Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset Review

You may have read that we had reviewed the Qixels Turbo set. We enjoyed making figures with it so when we were given an opportunity to review the new Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack playset, we jumped at it.


The Qixels Kingdom set is a little different to the other sets in that it has a castle with it. The castle comes in parts and is easy to build up. Then all you need to do is create your own figures and add them to have a fantastic playset.

87028 Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset FPS2-2

The Castle was really easy to put together and Ethan didn’t require any help whatever to set this up. In fact, I was busy working and then saw that he had put the castle up and had also made the first Pixel knight figure.


There are a few figures to create – knights, a dragon. They all come with a stand each so you can set them out around the castle to create a full scene. You can also create the weapons for the knights.

Qixels are so easy to put together. All you need to do is follow the pattern and once it is complete, spray it and let it dry. Make sure to let it dry well before you try to take the figure out or it may break.

The set is really nice as it has a lot of playing power. Once you put the castle together and create the Qixels figures you can let your imagination take you back into the medieval ages for some exciting play.


This particular Qixels set while being creative and helping in being precise and listening to instruction, is also good for imaginative play which is such an important part of play.

It is priced at £29.99 and is good value for money as it has provided Ethan with hours of being occupied creatively and imaginatively. The set is available from Character Online.

Disney Blinds for the Children’s Bedroom

With our upcoming Disneyland trip, we are all very excited at the thought of meeting our favourite characters. And since its the Diamond celebration, we are expecting great things from Disney.

What then can be better to get the children started than for us to think of decorating their room. Disney is the common theme as it caters to any age. I quite like Disney myself.

Disney themed rooms are perfect for any age and there is now such a range of products available that make it so easy.

I was thinking that for Aeryn, the perfect room would be princess themed. She already has a fabulous Cinderella carriage bed and added to this if we are able to theme the entire room around this, it would be great. I’ve seen some lovely pieces of furniture around that I know would be perfect for her. She is a little princess and is very girly so she would love all the pinks and bows and frills.

I also prefer blinds to curtains as they are so much neater. I’ve been on the lookout for themed blinds too and I spotted these gorgeous Disney blinds from the company Velux. I found princess ones that would be ideal for a princess themed room. What’s more, they are blackout blinds which means that Aeryn sleeps well even during summer when the sun rises way too early for my liking.

Did I mention these are roof blinds? Don’t you just love those windows in the roof that let in all that natural light? I love them and my ideal room for me or the children would include these. Obviously I would also need blinds for them and that’s where I think the Velux blinds are perfect.

How about you? Have you redecorated recently and used blinds instead of curtains? I’d love to know how you got on so leave me a comment in the box below.



Learn and Play with 5 Minute Fun

It’s SO easy for the kids to get bored. Especially Aeryn. She’s 5 and it takes just 5 minutes for her to be bored. Imagine her on an 11 hour long haul flight – during the day.

Thank goodness for 5 minute fun. 🙂

What is 5 Minute Fun? Here’s what they say –

Made up of exciting learning activities to try with your child, 5 Minute Fun ideas are completely free and are designed to support learning in line with the Early Years Curriculum. 

Each activity is quick, easy and simple to do wherever you are: whether that’s on the school run, on the way around the supermarket or just before bed! 

We promise that each activity will support your child’s development and will help them to grow in confidence. 


How did we fare?

We tried out 5 Minute Fun for 7 days and we enjoyed it. In fact let me put it like this – we’ve been trying it out every day after the 7 day trial. I can’t say that about many things.

Here’s our diary –

Day 1

Pretend your little one has a pet dinosaur. Is it big or small? Can it fly? What’s its name?

Aeryn’s pet dinosaur is blue and is called Fluffy. It is not very big and it can fly and it has wings.


Day 2

Take the size challenge! Can your little one point to 5 things that are bigger, smaller, taller and shorter than you are?

This one she passed with flying colours –

Bigger – the house, the telly

Smaller – her plush

Taller – the cupboard

Shorter – the table


Day 3

Ask your little one if they have a favourite toy or teddy. Can they tell you why it’s so special to them? Make up an adventure for it to go on!

All 3 chipped in to this and each told me a special story about their favourite toy. The adventures that they want to take the toys on involve going to Disneyland. Luckily, we’re headed there in a short while.


Day 4

Ask your little one to draw what they would like to dream about tonight!

Aeryn said she wanted to dream about herself being grownup and watching fireworks. 🙂


Day 5

Look out of the window together and see what you can spot. Ask your little one to find something green, something brown and something blue.

She found the trunk of the tree and the sky.


Day 6

Ask your little one to draw a picture of an imaginary creature. What colour will it be? What will its name be, and will it make a big roar?


That’s Lisa – a fairy, indominus rex!! Great imagination I’ll say. She’s holding a moon wand in her claw.

Day 7

Sort out the recycling together. Can your little one tell what things are made from and sort them into different piles?

This was great for teaching her about recycling and it’s something that they have done in school too so it was a case of reinforcing learning.

As mentioned, I found these activities very engaging for little ones. Sometimes even the older ones joined in. They were easy to do and very quick so it was perfect for diverting attention when it may have resulted in tears.

On our long flight to the US, I was particularly thankful for these ideas as I managed to keep Aeryn occupied every time she got bored of watching the telly or playing on her tablet.

The activities are great for learning and encouraging imagination too. They are simple ideas that you may have already tried with the children but it’s great to have a place to go to for ideas sometimes and 5 Minute Fun is just the place.

For more information and to sign up visit www.5minutefun.com

Here’s a video to tell you more about 5 Minute Fun

Listening: The First Step Toward Calming Your Child’s Anxiety

Trees and Apples: Anxiety, Children, and Parents

Anxiety and stress are just part of life. From our earliest ancestors, who were probably pretty stressed out if a day’s hunting had come up unsuccessful, to us large-brained humans worrying about whether we’ll make friends on the first day of school or whether our children are getting enough sleep, there seems to be a lot to worry about. For some problems, however, the solutions are surprisingly easy. By observing and listening to our children and their anxieties, we can often learn a lot about our own and about ourselves.

Tune in to find solutions

We all come into the world with certain predilections, and sometimes we just need to hone in on what it is that makes our kids anxious. It seems obvious when you read it, but it’s not always easy to do in real life. My son, for example, is a natural rule-follower and hates being late. It makes him anxious to be late, even if he’s going somewhere he doesn’t particularly want to go. I, on the other hand, am extremely punctual, which is to say I often arrive by the skin of my teeth at the appointed hour or a minute or two late but rarely a minute sooner (except the airport).

One day, after rushing again to get to school on time, I – somehow for the first time – really got that it caused my son stress to always beat the bell by mere moments. And I realised that I was the responsible party. After that day, I did my best to make sure we left earlier. Now if I know ahead of time that we won’t get to sports practice by 4, for example, I let him know early in the day so he can absorb the idea. He still isn’t happy about it, but at least we aren’t left breathlessly running and stressed out.

A friend’s daughter is made very anxious by mess and disorder (we should all be so lucky to have such a child). She would almost rather put her toys away than play with them and her own name labels would be a dream gift. Her little sister, on the other hand, is a graduate-level mess-maker who loves nothing better than to follow big sister around and play with her things.

The parents aren’t the micromanaging types, but they needed to set out acceptable actions, time limits, and behaviour expectations for the younger one. In doing so, they haven’t exactly waved a magic wand, but they have shown the older girl that they care about her anxiety and want to help her solve it, while also communicating that she needs to learn patience and to share time and toys with her little sister – and that the world won’t end if something ends up in the wrong box.