from Flair

Suteki  is the Japanese word for great, wonderful or splendid. No wonder it has been used for this great creative art set from Flair.


This Suteki set produces 3 lovely pictures so easily that it is perfect for children to work with alone. If you have a budding artist keen to try out new things or even a not-so-confident artist, then this is for them.

The technique employed is to use stencilled layered designs to create cool artwork.


Our Suteki set came with the following –

·         1 x Mega Tray Station

·          3 x Plastic Frames with removable sticky back

·          4 x 15ml Acrylic Paint Bottles,

·         9 x Stencil Layer Sheets (3 Designs)

·         1 x Golden Ninja Stamper

·         2 x Sponge heads

·         3 x White Cards.

The process is simple and there are easy instructions to guide you through. It is really easy to do. Once you decide which picture you are going to paint, you take the first stencil and place it in the tray. Then stamp the paint everywhere on the stencil (or at least the places where the card is visible)


Take the next stencil and do the same with a different colour.


Finish off with the third and voilà  - you have a great looking piece of art for your wall.Made even greater by the fact that it’s been made by you!


Do be careful when you are working between stencils and ensure that the sponge is completely dry or you will have bleeding of colour on your picture. This happened with us as we got really carried away and couldn’t wait to get on the next step.


As a parent, I think this is a great craft set that helps creativity and a child can spend quite some time involved in the set. It is easy to work with and a child can quite easily work unsupervised. The target age of 5+ is perfect for the set.

Jadyn love painting and she enjoyed creating these pictures.

If you would like access to a really ‘Cool’ club please visit the website here and sign up/

Disclaimer: I received the above set for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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